Sid:  My guest has been called by God to equip you to be normal.  He wants the whole world of Christianity to be normal and what is normal?  Well, Jesus said I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing.  What He is stating here, he’s not implying it He’s stating here that you can do what Jesus did.  You can see what God wants you to do and then you just do it; Bruce Allen that sure makes life a whole lot easier.         

Bruce:  Oh, it makes it a whole lot easier. 

Sid:  Now, one of the things you stated is the Holy Spirit showed you that the veil between Heaven and Earth, between the invisible world and the visible world is getting thinner.  What do you mean by that?

Bruce:  In Mark Chapter One, Yeshua said to his disciples that there are some of you here that shall not taste death until they see the kingdom of God come in power.  Then after six days which was the seventh day, which we are from Adam the seventh day removed or the seventh millennium he took Peter, James and John up to a high mountain aside by themselves alone and He was transfigured or transformed before them and in the process of that the veil between the two realms became so thin that he talked with Moses and Elijah face to face.  In the same way on this Sabbath day removed from Adam, early on this morning that fabric of time and space is becoming so thin that we are going to interact naturally with a realm of the Spirit in a way we have not done before.

Sid:  And when is this going to happen or is it happening right now? 

Bruce:  The fact that I’m sitting here and sharing this stuff with you shows that it’s already beginning, because I’m walking in it as well as many others.  And it’s a part of the process of becoming to the fullness of the stature of the knowledge of God or the God kind of knowledge; a mature man at the end of the age.

Sid:  Is there anything we can do to participate in this because I don’t believe everyone’s going to participate in this.

Bruce:  Passion’s the key.  Let’s just look at the gospels, it shows how when you Yeshua walked the earth, you had multitudes that would follow Him.  Now this is the makeup of every church or the church at large.  You have multitudes that followed Him.  You had seventy that He sent out, so they were a little closer to the reality of who He was.  You had twelve He invested His life in; of the twelve you had three that He would take apart by himself alone and really reveal certain things to them.  And of all those three there was only one who actually leaned upon His breast an new His very heartbeat.  And that’s the dynamic I see in every church.  There’s always the passionate few that connect with God in a way that most others don’t.  The mediocrity of the masses, because people are comfortable where there at.  So passion is the key to unlock anything.

Sid:  Now in your case, you went through a lot of trauma that got you out of your comfort zone.  But does someone have to have trauma to get out of their comfort zone?

Bruce:  I think the Lord knows what it takes for each one of us to get to the place that we need to be.  In my case because of my character makeup and who I was, seasons of brokenness are what it took.  That doesn’t have to be the case for everybody, but in my life that is what it was.

Sid:  What advice would you give someone that says I want to be that passionate but my flesh keeps getting in the way?

Bruce:  I’ll give you a dangerous pray to pray.

Sid: Ought O, here it comes.

Bruce:  Father, whatever it takes, I just want to be like Jesus.

Sid:  Did you pray that prayer?

Bruce:  Oh, yeah with great passion in 1986 I started, it took three years before I had my first visitation, but in that three years I went through seasons of brokenness I don’t even want to describe.  It really broke me, but I understood my passion was to be like Him and know his love and it was through seasons of brokenness I knew Him and I knew how much he truly loved me, because He took me at my word.  And the revelation, I’m going to tell you, one moment in the presence of Yeshua, face to face everything else fades into inconsequence.  You can face anything in life knowing that He’s there and you can see Him face to face.

Sid:  You know something that you teach on and when you teach on it just, the faith grows to the point that they have the faith to be translated.  You have some amazing testimonies please tell me about Richard from Kenya.

Bruce:  Oh.

Sid:  I mean that, that is mind blowing.

Bruce:  That’s one yea, I heard a testimony about this man and I knew a man named Joe Meitei from Kenya who lives in Seattle, he goes back and forth.  So I asked him one day, Joe I’ve heard this testimony do you know this guy.  He said oh yea, that’s a good friend of mine.  This is the story of his friend Richard.  Richard one day, he’s a believer and the Lord said, Richard I want you to go to another country.  I don’t know the name of the country, so I’ll just use Paris.  So he’s going from Kenya to Paris because I have something I want you to do there, there’s somebody I want you to minister to.  So this man in his zeal and passion for the Lord, runs into his room, packs his suitcase, rents a taxi with his last bit of money.  Goes to the airport, when he stepped into the airport he set his suitcase down and said okay Father, now what do I do?  I have no money and no passport?  The Lord said to go into the men’s room and enter the third stall on the left.  So he picked up his suitcase and he went in there and the Lord said, now lift your hands and worship.  And at the top of his voice he began to worship the Lord.  And after a few minutes the Lord said okay, now leave.  He picked up his suitcase when he stepped out of the men’s room he was in the airport in Paris.

Sid:  Now, you’ve had some interesting translation experiences.  Tell me about one of them.

Bruce:  The very first one, after the Lord had challenged me with “Can a man be translated by faith?”A friend of mine and I were in Edmonds, Washington down on the water and we had to go back to Spokane, Washington and that would be a five and half to six hour trip depending on traffic; and if you’re speeding maybe five.  But it’s about 325 miles.  So I had shared with him what I was being challenged with.  So, I said let’s pray together we have our first experience.  We put in a CD with worship and we began that journey.  We worshipped God; we really got into worship.  I remember every turn in the road, going up over the mountain pass, pulling off in a little town called Ellensburg for lunch and gas.  Getting back on the road, coming to our destination and we did it in less than two hours.

Sid:  How do you account for that?

Bruce:  Huh, I don’t know? 

Sid:  Time was compressed.

Bruce:  Time was compressed.  I was very confused.

Sid:  With time there is no time in the Spirit, so.

Bruce:  None.  None, I understand instant from here to there, but you threw a wrench in it that way.  He said I am the God all creation; and there’s nothing impossible.  Then I began to understand, wait a minute we always try and put God in the box or our understanding and make Him operate that way.  And He’s consistently tried to teach me, no I’m God, you’re not and He always confounds me in the way that He does things.  So my expectation now is not in what I think how He’s going to do it.  My expectation is God’s going to show up and anything can happen and usually does.

Sid:  Now what did God mean when He told you that you can be translated by faith?  Because that’s in the Bible too.

Bruce:  Yes it is, Hebrews 11:5; by faith Enoch was transported an changed sides.

Sid:  That’s what it said in the Greek.

Bruce:  That’s exactly what it says.  For before his transferal he had this testimony that he was well pleasing to God.  Well we know that if any of us that’s born again has been given a measure of faith.  The book of Hebrews says that without faith it’s impossible to please God.  So we already please God because He’s invested in us faith.  But to be well pleasing we have to communicate that faith.  So if we communicate our faith, again that’s in Hebrews then we are well pleasing to God.  We’ve qualified right there.

Sid:  How do we communicate our faith?

Bruce:  Well, we share our faith, testimonies, teaching, preaching.

Sid:  What’s you’re doing right now. 

Bruce:  Exactly.  Yea, a friendly smile, a God bless you.

Sid:  Tell me about the time you were translated to Australia.

Bruce:  Oh, after about a year and half of studying this and persuading the word and the Lord in this word, and I finally said Father I believe that I’m ready for my next lesson.  And so I was up in my room worshiping the Lord and just praying and focusing on Him.  Not on translation experience, focusing on Him, when all of a sudden I heard this mighty rushing wind sound.  Swish and then I’m standing out in the stars and it was like Ezekiel where He pulled me out of the top of my head.  Whoa, there I was.  It was as tangible and real as what we know in the natural.  I’m looking around, I don’t see the earth; I see nothing and I’m hearing all of creation just worship God and it was phenomenal.  And I looked to my right and there was a doorway way off in the distant.  I don’t know if it was next to me or there was no telling and I heard the Spirit.  He nudge me and said, go ahead.  I said, go ahead?  I stepped, I took a movement I stepped through the door and I’m in a small office about the size of your office.  Well about twice this size; in Sidney Australia.  I knew that by revelation.  It was empty; there was a couple of buildings across the street, the side street; early in the morning about 5:30-6:00 maybe 6:30 at the latest.  It was a Saturday morning.  There was no traffic and I got excited.  I said Father I always wanted to come to Sidney and I headed for the door.  He said no, that’s your lesson go back.  When I turned around the only back there was bathroom door.  I said okay, if that’s the way it is I took a step of faith and I was back in my room.  I pondered that for over a year, praying and studying and going before the Lord because experiences don’t always mean it’s the Lord, you have experiences but it’s got to be married with the word.  The longer I have studied the word along this line of translation the more I have understood these things happen and they happen all the time.  And we have heard testimonies, many testimonies since the Lord put me on this adventure. 

Sid:  Speaking of the adventure.  Bruce wants you to go on the adventure.  That’s why we’re offering a bonus CD that he did just for us called “Translation by Faith.”  And the anointing is there for you to be activated and then his brand new book “Gazing into Glory” where he will show you how to practice the presence of God to the point where you will see consistently into the invisible world.

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