Sid: When my next guest prays people get healed. But this is literally, I mean off the charts outrageous. When a Bible was placed on an X-ray revealing Crohn’s disease, the X-ray itself supernaturally changed. I mean, on that same X-ray the Crohn’s disease disappeared. Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has prayed for eight brain-dead people in comas. I mean, they were supposed to be vegetables and Sandra, you and your team have seen them come alive.

Sandra: Yes, we have.

Sid: But you think that’s something. Tell me about the person that had a transplanted eye.

Sandra: Well she had a transplanted eye, Sid, and the eye became, it died, became disconnected from the socket of the eye and she began to see out of that dead, disconnected, transplanted eye.

[background applause, cheers]

Sid: Now how did doctors account for that?

Sandra: Well they couldn’t account for it.

Sid: There is, I mean, there is no way naturally she’d be able to see. How do you account for that?

Sandra: The Lord just did it. I mean, there’s no other way.

Sid: Now I’m going to take you back as a young girl, six years old, you had a knowing, talking to you. You had a knowing you were going to pray for sick people to be healed. And is it true you went around your barn praying, looking for all the sick and dead animals and praying for them?

Sandra: That is true. I prayed for dead rats and they did not come back to life. But I did pray for them because the Lord, I heard this voice like, I didn’t know exactly what it was. “One day I will use you in the healing ministry.”

Sid: And of course she goes to a Baptist seminary and she hears teaching that God is finished with healing. And what did you do with that teaching when you heard it? Did you change your mind?

Sandra: Thank goodness, I was enough country girl to believe that if God’s a God then God is God. And so I just trusted. I just ignored what they said. But I was taught that signs and wonders had passed away.

Sid: Okay. So why did you pray for people in the dorm to be healed?

Sandra: Because I had—

Sid: Are you stubborn?

Sandra: If my mother were living now she would say yes, yes, yes, yes. You know, I just kept seeing people that were sick and I would lay hands on them, and they would be healed. And it was just happening everywhere. It caused a little chaos.

Sid: Chaos? Baptist seminary. Can you imagine the chaos? They asked her to leave the dormitory.

Sandra: Yes they did. Their back was hurting and I just said a prayer and they got better.

Man: There is no more healing.

Sid: Sandra, Your mother, dying of cancer. Now you know that God heals no matter what the seminar told you.

Sandra: Absolutely, absolutely.

Sid: What did you do about your mother dying from cancer?

Sandra: Well they called me and said she’d be dead by the weekend. Friday was here. I came home and on the way home I had heard an audible voice that sounded like the Lord that said, “Tell her our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven. Tell her there is no sickness in Heaven.” I said, “Well Lord, tell somebody else to tell her, too.” The Lord said, “Tell her the same thing.” The next day for five and a half hours, her laid out, semi-coma, in the bed, did not know we were there. We repeated just what I said to you over and over for five to five and a half hours.

Sid: Tell me what you were saying for five and half hours.

Sandra: Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Tell her there is no sickness in Heaven.

Sid: Now your mother had incurable cancer. What happened to the cancer?

Sandra: It disappeared and she was healed and lived 26 years longer. Never did it repeat again.

Sid: So if there’s no sickness in Heaven and God’s Kingdom is on Earth as it is in Heaven and there’s no sickness there, then sickness should not be allowed. So we have to be like the police department and enforce what God says.

Sandra: I couldn’t say it any better myself. That’s exactly right. You have to recognize that God’s already done it. We’ve talked about this so many times. He’s already done it. And what you have to do is grab hold of what God has already done for you. That’s probably the biggest problem that the church has. They’re asking God to do something He’s already done. Begging God to do something.

Sid: You know, Sandra has the most outrageous, contagious faith level that if you just hang around her you’re going to start believing. But I heard about probably one of the more outrageous miracles I’ve ever heard of, and when she shares it, it happened to her, other people get healed and other people, the light bulbs go on. She was just playing with, was it a puppy?

Sandra: It wasn’t really a puppy. About 10 years old, a sheltie, a sheltie. You know, it looks like a little Lassie.

Sid: Okay. You’re playing with that and what happened?

Sandra: Well I went to put myself up from the sofa. She jumped up. You know, they have the little pointy noses like that, and our heads collided. Her mouth was open and the mouth closed and ripped off from right here, center of my nose, all the way over here and ripped that lip off, totally off. And all I saw was the gushing of the water, I mean the blood. I grab a big towel, run to the hospital, get to the hospital. First thing the nurse says, “Where is your lip?” Now no woman wants to hear that.

Sid: No man wants to hear that.

Sandra: Where is your lip? And I was horrified. And of course, I didn’t know where it was. I didn’t know where it was. And the long and the short of the story, they called in a surgeon. “You need a surgeon. You need a plastic surgeon.” Well I didn’t even know one. So the long and short of it is that one came in and he said to me, “We gotta go into surgery right now.” He said, “We’ve got to cut and make this thing…” we’re talking about from the side of my nose, all the way over. He said, “The bottom lip can produce,” he said. “The top lip cannot. There’s not anything I can do except to go in and clean it up, pull it together and then it will take at least up to six or more surgeries for you to look anywhere near normal, and you will never be able to smile again.”

Sid: All right. What went through your mind and what did you say when you were told that?

Sandra: Well when he told me I said, “Give me your hands.” I said, “This is my lip. This is my face. I’m gonna pray for you.” And I said, “No, I will not have any more surgeries. God will do this.” And then waked up on the operating table with him sewing this thing up, heard him tell the nurse, “I don’t know why I didn’t just, because normally I sew the mouth to close for three weeks, come back and slit it open.” I’m lying there saying, “Oh dear God, don’t sew my mouth together. I’m a preacher.” And he said, “But something told me not to do it.” Not to sew my mouth together.

Sid: And when he told you that, you knew that God was working for your life.

Sandra: I did. I did. I’m laying there hearing this, not totally out of everything, I mean, but I could hear it. And then when I came out of surgery he told me the story again himself. I said, “God just fixed this.” And he says, “You’ve got many more surgeries.” He says, “There’s no way to fix this. You cannot fix this.”

Sid: You mean, even with all of these additional surgeries you still would not?

Sandra: That’s what he said. He said, “There’s no way to really fix this.”

Sid: You know something? We’re coming in a time in history where going to the doctor and having medicine you may not even be able to use. Sandra could go to a doctor and have the surgeries and it still wouldn’t work. What if there is a way to have the promises of God with reference to healing activated in your life? I tell you, as you hear what Sandra is going to share of this great miracle, faith is going to rise within you, and many of you, no, all of you can walk into healing. Don’t go away we’ll be right back.

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