Sid:    My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Kevin Basconi and we found out on yesterday’s broadcast that he had a visitation.   A vision in which Jesus came to him with four strong angels and Jesus said I’m appointing these angels to be in your ministry.  And you found out at that point the first angel and that angel was the angel of provision and what else Kevin?

Kevin:  That angel also was used to help and protect not only myself but other people. 

Sid:  Have you ever seen that angel help you?

Kevin:  Oh, yes Sid.  We see this…

Sid:  Give me one specific thing that comes to mind.

Kevin:  I was scheduled to go on a mission trip to Africa and I had to send my passport away to an Embassy to get a Visa stamp, it was lost and the mission trip I was due to fly on Monday and it was Saturday night; my passport hadn’t come.  I was praying the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision and He said Kevin release your angel to go forth and bring that passport.  I prayed a simple prayer, I released the angel and said go forth and bring that passport to me.  Sunday morning, Sid at 5:00 am, you know the US mail does not run on Sunday morning.  There was a sound of my mail box opening, I ran out to the porch.  There in my mailbox was my passport.  No envelope, nothing.

Sid:  How did it come on Sunday?

Kevin:  It was angelic ministry, I believe with all my heart God brought with all my heart God brought that passport to me through the hands of this particular angel.

Sid:  You know what else that is kind of mind blowing to me?  I’m looking at my notes and in 2001 you had a vision and you saw someone in a hospital and did you actually have the right address, room and name of this person that you’ve never heard of before?

Kevin:  Yeah, I thought again I thought these things were suppose to be normal.  I was praying, I had a vision, I saw a hospital in my local city, I saw the room number.

Sid:  Never get religious, always stay normal!  Ha-ha.

Kevin:  Well, I just went to the hospital because that is what I saw in the vision.  I prayed for the lady, she was healed; she received Christ as her Messiah.  There were three other ladies in the room and they also prayed to receive Christ as Messiah.  I went home fell into my prayer closet and began to weep because I didn’t really understand these things, but I knew that when Jesus showed me these things the realms of Heaven affected the events on the realms of earth and I continued to operate in that principal; which is really Matthew 6 and Luke 11.  Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Sid:  And now in that same year you had a trip to Canada that was life changing but as you were driving some eighteen hours you prayed in supernatural languages the whole way.  Did you feel God told you to or you just did it?

Kevin:  That’s absolutely true, before the trip the Lord spoke to me to pray in the Holy Spirit all the way to Canada so the whole drive to the airport and then on the subsequent flights from Virginia to Washington, DC to Halifax, Nova Scotia and then on up to Newfoundland, Canada, I prayed in the Holy Spirit for about eighteen hours without stopping and something broke open over my life.

Sid:  Now, you saw a pretty big angel at a church service; tell me about the angel and that service.

Kevin:   Well, I was in a little bitty church in Springdale, Newfoundland Canada called Living Water’s Ministry and they were preparing for a set of revival meetings and I had gone to some intercessory meetings and the Lord began to open up my spiritual eyes and I began to see for lack of a better word, a open Heaven swirling in the sanctuary.  And during the worship one night I felt the intense power and presence of Jesus come into the service and when I opened my eyes and looked behind the worship team there was a bout a nine foot tall angel standing there and staring at me and I blinked my eyes and shooked my head and closed my eyes but I opened them again and this angel was still there.  Not only was he staring at me he smiled at me and winked at me and I was able to see this angel for about an hour non- stop with my open eyes.  It was the first open eyed vision I had of an angel.

Sid:  But the next evening that open portal to Heaven that you could see in the ceiling of the church it started getting bigger.  Tell me what you saw.

Kevin:  Over the course of the days that those revival meetings were going on God continued to open up my spiritual eyes and really we are talking about the gift of the discerning of spirits and I was able to see into the spiritual realm and I saw this open Heaven swirling larger and larger and at one point November 25, 2001 I saw about forty angels around the circumference of the portal and the first large angel I saw stepped up and he said something to the other angels in a language that I couldn’t understand and I saw Jesus step up to the edge of that portal and then the Lord stepped down into the church service.

Sid:  Did He do anything?  Did He say anything?

Kevin:  Yes, there was a young man named Dean who was giving a testimony because Dean had seen Jesus in a previous church service and he was trying to give his testimony but he was weeping so much he was weeping uncontrollably he could barely speak and the Lord came down and he put His hands upon Dean as Dean testified about seeing Jesus.  And the Messiah began to look throughout the whole church from His right to the left and looked into the hearts of each person there.  And I’m laying there I was unable to move under the power and the anointing of God and thought it doesn’t get any better than this and then Jesus turned and He looked at me Sid.  And when the Lord looked into my eyes I felt the same unconditional love that I had felt the first time that the Lord had allowed me to come to Him in the realms of Heaven and Jesus turned and He walked over to me.  He looked into my eyes as He began to speak to me and He says that I want you to go into all of the world and preach the gospel.  He said and He spoke to me from scripture out of Matthew 28 and Jeremiah 29.  Go and teach them all the things that I’ve commanded.  I will be with you always even to the end of the earth and the Lord went on and told me He had a future and a hope for me and when I saw Him with all of my heart I would find Him and return to this place, meaning the place of His presence.  And at that time I couldn’t think, I could just look into the beautiful eyes of Jesus.  I had a knowing that the Lord wanted me to raise my left hand and as I did so the Messiah took my left hand into both of his nail scarred hands and looked at me with such love, compassion and tenderness.  And then it was as if Jesus blew upon my hand and it felt like oil rolled from my hand all the way down my elbow and Jesus just stared into my eyes with such love and compassion for several minutes; and then finally he placed my hand back upon my chest and stood up and walked back over to the young man Dean put His hands upon His shoulders and after a moment He ascended back up through the open Heaven and disappeared into the Heavenly realms.

Sid:  Also on that trip to Canada the Lord gave you a vision for your life and sounds much like what happened to Jeremiah and Isaiah and many of the Old Testament prophets.  You had the power of God into your belly.  Tell me about that.

Kevin:  Well, we had traveled into the city of St. John and it was late at night.  I was seeing angels the whole time and I was beginning to have…

Sid:  Now, could other people see angels or hear angels when you would see them or hear them?

Kevin:  Yes, there were other people who had encounters with angels, they saw them, they felt them and I believe that they were a few other people that had also saw angels in these services.  But, I saw them all the time at this point in my life and when I left that meeting in St. John I was a guest in someone’s house and during the night the Lord began to speak to me very clearly to read from Revelation chapter four so I began to read that scripture and as I did so I heard the sound can only be described as a whistling sound.  A loud whistling sound and as I looked up from a bed that I was laying on I saw a ball of fire about eighteen inches in circumference falling from Heaven and before I could even think or embrace it came through the roof of the house and slammed into my solar plexus.  And when that happened I just was launched out and the next thing I knew I was being taken up into Heaven by an angel had my left hand and my body was on fire and I could see myself on the bed praying in the Holy Spirit. But in the natural my body was on the bed but in the Spirit I was being taken up into Heaven by this strong angel and He just looked at me and I wasn’t astonished I was only surprised as he looked at me and smiled and He took me into the very presence of Jesus.  And again the Lord was surrounded by this same group of four familiar angels and he was by the sea a seashore on a beach of a large seashore and Jesus took me and walked with me for hours and in the naturals it was about six and half hours till about ten o’clock in the morning.  But in the Spirit it seemed to be much longer and the Lord began to speak to me about things that He had prepared for me since before I was knit in my mother’s womb that He had called me to do.  And I began to see myself preaching in the nations for example and preaching in soul winning outreaches in third world nations and things along those lines.

Sid:  Now was that … shortly thereafter you were at a meeting where a hot coal touched your mouth?

Kevin:  That’s true, that was one of the most intense angelic encounters I have ever had.  I was laying on the floor in the presence of the Lord and it seemed like a humming bird.  A human size humming bird, I’ m just trying to put it into a language we can understand, but it was an angel that appeared to be like a hummingbird but as large as a man seemed to have an instrument with a hot coal and it touched my lips with this and when that happened it was like fire that went into my lips and tongue and my brain and it seemed like from that moment forward the way that I articulated word and the way that I formed thoughts in my mind was totally changed.

Sid:  And you were introduced to the second to the four angels that Jesus said would accompany you and this second angel was to release miracles and healings.  Did you see many miracles in healings take place after that?

Kevin:  Immediately after…

Sid:  Oh, I’ll tell you what, we’re out of time today, but how would you like to have walked with Jesus and have Him mentor you?  Well, Kevin Basconi is walking with Jesus and he wants to mentor you and we picked out a special special teaching with the anointing that Kevin carries which will have a prayer of impartation for you to walk in the miraculous and then for you to understand angels beyond anything you ever thought.  It’s not just Kevin that these angels accompany.  These angels are accompanying you, but you must learn to how to walk with them and from a special visitation that Kevin had he teaches on this.  The first CD “How to Work with God’s Angels” the second CD “God’s instructions for the miraculous.


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