Sid:  Or Paul says the complete dwelling place of God by His Spirit and if America or if the world has ever needed a complete dwelling place of God in the Spirit it is now.  My guest is Rick Joyner; many of you are familiar with Him, especially his bestselling book “The Final Quest.”  But he just had a dream and in this dream he said to me it was the most serious alarming dream he had ever had.  The most specific, the most graphic, the most real and we’ve put a teaching involving this dream and the revelation of it and also a message by Retired General Jerry Boykin in a DVD and it’s called “2011”.  Yes, you heard me right “2011 Will America Survive?”  And then the most amazing solution in a CD by Rick Joyner called “Preparation for Transfiguration.”  Literally is God’s strategy to help you and America survive and to enter into His Glory.  We’ll talk about that a little later.  But, Rick tell me a bit about Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin.

Rick:  Well, Jerry Boykin was one of the original founding members of what was called the Delta Force.  You know, the counterinsurgency, a special operations unit, and he went on to become the Commander of Delta Force and you know the battle that was made famous in Black Hawk Down.  He’s also the one who was sent into Panama.  He’s the one Noriega surrendered to.  In Panama he was commander of all US Special Forces.  He commanded in Iraq, Afghanistan, worked for the CIA and was over covert operations in CIA for three years and then he went on to become Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and was probably our number one counter-terrorism expert for a number of years; then retired as a Three Star General.

Sid:  Now, you say he is probably trained better than anyone in the world to detect socialism.  Is that because of all that experience?

Rick:  Yea, well the Delta started out and when he started out in the Green Berets, it was a… that was the main enemy that we were focused on.  It was Communism; you know the cold war was going on so he was especially trained to detect the insurgency of Marxist theology, Marxist doctrine into governments and countries and to counter it.  And he did the six minute video, which you’re showing that is so powerful.  He lays out six minutes, of what they were trained the main points on what they were trained to identify the insurgency of socialism and how this has been brought into our own nation.

Sid:  Well, you know what I think is so amazing in addition to what he’s saying is the dream that you just had and then right after you had that dream about what’s going to happen to America, short of a miracle from God in 2011.  A Orthodox Rabbi that believes in Jesus had a similar dream and communicated it.  I mean the timing of that had to be God.

Rick:   It was, yeah it was remarkable it really…

Sid:  Let’s go to Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin and have him speak on this subject right now:

Rick:  Okay.

Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin:  We hear a lot about Marxism and socialism and there are those particularly in the media that would say that we should tone down our rhetoric about socialism because we’re not moving to socialism.  Well, the reality is, I’m a Special Forces Officer.  I’m a Green Beret and I’ve studied Marist Insurgency it was part of my training.  And the things that I know that have been done have been done in every Marist Insurgency are being done in America today.  The first thing that has happened when people like Fidel Castro have moved there societies toward Marxism is they’ve nationalized major sectors of the economy.  Folks, that’s what the bailouts were.  Nationalize major sectors of the economy.  The second thing that they have done is that they have redistributed wealth.  We’ve heard enough about the redistribution of wealth and in fact the man that was appointed to handle Medicaid and Medicare after he was seated in that office actually stood up and said publically that health care was nothing but a redistribution of wealth.  The third thing that they do is discredit their opposition.  Now, I have never been so angry with our government as when the Department of Homeland Security Memorandum went around the law enforcement all over the country saying that the future threats to America were right wing Christian groups, prolife groups, second amendment groups and returning veterans.  I’m still angry about that.  But, it never said, Islamic terrorists.  That’s discrediting the opposition; the very groups that would stand up and protest the things that they see happening in our country.  The Fourth thing that has been done in the model is censorship.  Now it’s kind or irrelevant with regards to the media because the most of the main stream media is already on the left and is already very much in favor of the things that we see happening in America.  But, the hate crimes legislation that has been passed is actually targeted at pastors.  It’s targeted at pastors so that they don’t get up in the pulpit and talk things like homosexuality and same sex marriage or about the realities of Islam and the danger that Islam presents to America.  The hate crime legislation is meant to suppress them, to censor them which is part of Marxist model.  The next thing that was done in every society was that gun ownership had to be controlled.  We hold the second amendment to be very important to us as American’s the right to bear arms.  But in a Marxist movement you have to control that gun ownership.  I don’t know if you’ve seen it but there has been a decree by the administration by the President and the Secretary of State.  Saying that our President will sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which is about how we will buy, sell and control individual private weapons.  Folks, that means the United Nations an international body will decide how you and I as Americans can buy and sell our weapons.  How we control those weapons.  Who’s authorized to have those weapons and where they are.  This is a dangerous trend.  And the final thing that is done in the Marxist model is societies like Cuba, like Venezuela today, like Russia under Stalin, or China under Mao Zedong, things that they have done.  The final thing has been actually to develop a constabulary force; a force that can control the population.  You say well, we don’t have that.  Well, let me remind you that prior to the election the President stood up and said, if elected he would have a national civilian security force that would be as large as and as well equipped as the United States Military; for what?  Remember Hitler had the Brown Shirts and in the night of the long knives even Hitler got scared of the brown shirts and killed thousands of them.  Well, so you say are there any sign that that’s actually happened?  The truth is, yes.  If you read the Health Care legislation which, by the way no one in Washington has read, but if you read the Health Care legislation it’s actually in the Health Care legislation.  There are paragraphs in the Health Care legislation that talk about the commissioning of officers in time of a national crisis to work directly for the President.  It’s laying the ground work for a constabulary force that will control the population in America.  You need to understand this is happening in America and it fits the model that societies that have been used when societies move to Marxism.  It should be a matter of great concern.  Find out more about it, look at what’s happening around you and then get out and do something.

Sid:  That is amazing.  That was Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, the number one expert in the world in understanding Marxism, socialism and he says it’s now in America.  And Rick it’s almost hard for me to believe.  On one front, were being disarmed, taking away our weapons.  On the other front, in the Health Care Plan there is provision for a national civilian security force like the Brown Shirts in Hitler’s Germany.  If we didn’t know God, I could see everyone wanting to leave America but where are they going to go?  It’s going to happen worldwide.

Rick:  Yea, these are the times we have been chosen to live in and but no Christian needs to fear.  You know there is no place for fear in Christianity, we have eternal life.  How can we even fear death?  So the only thing that we should fear is if we have the pure and holy fear of the Lord we don’t have to fear anything else.  So we want to be sure that when we stand before His throne on that Judgment Day and hear, well done good and faithful servant.  That we did His will and you know the number one group listed that will be thrown in the lake of fire, which is the second death in the end of Revelation is the cowardly.  So let’s decide right now that’s not an alternative.  We are not going to be fearful.  We’re not going to let fear control us.  We are not going to run from this situation, you know true warrior’s run to the sound of battle not away from it.

Sid:  As far as I’m concerned, this special DVD that we’re offering “Will America Survive 2011?”  And it’s the full statement by the Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin is included in that.  In the vision, the dream/vision that you had from God which is confirmed by this Orthodox Rabbi that believes in Jesus, then the special CD entitled “Preparation for Transfiguration” will literally help you and help America prevail in the times were living in.  And show you how to enter into His Glory.  It’s called “Preparation for Transfiguration.”

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