Sid: My guest and his wife traveled into the cells of a dying girl’s liver. Twenty-six hours later, she was healed.

Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I love, I absolutely love the rarified air of Heaven. I love it when Heaven comes on Earth and I can partner with Heaven. And when I think about the Glory of God, when I think about creative miracles, amazing miracles, I think of Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda. And I have Mahesh here. Mahesh, it’s hard for me to believe you come from 900 years of Hinduism.

Mahesh: Correct. I was born in Kenya, Africa of Hindu parents and could trace back my ancestry by name about 900 years back. And the amazing thing, Sid, was not one of them, as far as I know, knew the Lord as Savior.

Sid: So how did you come to know the Messiah? I mean, as a Hindu for 900 years. Now they had this caste system.

Mahesh: I was in the Rajput caste.

Sid: Which is?

Mahesh: Rajput means “sons of kings”. So it was the aristocratic caste.

Sid: So what was the first exposure you had?

Mahesh: Well this was around when I was 16 years old. And there was a knock at our house, and there was a lady who had been doing, a missionary, who had been doing a program for children in that neighborhood, and she ended up at my house because she was thirsty and wanted a drink of water. So I gave her a drink of water and she handed me a New Testament in English. And I love to read. So I thanked her and started reading. And I found, Sid, that this is the most amazing book I’ve ever come across because it started talking back at me. It was if the author was right there, talking to me, standing by side. Especially, I was impressed by certain chapters like John 14, where the Lord says, “I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except by me.”

Sid: Now how does that differ from Hinduism?

Mahesh: Well of course, Hinduism, we believe there are so many different ways to God. And here is Jesus saying, “I’m the way, the truth and the light.”

Sid: That’s interesting. A lot of what I see in America really has roots of Hinduism saying there’s many ways to God. 2

Mahesh: Correct. And so these words in the Bible kept coming to me. I would walk to school and they would almost like haunt me around me. They were living. This Bible is alive, active and full of power. It’s been breathed by the Holy Spirit. I remember even the battle inside me. I knew that Jesus was the Savior now. I was beginning to realize He is the way, the only way to the Father. But my traditions were struggling inside me. So one night I said, I can’t do this battle any more and I’m not going to read the Bible any more. I’m not going to think about Jesus any more.

Sid: Why would you give that up now that you begin to have a book that is alive. Now you begin to realize Jesus is the Messiah. It’s not these many, many gods. There’s only one way.

Mahesh: It was a struggle.

Sid: How could you do that, Mahesh?

Mahesh: Because my traditions and pride, and fear.

Sid: I thought we Jewish people had the corner on tradition. Tradition!

Mahesh: Correct. So we have our own tradition, and the traditions and my relationship with my family, I knew that they would reject me.

Sid: You did what the Bible says. He counted the cost and he put the Bible away. But then he was surprised by God. What happened?

Mahesh: I was knocked unconscious.

Sid: Really.

Mahesh: Right there, while I was reading the Bible, I said, I’m not going to think about this any more. And then I was knocked unconscious, and my consciousness was taken to a place I had never been before. There was the most beautiful light, like living rainbows all around me, music and singing that put my entire being in pure ecstasy. And then I found that there were flowers and grass around me. The flowers seemed to be in joy singing.

Sid: You were in Heaven.

Mahesh: Yeah. I saw around me there were streets of gold and I knew.

Sid: How does someone from 900 years of Hinduism, the top caste, end up like that, having an encounter? What did you do to deserve it?

Mahesh: I don’t know. I didn’t deserve anything except I was hungry to know more of God. And so the light— 3

Sid: Now God’s so good. You put that aside. Come on now, you counted the costs and said, no, no. What else did you see?

Mahesh: Then I saw the light that was the source of all these wonderful beings of light. It was living light. It was singing light, and my entire, all my being inside me, all my organs, was singing in perfect, responding in harmony to this harmony of light and sound, and joy, and singing. And then this light came towards me, and in that light, I saw the Lord Jesus. I knew it was him, and he had eyes that were the kindest, most compassionate loving eyes, as if he had suffered everything on Earth. Any suffering people had, he had taken it himself, and out of his eyes shown perfect love and triumph, and victory. And he came towards me, put his hands on my shoulder and said, “My little brother.” And many hours later, I was knocked unconscious about nine o’clock at night, and at around five o’clock in the morning I woke up. I heard the roosters crowing and I woke up, and I was back. But I knew I had been somewhere. And immediately I got on my knees and accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I knew there was no one else who loved me more than Jesus Christ.

Sid: What were those lights singing to you? Do you remember any of the words?

Mahesh: Yeah. It was like, it was love coming towards me and the lights were singing and it was the song of the Lord saying, [singing] “I love you, I love you, I’ve always loved you. I love you, I love you, I’ll always love you.”

Sid: Will you look in the camera and will you sing that again. And when he sings that, I want you to experience the love of God. Do that right now.

Mahesh: [singing] I love you, I love you, I’ll always love you. I love you, I love you, I’ll always love you.

Sid: You know, Mahesh, I cannot get enough teaching about the cross. I don’t hear much teaching about the cross. I can’t get enough teaching about the Glory. But when you put the cross and the Glory together, you’ve got ingredients for the miraculous. I’m going to have Mahesh and Bonnie teach on this and watch the miraculous become normal. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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