Sid:  Now how can you possibly be a believer and be ready for end times if you don’t understand end times.  And in the early ‘90s a number of top prophecy teachers began to realize that our whole paradigm for the end times was wrong.  And they’ve rearranged it from the viewpoint of truth and it all makes so much sense to those of us who have studied the Bible.  And I have one of these prophecy experts, Walid Shoebat on the telephone and boy is he uniquely qualified because of all things of all the cities in all the world he was born in Bethlehem of Judea.  He was raised in a very strong Muslim family.  As a matter of fact, Walid Shoebat, tell me just a little bit about your Grandfather.

Walid:  My Grandfather was a Mostar which means chieftain of the village of Batshole, which it’s the whole branch of Bethlehem.  He was friends with friends with Haj Amin al-Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Sid:  That was the guy that teamed up with Adolph Hitler during the time of the Holocaust and was so against Jewish people.

Walid:  Absolutely he was even there is a photo of him on the eve of the final solution with Adolph Hitler.  He wanted also to assassinate my grandfather; he assassinated seventeen chieftains in the Palestinian areas for selling land to the Jewish National fund.

Sid:  Now, what as you were raised what did you personally feel about Jewish people?

Walid:  Well, of course I hated the Jewish people.  I remember even when I was in kindergarten in our songs in school it was titled Arabs our Beloved and Jews are dogs.  And so I never knew what a Jew was really until the 6 day war erupted and of course Israel was victorious in six days; they rested in the seventh day in parallel to the Joshuain conquest.  If you look at the text it is pretty clear they rose early in the morning before the sun came up so it was a remarkable view when I saw Israel first come to the land…

Sid:  Now did you want, between you and me did you want to in your heart of hearts to kill Jewish people? 

Walid:  Absolutely, I intended to kill Jewish people even in my youth I nearly —  an Israeli soldier, which was headline news in that evening.

Sid:  Okay, tell me a bit about your mother and your father, we talked about your father but your mother was American, she was Catholic.  Why did she marry your father and even worse, why did she go to Bethlehem?

Walid:  She was Presbyterian; by the way, yeah, she went to Bethlehem on a visit after marrying my father.  She was not permitted to leave for thirty-five years because in Muslim countries none of them today are signatory to the hate convention regarding the adoption of women and children so she had a really hard time and she attempted to escape at one point in time, she was caught so she was held captive in the middle east for thirty-five years.  And she could never teach us about her views or her belief, accept at some point in time I did, my mother did share with me what she believed about the Bible.

Sid:  Now, when she shared that what did you think?

Walid:  Well, I was going to turn her into my father, but because my mother at that time smoked cigarettes and I use to steal my Mom cigarettes and she knew my secret.  She basically told me if I told my father she’ll tell him about my smoking habit.  So we cracked a deal if you will, and I kept my mouth shut about her Christian faith.

Sid:  Okay, so you were really raised as a Muslim terrorist and then you did the same thing, you married a woman that was not Muslim.  Why did you do that after seeing the problems your parents had?

Walid:  Well, I fell in love with a beautiful Hispanic American woman, I guess beauty tamed the beast after all; and in my mind I was sure that I could convince Maria to convert to Islam.

Sid:  Were you successful?

Walid:  Well, when I attempted to convince Maria that the Bible was corrupt and it was changed because the majority of Muslims believe the Bible has been changed it has issues about the trinity and so on and so forth; which the Muslims of course rejected.  So when she asked me the question, where are the problems in the Bible, point them out to me.  It was a challenge for my wife to begin to look and basically peruse the Bible to find the problems.  I purchased a Bible for $10 and I began to look for the problems.  Instead of finding the problems in the Bible I ended up finding the problems in the Koran.

Sid:  Walid, you are obviously a very intelligent man, I’m wondering and there are a number of intelligent men that are teaching Islam in our Universities etc.  How come they don’t see all the inconsistencies in the Koran compared to the Bible?

Walid:  Number one they are afraid of the Koran and addressing Koran and I believe the majority of them do believe there is a problem with the Koran.  This is why when you find a book titled “God is Not Great” you will never find a book that says “Allah is Not Great.”  I have yet to see such a book. 

Sid:  Now, what were some of the biggest discrepancies you saw as you were comparing the Koran with the Bible?

Walid:  That’s a very good question.  The problems in the Koran is that the sins of Mohammed, when he took his adopted son’s wife, Zite to his bed, had his son finished the formalities of divorce and he claimed that the angel of love, Gabriel allowed him to do so.  While we look at the Bible you saw the story of David and Bathsheba in which the prophet Nathan came to David and confronted him on the issue and David confessed his sins.  So from the beginning I began to see the element of confession in the Bible with a lack of confession in the Koran; not only in the Koran but in the Muslim world as a result of the Koran.

Sid:  Well, were there some prophecies that bothered you in the Bible?

Walid:  Oh, the prophecies about Israel, if there is one word that convicted me about the Bible it is that word Israel the country that I hated so much that I was bent on its destruction.  When I read Amos Chapter 9 verse 15, it stated “And I will plant them in their land and no longer shall they be pulled out of that land.”  That’s amazing because that verse alone made me begin to rethink the Bible because the Bible was a prophetic book.  Had this instruction been there regarding a historic reference well Israel was pulled out by the Babylonians, Israel was pulled out by the Romans so how could it say no longer shall they be pulled out?  This is speaking in our times.

Sid:  Now, you know what I find interesting?  Because they can read some of these interesting things in your book, but is that when you started reading the Bible you really were sincere.  You asked God for the truth.

Walid:  This is what I prayed when I began to look at both manuscripts, “I said the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob show me the truth and if you show me the truth I will do your will in my life.”

Sid:  But, at the end of the year when you came to conclusion point after point, after point and you saw the inconsistencies in the Koran it still must have been very difficult for you to reject what you were raised in.

Walid:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And generations of that.

Walid:  Absolutely, I was confronted with eternity.  Either I suffer now and reject what my family taught me, lose my property in Israel, lose my family my entire family was lost; or end up in eternity in hell so this is the moment that I had to make a decision.  And then I was confronted by my family.  This was the test where God tested me when I had a family reunion with my uncle, my father, my brother, my aunts, my cousins, their wives, their children and when my uncle asked me the question “Who is your God, your acting very differently?”  And that’s when God kind of told me in my mind, if you deny me I will deny you.  And that was the test that I had to endure in which I stood up and I said, my Lord and my God is the one that died on the cross of Calvary.  And the spitting began and the hatred began and I lost my family.  But this is you know …

Sid:  You know that happens a lot in Jewish families and so I can really identify with that, because there’s great similarity.  But you know what I found even more fascinating than that, was you took a DNA test to find out your heritage and as a Palestinian living, born in Bethlehem what did you find out through DNA?

Walid:  Well, we swabbed my son, they gave him bunch of emails of people with same haplites and he was writing back and forth with Jews from New York.  So I began to be very suspicious of who I am.  And then I began to study the haplites with him to find out that he has a Levite heritage and then I began to examine the Shoebat clan to find out they stemmed from Shomebatial, a Jew from Yamane so the documents in the Arabic language are very intricate and…

Sid:  Well, you know I had a telephone conversation with the top Jewish DNA expert in the world and this is what he said to me.  “I have taken DNAs of Palestinians; I have yet to find a Palestinian that, if they were not born in Egypt that was not originally Jewish.  In other words, most of the Palestinians except the ones that were born in Egypt were originally Jews.  They were converted to Islam and that’s what it sounds like happened in your family.  But you see I can see God’s hand on your life Walid and He would really take someone that understands Islam to decode the mystery if you will, of the prophecies in the Bible to get a real handle on the end times.  If you didn’t have your knowledge of Islam I don’t think you could have come to the conclusion you came to on the end times.

Walid:  Absolutely.  In fact it’s remarkable what you say about the Egyptians verses the Palestinians because Gaza are predominately Egyptian and when I studied the Bible the Bible really focuses on Gaza, it doesn’t focus on the West Bank per se as far as the people there.  God brought the Palestinians back to that land because they were Jewish, so the whole issue, when I read the Bible I saw many traditions in my own family that were in the Bible, like eating the Lamb whole, standing up.  This was part of my families’ tradition.  The Blood of the lamb being poured on the foundation stone when you first build the home, the matzos our family, when the matzos came…

Sid:  Well, you know a lot of Jewish people are looking for the lost tribes, I think they have to look at the Palestinians to find the lost tribes.  But that, maybe that’s for another show Walid.  But I am so excited about the revelations you have on the end times, I mean the anti-Christ is different, the beast is different.  It’s not like the total left behind series; it’s not like what’s taught at the Dallas School of Theology because the whole paradigm was wrong.  And once you understand the paradigm, as a matter of fact some of the revelations you have you have about the number 666 and about which nations will alien together and who the beast is and who mystery Babylon is and the nations that are going to be destroyed.  This book is 500 pages; it’s called “God’s War on Terror.”…  It’s time that God’s children understand the end times.

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