Sid:  We are coming into a point in history which I call the great wealth transfer.  Proverbs 13:22 describes it, “Wealth of the sinner is literally being stored up for the righteous.”  But if you do not understand kingdom principals, if you are a believer you’ve heard these scriptures on finances your whole life, but they’ve not been revelation.  It’s kind of gone over your head and now you find yourself in debt, you find yourself one pay check away from being homeless that is not the way God intended you to be.  God has something better.  We’re coming into the greatest harvest the world has ever seen.  Now how can you participate in that harvest if you’re just surviving?  My guest, Gary Keesee says, “Unless you fix the money thing, you will not achieve your God given destiny.”  What do you mean by that Gary?

Gary:  Well Sid, Jesus said that not me, He said that in Matthew Chapter 6.  He said basically this; he said you can’t serve two masters.  You’re either going to serve one and despise the other, you can’t serve both God and money.  You see ever since the fall of man back in Genesis Chapter 3 when man lost the garden, man lost the provision of God he became a survivalist, a professional warrior, he began to run after money in a sense, God told him that now Adam you’ll have to through painful toil and sweat, your painful toil and sweat, you’ll have to acquire everything you need out of the earth realm yourself.  So ever since that day people have been bearing this weight of finding provision, waking up every morning and making decisions based on money, where to find money and if we have money, we are going to horde money.  We are all tired of running.  But Jesus came and preached a new kingdom.  This kingdom provides for us outside of that running, that anxiousness, and we can see demonstration of that…

Sid:  You know the thought that’s crossing my mind, someone’s listening to us right now and their saying, “Well I’m not in the best shape, but I’m not in such bad shape, I have savings, I’m comfortable.”  But do you know what I believe Gary?  With the times that we’re living in right now that if they don’t start entering into living in kingdom principals they are going to lose all that money for their old age.

Gary:  Well Sid, that whole concept, what you just said is based out of the earth curse system, even when they said, “I’m okay, because Jesus said, life is more than things, it is more than food, it is more than clothing, but under the survival mentality of the earth curse system that is exactly how people judge themselves.  They say okay, I have enough money, I’m taken care of but that’s not the purpose of your life.  Your purpose goes beyond that, it’s not just paying off cars and houses, those things are designed to serve us, not us serving those things and just paying for them.  So when Jesus said that you can’t serve both God and money, there is a life, a purpose, a spiritual destiny that he’s created us to achieve, there is a purpose why we are here and it’s not to sacrifice our life continually just to have these things.  And this survival mentality that’s how it judges things; you see I’m okay I’ve got my bills paid, I have a house, I have a car, I’m fine, but that is not life.  Your spiritual DNA, your spiritual purpose for existence is way beyond that.  And so money’s function is way beyond that as well and it has a purpose with it and that’s why I want to say unless you fix the money thing you’ll never be able to discover your destiny because Jesus said that you can’t serve two masters.  You are going to serve the one that you believe meet your needs period.  And so until the money thing is fixed you’ll never be able to discover you’ll be too busy running and slaving after trying to find provision to really discover what God’s purpose is for your life. 

Sid:  Tell me about that pastor that was about ready to commit suicide?

Gary: Yes, we have hundreds and hundreds of stories because the kingdom works every time; the kingdom provides everything it says it will.  The pastor that I met I was doing a radio interview, I think over in Indianapolis and a pastor who had gotten some of my material he had called and asked if he could have lunch with me and we said yes and he came by and he’s been pastoring for thirty years.  And had a stroke so he lost his ability to function pastor, so he was out of the ministry and unable really to make income and so depressed about to lose his family estate his kids had grown up in that he was holding a forty-five a loaded forty-five in one hand and a Bible in another hand and contemplating if he was going to end his life.  And that’s how bad it had gotten.  When he heard a bit of good news he came across some broadcast and saw us on TV but he heard something different than he had heard his entire life even pasturing a little different twist, a little different insight to a scripture regarding the kingdom of God and he thought well is there hope?  There is something there that I haven’t heard before and he got some of the information and I remember the letter coming to the office where he had to believe God, he had of course everything was in shut down mode as his utilities about to be cut off, no food, the house was in sheriff’s sale process and at that particular time he was just going to believe God for enough money to pay his utility bills, $2,000 to survive groceries and some bills.  So I remember the letter coming in there and he came into agreement with what the kingdom says, the word of God said and he asked us to agree with him about that based on the principals that Jesus taught how we release our faith.  How the kingdom functions, how we tap into it.

Sid:   You know, most people know the scriptures but they don’t know the how.

Gary:  Well, the dots aren’t put together, I think a lot of people…you see the kingdom of God, and I’ll come back to Jerry’s story.  But the kingdom of God operates on law and I think the mistake that many people make is that God arbitrarily changes the rules, you know He’s going to bless this person, He’s going to decide not to bless this person but you see those things have already been decided 2,000 years ago.  We have received a kingdom, we have everything that pertains to life, 2nd Peter 1:3, Philippians 4:19, “He provides everything that we need in life, He supplies all our need.”  But so many people don’t have that because they don’t know how the kingdom operates.  You know the reason we can fly airplanes is because someone discovered the laws that govern airplanes.  Or the reason we have electric lights is because someone discovered the law that pertain to electricity and those laws work anywhere.  Jesus said that in Mark Chapter 11 that if anyone says, if anyone believes in his heart and says with his mouth he can speak to the mountain if he believes what he says, that’s anyone.  The kingdom works for anyone but people have not been taught how the kingdom operates.  So what I like to do is I’m a spiritual scientist I call myself, I like to take it apart in pieces and I asked why did the fish show up with Peter, James and John that day when the nets about broke and the boats about sank?  Why did the fish show up, why did the bread multiply, why was that person healed?  Why wasn’t that person healed because the Bible is very clear of what the will of God is and how the kingdom people need to be taught how to tap into that.  And once they learn how to tap into it anytime they want to.  And that’s what Jerry found out, he was discovering, experimenting this was his first exposure…

Sid:  This was that suicidal pastor.

Gary:   He was going to commit suicide and he heard what Jesus preached, Jesus’ first message was out of Isaiah 61 and Luke chapter four in His hometown.  “Now the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me for He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.”  Meaning we have an inheritance, there is a way of escape out of this kind of poverty that this earth curse system that came into the earth through Adam.  So when he sent this letter to us he sowed with that.  He put, you hear a lot of teaching, and I’ll be honest Sid, there is a lot of gimmicks there are a lot of stuff that I don’t like to hear, I’m just being honest.

Sid:  A lot of the truth has been perverted to a gospel of selfishness.

Gary:  Yes, there has been a lot of financial teaching that that makes God look like a magic wand or there has been a lot of manipulation in that area so, when I teach these principals I got to get beyond that.  Any way he did send a seed, Paul calls it a seed, he released his faith and he sent some money of what he had, I think 30 bucks or something, a little bit of money with that.  He laid his hands on that and he had released that according to Mark 11:24.  “Therefore I…

Sid:  Which to him $30 was a fortune. 

Gary:   To him that was a fortune, he was casting his care upon the Lord.  And it’s not our ministry, you know, I always make that clear you know people hear ministries teach.  This is Bible, it wasn’t the fact that he sent something to us, it was the fact that he was following what the Bible said; he could have sent it anywhere and the law would have worked the same.  But any way he sent this in and we of course agreed with him and within a week and a half a man knocked on his door that he had not talked to in a year and a half; walked in and Jerry said that it was kind of interesting that because this guy and he weren’t the best of friends, they hadn’t really gotten along that well back when he pastured.  But the man walked in and said, “What was going on last week about a week and a half ago?  He said, “I was in prayer and the Lord gave me a very strong unction to bring you a check for $2,000.”  Now this shocked Jerry because he had written the time and the date down of the exact moment he prayed and believed that he had prayed and he had received that $2,000 for his utility bills and he had that piece of paper in his pocket and he pulled it out.  When he asked his friend what time it was that he was praying and he had this urgent unction to write that check out, it was the exact time that he had written down on that piece of paper.  Now this is, I tell people that when they have one experience with the kingdom, in other words the Wright brothers saw that glider lift off, it didn’t fly very far but they realized that they had seen something happen that they could experiment with.  They had seen the law operate and so in Jerry’s case he saw the law operate, he knew that this wasn’t by coincidence he knew that this was God.  And basically based upon what he had done when he released his faith a week and a half earlier.  Now the question is could this be duplicated, wow wouldn’t it be something if this process, he just saw take place could be duplicated and not necessarily that..

Sid:  Bottom line, what happened were out of time.

Gary:  The bottom line was, Jerry saved his house, and his whole life changed financially. 

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