Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Renny McLean. And Renny found himself in Heaven in the library, and he was given revelation about the End Times. You were going to make a point when we stopped the last segment.

Renny: Yes. The point is the time we have come to right now, the people on the earth have never seen this moment before because everything right now that can be broken loose, and I’m careful how I say this because as I’m talking I feel the spirit of that visitation on me. And we’re living in a time now, Brother Sid, where there are things coming on the earth that have never been here before. They were assigned to this generation. And the Lord also said to me that there are angelic beings being released on the earth that were assigned to this part in time. There’s more for us than what’s actually against us. We’ve been warring against things in the Spirit that some of us have never encountered before. That’s because of the timeframe that we’re in right now. The battle is intensifying, but the Glory of God is being revealed in the midst of this.

Sid: Speaking of the Glory of God, tell me about the supernatural protection that’s available to us in these horrific times we’re living in that where things are released. As you heard what he said, things are being released that have never been released before at this time. But things of God are being released, I believe, that they’ve never been released before.

Renny: Yes, totally, totally.

Sid: So tell me about the fish and chips.

Renny: I’ll give you a testimony. Some years ago I was in London, England, and there was a chip shop I used to frequent. And I’ll never forget one day. I went there. It must have been six o’clock in the evening. And there was some argument going on in the chip shop before I got there, and it was one of the Hollywood situations. You walked right into something you didn’t know what was happening. And so I walk into this chip shop and a fight breaks out.

Sid: So you don’t want to be there.

Renny: You don’t want to be there. And so I want into the chip shop now and a fight breaks out, and somehow they tried to involve me in it. And I don’t have that kind of fear. I’m not frightened. If I have to defend myself, you know, I will defend myself. But for a strange reason, Brother Sid, and I say it, I have to laugh just looking back at how God does things. And so they tried to pull me into the fight. And just as they tried to pull me into the fight, a man came through the door. Now I want you to hear my terminology. A man came through the door. Now I’m six-foot-two and the man was considerably taller than me, and he was, you know. But I looked in his eyes and I saw Heaven in his eyes and I knew it wasn’t a man. And the man looked in my eyes. The man looked at me, looked at me like I’m looking at you, and he nodded his head and he smiled at me. And everybody in the room, you know, they were doing what they were doing, and then all of a sudden he said, “Don’t touch him. You know me.” When he said that the place froze for a split second, and for a split second when time froze for a moment we went back to the period of time before I was even on the road to get in the chip shop. And then all of a sudden he turned around and said to me, “Any time you need me I’ll be there.” And he walked through the door. And I was like this.

Sid: What happened to the fight!

Renny: Everybody froze. Everybody froze. And he went through the door and he just did this and vanished. And when I went back in the shop it went back to normal. The difference is they didn’t even realize that I was the person who was there before the angel came in and stopped. It was if they didn’t know who I was. We went back in time.

Sid: He went back. That’s what I’m saying. He went backwards in time.

Renny: Yeah.

Sid: But you actually went into the timeless zone of Heaven and saw what’s going to be happening what you described will be happening more and more?

Renny: We are going to have more manifestations of what I would define as Glory travel, supernatural protection because of the timeframe that we’re in.

Sid: This has just started happening to me, where I’m in one place and I’m also in another place, and I know it’s happened to you.

Renny: Oh yes it has. And those things are going to multiply because of the times that we’re in. And so God’s really preparing His people for this move of the Spirit. I believe it’s a move that we haven’t seen before, not on the level we’ve seen it. And so it behooves us to be open, to be very sensitive to it. One of the keys to the power of obedience. God doesn’t use you beyond the level of your obedience.

Sid: And it’s not just obedience. It’s instant obedience 

Renny: You’ve got to, it’s the law of response. You’ve got to respond. One of the things I teach in my book, “Eternity Invading Time” is this. When the Lord said to me, “Renny, write that book,” the Lord said to me, “Renny, there will be no expiration date on it.” And I said, “Lord, why?” “Because,” He said to me, “that revelation will not expire. My people are going to need to know the Glory in order to step into the power of God to retrieve miracles like we’ve never retrieved them before.” So we’re at a time right now where it’s not a time to have fear. It’s a time to have faith. God is up to something big. We’re going to see diseases healed…

Sid: You know what, Renny? God is up to something so big in your life. In your life, God is up to something so big. I know it. I know it.

Renny: Amen. Amen. Awesome.

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