Sid: My guest is really provoking me to jealousy he was just an ordinary person that read his Bible, graduated Bible school, went into ministry, but never saw anything remotely close to what he read in the Bible. And He got hungry.  And he found out about Its Supernatural Television, he went into our archives which anyone can do, its and sometimes five to eight hours a day he’d be watching these show and one day he saw a show with someone I’d interviewed by the name Renny McLean and he through a mutual friend he got together with Renny, they went to a steakhouse and he just had a few minutes with him but he told notes and something happened.  Tony, what happened that caused such a transformation in your ministry?

Tony: Well, one of the things that I learned is that whenever God wants to do a miracle he will give you an instruction and it is through worship that we enter into a realm in the Holy Spirit that we can get the instruction and the revelation of God.  And with that revelation it’s followed and obeyed, you will see the manifestation of miracles and that’s what happened.  I began to worship, I began to enjoy God and…

Sid: Now when you worship, I’m kind of a very logical type of person, I like ABC you know, it’s one of my greatest asset and my greatest liability, but how do you worship, tell me?

Tony: Well, the first thing I do, I open up the Word of God, because I am very much into the revelation of the Word.  And through the Word of God I see Jesus, I hear Jesus, I honor Jesus, I seek to obey Jesus and what I do then is take the Word of God and I begin to pray what the Word of God says and then I begin to focus on the person of God Himself, the Lord is merciful, He is gracious, He is kind, He’s good.  I begin to focus on the word of God and I begin to worship who He is and I begin to enter into praise and sometimes that means that I find some good worship music and I spend time soaking in the presence of the Lord.  I have to say this because it is so important to soak in the presence of the Lord and just to talk to God as my friend.  He is the lover of my soul and my comforter and to pursue Him and to chase Him and to catch Him, you know my heart is turned toward Him and just to find Him and to feel Him until I experience Him again and again and again.

Sid: And what would you recommend for someone just starting to do this, how much time should they devote, a half hour, an hour, three hours; you tell me?

Tony:  Well, when I started, well let me say this I was and still am a pastor even though I do a lot of traveling ministry, I have other pastors who work with me and I work with them.  But you know it is said that pastors are busy working, but they only spend a few minutes in prayer.  Well, I started out setting the alarm for fifteen minutes and then thirty minutes and then forty five minutes and then an hour; and then I went up to two hours, three hours four hours.

Sid: Now when you say soaking, what do you mean by that exactly?

Tony: Well, number one I want to again emphasize the reading of the Word and obeying what the Word says, but then I also want to emphasize finding good Christian music that glorifies Jesus and brings an ushers you into the presence of the Lord.  Finding a place where you can sit, finding a place where you can lie down if it’s possible and when it’s not possible in your car while you’re on your way somewhere just praising the Lord.  I have to tell you Sid, I spend a lot of time praying in the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues because the word of God says that he that speaks in a tongue speaks to God, he that speaks in a tongue builds up himself and that you are to build yourself up on your most Holy faith praying in the Holy Spirit.  And I have found that when, if I would just pray past where I have been before I will enter into new realms of the Holy Spirit.  When I enter into those new realms of the Holy Spirit I have revelations of God that when I follow them I see miracles.

Sid: Now, just out of curiosity if you did not worship God the way you do and the way have previously, do you think that you’d be walking in the level of miracles that you are walking in today?

Tony: No, Sir, no Sir because worship is intimacy and one of the things that I’ve discovered in Hebrew’s 11 and 5 it says, “By faith Enoch was taken away and he did not see death and he was not found.  But before God took him he had this testimony, he pleased God.  And in the original language it means that Enoch enjoyed God and he was enjoyed by God.  And I have discovered that when I obey the Lord, when I spend time with God, when I turn my heart and my eyes toward God and I just love God and I spend time in His presence something happens and what happens is I receive the presence of God.  And see the key to the power of God is the presence of God, because first the presence of God comes and then after that you see the power of God and in the power of God you see the miraculous.

Sid: Now when the presence comes I have been told by many people that once you get a certain point the minute you open yourself up to God the presence comes, is that true in your life?

Tony: There are times when that is definitely true.  When I just begin to just turn my, turn everything off and you know just turn my face toward God and I just begin to quiet my spirit and just focus on His love, His kindness, His goodness, His mercy, who He is, His righteousness, His holiness then in a very very brief time I begin to sense in my Spirit His presence and in His glory and that’s where the intimacy is.  That’s where the revelation is and that’s where you see the answers to prayer and you know signs, wonders and miracles.

Sid: Now you made a statement a little earlier that prayed past where you were before.

Tony: Yes.

Sid: Explain what you mean by that.

Tony: Sometimes Sid I mean I prayed, you know seven eight nine, ten, twelve hours and what I have done I have learned, see here’s a truth.  You must worship up to the realm up to the miraculous because the miraculous happens in a realm and the way that you activate that realm is through a revelation, but it’s through the intimacy of God that, intimacy with God that you get the revelation so that you’re able to visit a realm.

Sid: So when you’re talking about praying past where you were it you’re still at that same point you just keep worshiping until you get to the next point, is that what you’re saying?

Tony: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying and I’m saying that as you worship you enter the revelation of God that takes you into a realm that when you first go there you are a visitor, but if you continue to develop your intimacy with God through Jesus that revelation and that realm becomes a place where you become a resident and when you become a resident of that revelation of that realm through your intimacy with Christ then you begin to move from seeing miracles rarely to occasionally to regularly to frequently because you actually are carrying a realm of God’s presence and God’s glory with you.

Sid: Now is that what when people hear your teaching they actually enter into the realm almost like in communion with the realm that you’re in?

Tony: Yes, because see you can’t take a person to a realm where you yourself have never walked and so my task in terms of serving people is to spend time with God and enter a realm of intimacy and then when I walk into the service, into the house meeting, the church meeting, the church service I am bringing that realm with me and so when I begin to speak the word of the Lord, what I’m really doing is…Every revelation has a realm and when I speak the word I am introducing this realm to the people and I’m bringing them into an atmosphere of miracles.  Because it’s almost like if you walked into a room and you took air freshener and you sprayed it and it fell down everybody would just catch the scent and the smell.  And so when you speak the word you are charging the atmosphere with Heaven.

Sid: Woops, our time is up.

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