Sid: If you have been listening all this week you’re getting red hot for the Messiah that I don’t have to be a prophet to tell you I know that you are getting red hot for the Messiah.  I’m interviewing Tony Kemp, Tony is just like everyone that listening to us right now; he’s not a special man he’s a man that loves God and he has found keys to break into the supernatural and he is not keeping it to himself.  He wants everyone everywhere to break in to the supernatural and Tony to just get the job done, is that right?

Tony: Amen! Amen, because it’s all about loving God and loving people and there are needs that people have that we cannot meet through our education, through our intellectualism, through our natural human ability.   It’s going to take the revelation of God’s Word, the person of Jesus and the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit to meet people’s needs.

Sid: Now, I want to find out a few pretty fascinating experiences that you’ve had in heavenly realms.  In 1989 what were you doing up at 4:00 AM?

Tony: Ha-ha well, I’m a night person and it probably has a whole lot to do with the fact that I travel probably even though I’m one of the Pastors, well I’m the Founding Pastor of the Embassy, but we work as a team we have a plurality of elders and they’re brothers that I have worked with in ministry in about two or three churches over many, over twenty years and we listen to each other we pay attention to each other, we’re accountable to each other.  And I used to be a Senior Pastor, now I’m just one of the Elders and we lead in different ways.  And so I spend about two weeks out of a month traveling so, I’m very much of a night person; and probably part of it is it’s quiet and that’s a great time for me to seek the Lord.  So it’s not uncommon for me to go to sleep at two, three or four o’clock in the morning and get up at noon because you have those services that start at seven o’clock in the evening and sometimes go to eleven, twelve o’clock or one o’clock in the morning.  And so I was up and what happened was simply an angel came to my bedroom.

Sid: Out of curiosity, before that point had you ever seen an angel?

Tony: No, I never had that kind of an experience before.

Sid: What did the angel look like?

Tony: He was a man, he had dark hair he looked young, he had a white robe on.  My experience with angels is that they do have different appearances, you know sometimes a sandy brown hair or different colors of hair, blond, you know, but this one was very young appearing man and of course since that time I’ve seen him again and again.

Sid: Okay, about 4:00 AM this angel comes in, what does he say to do?

Tony: He doesn’t say or do anything, all he does is he stretches out his hand and we are…he takes me by the hand and my spirit leaves my body and we are speeding through the Heavenlies.

Sid: Now, what are you feeling when this is going on?  Are you excited?  Are you nervous, what’s going on?

Tony: Well, I’m probably a strange person Sid, but I was fascinated!  I was trying to see the heavenly bodies, but we were moving so fast and the other thing…

Sid: Well, you would provoke an astronaut to jealousy!

Tony: And the other thing that I noticed Sid was I saw the spirits and the souls of people who had died who were also moving into the Heavenlies, but almost everyone that I saw they were going in a tunnel that lead to the Lake of Fire and that sort of got my attention.  But we literally sped up into Heaven and it happened so fast and then we came before the Heavenly Tabernacle and the Temple of God.  I guess there are many things that I could say about Heaven probably one thing I should say is this, “Is when you get to Heaven you’re going to experience an explosive joy.  And the Apostle Peter says in his First Chapter he says, “It is joy unspeakable and full of glory.”  And he means exactly that and I would probably say that, “It is joy indescribable and full of glory.”  It will totally overwhelm me Sid, totally and completely and I don’t think you ever get over the joy, but the initial experience of Heavenly joy it’s going to take you awhile.  But then this angel standing in front of me when we get to this point, because you know, we eventually got to this point this angel standing in front of me and of course there is the rumblings of thunder and the lightning; and there was a door to the temple and I just knew because, I just knew, I mean there are things in Heaven you just instantly know.  And I knew that I was there by an appointment and then the angel moved forward and he walked through the door and I followed him and that’s when I found myself in the courtroom of God.

Sid: Now, what did the courtroom look like?

Tony: It literally looked like a courtroom and there in the Judge’s seat was God Almighty and I was really trying to make out the features of the Heavenly Father, but all I could see was this; the light of His Being and this cloud this bright bright cloud that surrounded Him.  And of course, that fascinated me and you know I was literally standing there and then all of a sudden I had the sense that I should look to my right and when I looked, and of course the angel had disappeared and when I looked to my right there’s the Lord Jesus.  And I have to tell you Sid, the Lord Jesus is the most beautiful Person I have ever met, He’s the kindest, most lovely, gracious, compassionate, merciful person I have ever met.  And I have to share this because you know I experienced then the warmth of His love and that was overwhelming.  And I probably should share just a little bit of this because He told me, “He wanted me to have an understanding and He told me He came unto His own, but His own did not receive Him.” And then He reminded me of how when He went to Jerusalem, how He wept over the city and instantly what I understood was if Jesus so loved those that hated Him and crucified Him how much more does He love me because I have received Him and believed in Him?  And Sid, to be honest with you I was completely undone by the love of Jesus and it took me awhile to kind adjust to that, but when I looked to my left I saw that there were a cloud of witnesses.  And then I turned back toward the Father because what captivated me about the Father…

Sid: Now, who were the cloud of witnesses?

Tony: You know, I didn’t know who were these persons were, they were just there.

Sid: Alright and the Bible talks about that and that’s why I was curious.

Tony: Yeah, and they were just sitting there to watch the proceedings and…

Sid: Well, it was court room so of course there are ha-ha some witnesses.

Tony: Yeah, they were witnesses, but I really didn’t pay too much attention to them because my fascination was with the Father and what struck me was His Holiness, His absolute total complete Holiness.  And you know there are so many things that He shared with me at that particular time, but  one thing that I want to share is that He told me, “I was to take notes” and this was His phrase, “Take notes and learn.” And then He again spoke to me from the Word of God, the Apostle Peter and He said, “Now the time has come for judgment to begin at the House of God.”  And when He said that Sid, instantly I knew that what He was really talking about was measurement, the Father was not angry, He was not upset, He was not mad, but the Father was wanting to love His Sons, correct His Sons, mature His Sons, and bring His Sons to a place where they were transformed and conformed to the image of Jesus.  And as the Father began to talk to me, as He looked at me, let me tell you what He was looking for.

Sid: What’s that?

Tony: He was looking for how much of the image of His Son Jesus I bore.  And where I did not bear Jesus image He let me know that He loved me and every Son that He loved and He received, He corrected so that Son could be conformed into the image of Jesus be a partaker of God’s nature and His holiness.  And it was very clear that he didn’t just want this for me, but that He wanted this for all of His Sons and Daughters.  And so the corrections that I received were acts of love and the corrections that He wanted to give to the Church, His Sons and his Daughters, these were all acts of His kindness and His goodness.

Sid: Oops, were out of time.

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