Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, but he wasn’t always that way.  He is name Tony Kemp and he went to Baptist Bible College and became a pastor, but he would read the Bible and he would pray for the sick and very few people would be healed.  But he was desperately hungry and he was able to move in the realm that he would be considered normal by studying the Bible but from today’s standard’s he’d be a superstar in the miraculous.  But what he says and what the Bible says and what I know is true is the realm he entered his job is to equip you to do what he does and even greater, would you agree with that Tony?

Tony: Absolutely, because as ministers and leaders we are servant to the Body of Christ and we are to facilitate and platform the ministry of others and we are to father and mother people into maturity in Christ, but also to bring them into the works of Christ.

Sid: Well, in your case you found “Its Supernatural” and you would go on our web page for hours every day because we put all of our archives there it’s almost unlimited what people can learn from that.  But you just kept pushing and pushing and pushing.  And just too wet their appetite you we found out earlier this week you went to a meeting and all of a sudden the miraculous was released and for the first time in your life you saw a deaf person get their hearing back, but it wasn’t just one deaf person it was seven deaf people; and then from there it started progressing just about every miracle you read about in the Bible.  But also very unusual miracles for instance it says this in my notes it is hard for me to believe, but there was a woman that was under your teaching that weighed 400 lbs and you had a prophetic word for her and she lost 260 lbs over the next twelve months.

Tony: That’s correct it was a very extraordinary experience.  Again, you know I just hear God when He speaks to me and I just say what He says and the power is in what He says.  And so I just said to this woman that you are going to supernaturally lose weight and it was in Illinois and of course it was just a meeting I was doing.  I went about my business, one year later she comes to Hannibal Missouri where we have our church “Embassy Christian Center;” and she walks up to me I don’t know who she is and I don’t know who she is and so she says you’ve ministered to me a year ago and I have lost 260 pounds and this is without dieting, I mean it was miraculous.

Sid: I mean, you have people that lose weight instantly like according to what I’m reading here someone went to your meeting, went home and they immediately lost twenty pounds, another one lost thirty-five pounds.  In fact tell me about the woman’s testimony when she went home and she put on her pajamas.

Tony: Ha-ha, oh my goodness let me share this with you because it is so very very important.  What I share is the revelation of the word that Jesus is the miracle worker and then we worship.  And then, as we worship the glory realm of God comes into the service and then sometimes we just simply declare the word what God is doing.  And so and there’s times we don’t have to pray for people individually because when that glory comes in the service or in the home or in the meeting, then people don’t even have to be prayed for.  And this particular sister she wanted to lose weight and God touched her and she literally and this was so funny to me because I can give testimony after testimony; she put on her pajamas they fell off of her.   But Sid, this is what I want to share, one of the times when I with Dr. Renny McLean, he’s a body builder, he loves to lift weights and he was talking with me and somehow the subject turned to supernatural weight lose.  And I’m a big man about 6’2” I’m still over weight, but he said that he would pray for me to lose weight and I’ll never forget this because this was on a Thursday and so he said that he was going to pray for me and I said okay.  So he prays for me and I go immediately to the clothing store and I buy a pair of pants that I can’t get into and this was on a Thursday.  I fly home,…

Sid: Now, excuse me, when you went to the clothing store did you feel that God directed you to do this or did you just do this as a step of faith?

Tony: I just did this as a step of faith.  I said, “You know what if I believe this prayer that God’s going to do it I’m going to act like it.”  And so I went and I bought the pair of pants I couldn’t get into.

Sid: So, you’re really telling me you really believed it when he prayed for you.

Tony: Oh yes, I expected for it to happen and you see one of the secrets is expectation produces manifestation, that’s a secret.

Sid: Okay, so you go out and you buy pants that don’t fit, well actually I wouldn’t have to go out and buy pants that don’t fit I have a whole closet full of them.  Ha-ha.

Tony: Ha-ha. So what happens is that I can’t wear them on Thursday, I fly home on Friday, Friday I could get in them a little bit, on Saturday I can get into them and their tight, Sunday morning I preach in them.

Sid: Ought oh.

Tony: And then Sunday afternoon with the belt buckle still tied they fell off of me Sid.  And so I knew that I was supernaturally losing weight, but I was busy doing the ministry so I never actually weighed myself.

Sid: But let me take you back just a little bit when you were prayed for to lose weight and you believed that that was coming from God and you demonstrated your belief by going out and buying pants that were too small; did you feel anything special when you were prayed for to lose weight?

Tony: I felt absolutely nothing Sid.

Sid: Nothing!

Tony: Nothing, I felt nothing.

Sid: And you went out and bought something that I have a whole closet full of okay, go ahead.

Tony: I felt nothing because it’s really not, I mean you know many times when I pray for people they’ll talk about feeling the heat or they’ll feel a tingling or they’ll feel a warmth and those are that’s wonderful and those things happen, but you know Jesus said that where two or three agree as touching anything you ask of the Father it shall be done.

Sid: Okay, so you’re getting busy and you realize you’re able to comfortably put the pants on but you’re not paying a whole lot of attention, what happened next?

Tony: So I just continued to lose weight and continue to lose weight and so you know my pants got loser and loser and then one day I decided you know, maybe I ought to see how much I’ve lost and it was right around thirty pounds and so…

Sid: And you weren’t dieting or anything?

Tony: I haven’t been dieting and I’ve continued to lose weight, I’ve lost approximately about fifty pounds now.

Sid: Now since this has happened to you you’re finding that it’s happening as you’re speaking when you talk to people, when you speak in groups.

Tony: Yes.

Sid: Tell me the first time you realized that what was going on in you was going on with other people that you were in the audience.

Tony: Well, here’s what I want to go back to Sid, I listened to a number of the people that you interviewed who talked about how God was causing people to supernaturally lose weight; and then when I would watched the program there would be examples of people losing weight; and so you know it’s amazing that what you see can literally be transmitted to you.

Sid: It’s the power of the testimony!

Tony: It’s the power of the testimony!  And so in Revelation 19:10, it says that the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.  And what God showed me in that was that whatever God has done and when you say what God has done it becomes what God will do and when it becomes what God will do and you’re saying that it’s true then it becomes what God does now.  And so I began to just share my testimony and then as I was sharing my testimony I’ll never forget this because I was in the state of Arkansas there was a young man there.  It was as African American church, he was a heavy set man; he wore a suit coat and he wore it open because he had four buttons and he couldn’t button any of them.  And so here we are we’re worshiping God and the Lord says to me, “I’m going to cause people to supernaturally lose weight.”  And so all of a sudden we continue to worship and this young man burst out laughing and he said “Hey everybody, I think one of those people was me!”  So he comes forward and he is literally able to button all four of his buttons.  And so we probably had seven, eight and nine people that we know of who had lost significant dress sizes.

Sid: I’m going to ask you a question which I don’t know if you can answer.  Why, there might have been I don’t know, there might have been how many people were in that particular congregation would you say?

Tony: Well, I would probably say maybe a hundred a hundred and twenty.

Sid: Okay, why those six or seven or eight or how many it was, why did they lose weight and not the others?

Tony: Well, I’m not sure that I know the answer to that, but what I have observed is that that when we lose sight of ourselves and we begin to worship and we get caught up in who Jesus is and His presence I have noticed that; and let me say it this way in Psalm 22:3 says that “The Lord inhabits the praises of His people.”  And one thing I have learned is this the Lord inhales our praise and exhales His presence; He inhales our worship and exhales His glory and when we worship we are taken into a realm maybe that we have never been in before and in that realm is miracles and when people worship then they look around and they discover I have lost weight.

Sid: Whoops, we’ve lost time be back tomorrow.

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