Sid:  We want everyone everywhere, I mean if not now when walking in the full kingdom authority of the supernatural of what God has entrusted to us and not just look at the superstars, but have the superstar inside of us so that we can finish the job.  There’s about ready to be one of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in history.  And that’s why I search and I have my staff search for supernatural tools to help you achieve your destiny.  And we found one now, it’s a brand new book, it’s called “Shift” by Ken and Jeanne Harrington.  I have them on the telephone from their home in Alberta Canada; and Ken and Jeanne you were telling me before we started the show how this book came into being.  And that always intrigues’ me; Ken tell me again how the whole book started. 

Ken:  Well, I’m an iron worker by trade and I was working in a camp in Northern Alberta at about 10:30 at night, God just started popping ideas in my mind and I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote as fast as I could for forty-five minutes trying to keep up with the flow that was coming out of the Spirit and all the chapters for the book and many, many themes and ideas were in that and really I just wrote it down and once I had it, then I just added scripture to it and that really was where it came from.  It was nothing out of study or anything; it actually came to me supernaturally I really feel that just as a down pouring out of the Spirit.

Sid:  And Jeanne, tell me the basic thrust of the book, what are you hoping to accomplish by people that read it?

Jeanne:  I feel that we’re living at too shallow level in our Christian faith and we need to rise up to the higher level; hard things are coming, light is going to get stronger and so is darkness.  We need to step into that supernatural level of believing God and trusting God like never before.  If we believe with what we see, we are going to sink; we are even going to have to walk on the water if it need be to survive in the days that are coming.  But we are going to be over comers; we are going to be able to do many things.  And it’s not going to be the superstars it is going to be ordinary people that are going to move in such faith and signs and wonders and healing.  And so my heart is that we know God as who He is and not in a superficial shallow way, but we begin to wade out into the deep things of God.

Sid:  Why is it, and I have to tell you, as I read the concepts in your book everything is 100% Biblical, it’s so natural, it makes so much sense, but I happen to know few Christians that are walking the way the Bible and the way you suggest they should walk and I’m of the opinion as you’re of the opinion, if we don’t walk in this level of servant hood we’re going to literally get in the way of fulfilling our destiny. 

Ken:  Yeah, I think it’s a matter of the mindsets that we’ve had.  If you look at Israel in Egypt, they had a mindset of a slave and they had to have a complete shift too actually to even be able to come out of Egypt.  Then in the wilderness they had to change a mindset again to be able to walk in the power and the provision that was there.  Had they been able to make the last mind shift they could have gone into the land that generation, but God actually had to wait for the next generation because the first generation stuck in their wilderness mentality and their slave mentality.  And so we as Christians have to be able to shift because it’s a fluid sort of thing; God’s like a river and it’s always changing and we have to always be willing to change with Him.

Sid:  Well, could you picture a congregation in which everyone understood the concepts in your new book, “Shift, Moving from the Natural to the Supernatural,” and did these concepts here would be so much love in that congregation; I believe nothing would stop the miraculous from erupting.

Jeanne:  Yes, I agree with you and we look forward to that day, we’ve seen measures of the love of God when we do spiritual prophetic evangelism.  The love of God is the anointing that hits us to reach those that don’t know the Lord; and that love just overwhelms you and feel His love for the people that are far from Him and in darkness; and instead of despising them you feel the tremendous love for the cocaine addict or the prostitute.  And we need a Body of Christ that will rise up a Body of the Lord that would come together in such love and such power that the world will be enticed to come and see what we have.

Sid:  Well, the truth of the matter is everyone wants to walk in that love that’s a believer; but few walk in the compassion of Jesus in the empathy of Jesus and Ken you actually had a big problem in this area; tell us what happened to you.

Ken:  I was having a lot of trouble even relating to Jeanne because I had structures and thought patterns that really locked me up into my own individualism.  And I remember there was a situation where she asked me to get some stuff down from a high shelf and I got up to do it, but I found inside myself, you know just grumbling and kind of leave me alone kind of thing you know.  And I thought whoa, where did that come from?  What is wrong with me that my wife’s only 5’2” when she asks for something that I didn’t even want to help her?  And so I asked God, to show me a picture and what we discovered is that, seeds that are sown often come to fruit in a person that’s similar, like the primary woman in my life would have been my mother.  Well the primary woman now would be my wife.  And so what I did was that I took my wife’s age and I went back and asked God, “Show me what happened when my mother was that particular age., which I believe was forty-eight and I got a picture of myself at seventeen with my Dad sitting on the couch and he was tired, he was a farmer and my Mom trying to connect with him, would say “Bob come and get this,” and he would kind of shuffle up and sit down and I found a judgment came up inside myself which said, “Leave him alone you’re going to kill him.”  And so I had this thought then that’s a seed, but it grows and so then, that growth comes up into the put where my wife gets that age and suddenly it comes to fruit and it’s “Leave me alone, you know you’re going to kill me,” you know I just need to look after myself and protect myself.  And once God showed me that, and then I could repent of that attitude within a couple of days, you know the love for my wife just continued to blossom and grow.  And I was so surprised that I could have such a change in my heart because I had a mental attitude that blocked it and I needed revelation from God to be able to free me from that.

Sid:  So when you see something and you’re acting different then what the word says, rather than ignore it you say, “Praise God, there is a root I can get rid of.”

Ken:  Yes, I really believe this is one of the church’s big problem, when somebody irritates us we’re mad at them, when actually what we should be saying is, “What in me causes that irritation?  If you got a wound or something and I get close and hug you, I might touch that wound and hurt you.  Now, your response might be to push me away, but what God is trying to show us is they touched a sore spot, “I can heal that, will you let me?”  And then we don’t get irritated with everybody else they’re actually the sandpaper that rubs off the rough spots on us and it get’s exciting then to work with people and not be mad at everybody that upsets you.

Sid:  But it seems to me that when you got rid of this root and actually you were conscious of it, it opened you up to be a more loving person and have more compassion in general.

Ken & Jeanne:  Well, if we’re not trying to protect ourselves and we’re not operating out of our own soul realm and our love, when we open ourselves up and get healed that allows the love of God to actually come into us and then we actually have a supernatural love and that’s what I’m striving for; not my love but Yeshua’s love in me that changes me.

Sid:  Tell me about those people that you lead to the Lord over a thousand through this prophetic evangelism that it seems to me that the catalyst isn’t even that the catalyst is walking in God’s love.

Jeanne:  The anointing is totally the love of the Lord and it is so awesome to be under that anointing because all your prejudice, all your fears, everything goes away because you feel in that instant how God feels for them.  What we do is go into a trade show maybe or an exposition and we set up booths under “Every Home for Jesus” and people come in and we have a banner that says “Free Spiritual Readings.”  And we tell them that “We are going to get a word from the God of the Bible and if they believe, that God still speaks today.”  And then we ask them if we have permission to pray in a Heavenly language with them and they will be atheists, they will be Muslims, they will be Jehovah Witnesses, they’ll be many different nations, many different religions, or no religion.  We’ll hold hands with them and the wonderful thing that begins to happen as we begin to pray out loud in a heavenly language for whatever reason they don’t understand they begin to weep.  And then God gives us a picture or a word and He begins to unfold for you maybe something about their life.  I remember once just…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what because we’re running out of time right now, we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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