Sid:  My guest Katie Souza is red hot for the Messiah.  You know Katie, I’m reminded the scripture to him that is forgiven much, they love much and I think that could go under your picture.  In addition to your story sounding almost like Bonnie and Clyde; you ended up in a Federal Prison for dealing drugs and for; and you were involved in gun shoot outs and high speed chases and you had your own drug labs and I mean you literally were a career criminal.  You probably should have spent the rest of your life in prison, but God shortened your sentence supernaturally told you when you would get out of prison.  Now when you got out, I don’t know the story about your husband; he had spent seventeen years in prison; how did you to get together?

Katie:  Well, he was suppose to be sent to a whole different state upon his release and it was all planned out for him and at the last minute the Federal Prison Board sent him to the same state I’m in.  And so by providence of God we met in a halfway house where we were together and the Lord just spoke to him and told him I was his wife.  And I was like, look I’m on a mission, I’m busy, I’m not getting married and he said, “Well, you watch the Lord is going to come and tell you that you are my wife.”  And I said, “Sure, right whatever you say, you know.”  And sure enough God did come with a visitation and a vision and showed me that this was my husband.  And so we were quickly married which was a miracle because, exfelons are not suppose to marry exfelons and we’ve been going for it ever since. 

Sid:  Now, one of the things that so intrigues me is I have heard people talking about ascending into Heaven and a Third Heaven encounters for years; but you have taken this one step further you’ve shown people how they can move the Third Heaven, how they can move into the Glory Realm and what to do in the Glory realm.  How did this come about?

Katie:  Well, you know I was at a conference and I had never heard of ascending before and I listened to the speaker talking about it and I thought there’s something really powerful here.  And I began to research it myself in the Word, because I’m one of those people where I enjoy the supernatural experiences, but I like it better when you have a supernatural tool that’s given to you that you can use to solve the multitude of problems that we have.  And so I began to see in scripture that you could use ascending to cause your dreams and visions to come to pass.  You could use ascending to go up and get changed in the presence of the Glory when you’re having that issue in your life where you just can’t obey God or you just can’t change on your own.  I started seeing that I could use ascending as a tool to fight the enemy on their ground in the second heaven’s or above them in the third Heavens and that I would have, the war would complete shift; that it would be quick a victory in a powerful victory when I learned how to use the tool of ascending to make war.

Sid:  Now for those that don’t understand, what exactly do you mean by ascending?

Katie:  Well, the scriptures say, when I ask God about ascending, He gave, I got quiet and he said to me in my mind, Ephesians 2:6 which says “We are seated together with Messiah Jesus in Heavenly realms.  Well, that scripture says that we are seated that’s past tense, not like we are going to be there when we die, that we’re seated there now, that our spirit man is able to be in Heaven, even our physical bodies because we already Christ has already won that position for us.  And when I began to see that I saw examples of angels ascending and descending, and I saw examples of men ascending and descending. 

Sid:  Give me one example from scripture?

Katie:  Okay, let me start with the angelic realm because they show us what we can do with ascending.  It says that, remember the open Heaven that Jacob experienced?

Sid:  The ladder?

Katie:  With the ladder, exactly.  It says that, “The Heaven’s opened and the ladder came down and there were angels ascending and descending on this ladder and God was at the top of the ladder and He was speaking these decrees over Jacob.  And the Lord spoke to me as I read that right then, you see the Lord will speak promises or decrees over us just like He did with Jacob.  And then what happens is this, in order to make those decrees or those promises come to past, we can use the tool of ascending to get the supernatural enablement’s needed to cause those promises to manifest.  So the angels would sit there and theirs God and He’s making decrees over Jacob and then they would go up, ascend up into Heaven, get the stuff needed to make that promise come to past, and then bring it back down here to earth.  That’s why that strange order, you would think they would be descending and then ascending; but no Hebrew’s 1:14 says that angels are already down here on earth ministering to us.  So those angels that were ministering to Jacob when they heard God speaking those promises, they ascended up in Heaven to get the stuff needed to make that promise happen and then they brought it, they ascended back down to release it here on earth.

Sid:  Now, that’s an example of angels ascending and descending, give me an example of people ascending and descending.

Katie:  Okay, so you see the story of John the revelator, right?  When John the revelator went up in revelations it said that there was a door open to Heaven and he actually ascended up into Heaven.  What did he get while he was there?  The whole book of revelations came to him in his ascending, then when he descended back down to earth, he was able to write that book and think of the generations and the millions of people that have been blessed by the revelations he received by ascending up into Heaven.

Sid:  But isn’t that just special people for special things or is this something that we can, as you call it a tool we can tap into all the time?

Katie:  I think it’s for everyone because the scriptures clear that if you’re born again in Messiah Jesus than you’re seated in Heavenly realms with Christ.  I mean, you see other examples of many people going up into the Heavenly realms in the Bible, Moses, Aaron and the seventy elders, they went up and they ate and they drank; which tells me they went up in more than their spirit, they went up in their body.  You see the example of Enoch, it’s says that by faith that God was so pleased with his faith, that he was transferred up to Heaven without experiencing death at all.  There are men throughout the Bible that went up into Heaven and because Jesus has won the right for us now, we can all do that and all use ascending as a tool to go up to Heaven and get whatever we need to bring of God’s promises to pass.

Sid:  And now you have a phrase in your teaching that you talk about that’s really catching my eyes now as I’m speaking to you and that is when you ascend you ascend above the demonic chatter, what do you mean by that?

Katie:  Well, you know in James 3, it talks about wisdom from below is unearthly, fleshy, even demonical and devilish; but the wisdom from above is pure and undefiled.  When were down here and we have an issue a problem that we’re trying to solve, gee it’s like what do I do about this situation?  We can’t afford to stay down here and listen to; Number 1: Our own reasoning because our own reasoning is just going to get us in trouble okay. Number 2: The other things that we listen to is demonic chatter.  There are demons that are assigned to us that try to put thoughts in our minds for us to do certain things or take certain actions; and if we don’t get above our own reasoning and above that demonic chatter we might start to make very important decisions based on what the demonic realm or our own reasoning is telling us to do; and if we do that we are going to fail.

Sid:  Katie, if you could give me an example of getting above this demonic chatter to really see what was going on.

Katie:  Right, okay well I had a mentor that came and advised me to wait on a revelation that I was carrying and to let it be seasoned before I release it and I was in my flesh wanting to chomp the bit and do it now and why do we have to wait and all of this other stuff and this person advised me to wait.  And so when I hung up the phone, I said, “You know what Lord, I need to know if you know, if that’s your will, I mean I want to be sure that I’m in your perfect timing, so I’m going to ascend up into Heaven to see if that advice that I’ve just been given is correct.”  And my mentor basically said, “If you release it now it might get contaminated, people won’t understand it.”  So I went up into Heaven and sure enough God showed me a vision, I had this big plate of food in front of me that I was serving to people and everyone was enjoying the meal that I was serving, and I knew that that represented my teaching, but then this man came and he reached over with a fork and he helped himself to my plate; but as he brought it to his mouth the peace of food fell off on to the table and then other people started touching it and bringing it up their mouth with their fingers.  And right there the Lord said, Yes, this teaching is so powerful and people will get so excited about it they’ll start passing it around; but they’re not ready for it yet, it will get contaminated.”  And so right then I had that release in my spirit to know that that advice was right because I had gone into Heaven and I wasn’t listening to my own flesh or my own desire to do it right away anymore; or the demonic chatter that was trying to say do it; just do.  I was listening to Heaven’s timing and Heaven’s wisdom.

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