Sid:  I am so fascinated by the revelation that God has given Katie Souza on the subject of remember Jacob when the ladder came to him and angels were ascending and descending?  She has revelation on not just that, but many places in scripture how we can, as she puts it get above the demonic chatter; go into the glory realm; find out what God wants us to do in this situation; come down and then do it.  Katie, I have to believe that’s the way Jesus was, He said, I only do what I see My Heavenly Father doing.  He must have gone into that Glory Realm. 

Katie:  And I believe we should definitely do the same; Jesus was constantly assessing the things of Heaven to get whatever situation He needed to get done, done.

Sid:  You told me about a situation with some farmers that wanted a harvest and how you ascended and what occurred; tell me about that.

Katie:  Well, we were on tour and we were in Oklahoma and we were staying at some wheat farmers in Ponca City; and while we were there we told of the situation that had been happening to these wheat farmers.  For the previous five years they had lost their harvest every year and it was horrible Sid, because they hadn’t lost their harvest like in the beginning of the season; they had gone through the whole season putting in their time; their energy, their money; their fertilizer, their water, pesticides everything and right at the last minute they would lose the harvest over and over.  The Lord began to minister to me He said, “That this year was going to be their six year and they were going to receive the blessings that it talks about in Leviticus 25.”  And then I remember that one of the farmers said, “Well, we are believing for that because this year there’s extra gain in the mash.”  Which means that there’s extra wheat grains so much so that it would multiply the harvest you know expediently; so they were excited and we were praying against any complications or any loss of the harvest.  And we happened to be there right at harvest time.  And one night a huge storm came whipping in; sixty mile and hour winds; down pour of rain and then we heard a report on the radio that there was hail, sixteen miles away and that it was coming in that direction.  Now, farmers hate rain and they hate hail, because if there’s too much rain it can wet the wheat so bad that it will bow down and it won’t stand up so they can harvest it.  And they hate hail because if will rip the seed or the grain off the stock and then they can’t harvest the grain either.  So here comes all this weather and myself and one of my team members and the woman that was hosting us are out in the back on the farm rebuking the storm, commanding it to be still, commanding it to stop and be quiet and nothing’s happening.  And basically at that point the Lord reminded me, he said, “Look you have the legal right, you’re seated in Heavenly Realms with Christ, you have the legal right to go up there and find out what’s going on, so that you won’t be blindly battling this war.”  So I excused myself and I went in the bedroom and laid down and began to prep myself to ascend and what I mean by that the first command is that I was myself in the blood of Messiah Jesus, because the scripture is clear it says that when we receive His blood that we’re washed of all of our sins and trespasses and then in Ephesians 1, it says “And God will be able to shows us the Mystery of His plan which is Jesus is to unite Heaven and Earth.”  So Heaven and Earth come together at the cross, we were washed in the blood, so I need to get to Heaven from earth, so I washed in the blood to remove anything that might we blocking me.  And then I laid down and I used my faith, because in Hebrew’s it says that Enoch by faith, was transferred or transported into Heaven, so I used my faith to believe that I had the legal right because I was seated in Heavenly realms to ascend up and to see what was going on and I just activated those things, believe that I had the legal right and up I went.

Sid:  Now, just out of curiosity because you’ve been doing this for a long time, is it easier for you now then when you first started?

Katie:  You know what?  When you first start, you’re kind of like fumbling around, you’re not sure exactly how it works, but if you just mediate on what the scriptures say and we teach that in the teaching, that your offering, if you just mediate on the truth of the word and you just keep on doing that, you’ll find that you’ll start to move into it easier and easier every single time you position yourself.  God will honor your faith.

Sid:  Now is it, this has not happened to me and so I’m just asking, is it something that you know that your there when you ascend or it’s it so by faith that it’s a total faith thing and you could talk yourself out of it if you didn’t stay in faith?

Katie:  I definitely believe that faith is a huge part of it but I also believe that as you move into it that you’re going to get some kind of indications that you’re actually there.  I mean for me I see what’s going on; I’m able to see it.  And you know what, I’m not the perfect seer person people might think, I’m a person that hears a lot from God.  So you can be ascending and you could ask God to give you confirmation through a scripture in my mind Lord to just prove to me that I’m actually there.  And you’ll hear a verse in your mind, and when you got to it you’ll see wow it’s all about ascending into Heaven.  You can use you’re hearing from God skills; you can use your sight; you can have hit on your body, sometimes I’ll just feel like an explosion of heat surrounding my whole body and I’ll know that means I am literally by my faith, I believe I am literally in the Heavenly realms.  So there are all kinds of different indications that you can use to prove to you, wow this is really happening and I’m really doing this.

Sid:  Okay, so you find yourself in this Heavenly realm in this glory realm, you’ve got this problem, do you ask about the problem there or what happened next?

Katie:  Well, what I did is I laid down and announced my legal right because I’m seated in Heavenly realms and I used my faith, I said God, “I need to know what’s going on in the second heavens above us so take me there,” and I went; I went very quickly and I was in the storm up in the atmosphere up the second heavens.  Well the second Heavens is also the base camp for the enemy, because satan is called the prince of the power of the air; so he had an assignment up in the second heaven that had been active all those years against that region and those farmers.  And when I went up I was able to see that assignment.

Sid:  Well, what could you see?

Katie:  I saw the storm and I saw two dragons, I saw a red dragon, I saw a red dragon and I saw a black dragon.  Later on I did some research, see that’s another thing when you do research it will prove to you even more that what you experienced was not your imagination, but it actually happened.  I looked up the word red, and black; the word red means to be indebted, to be owing money, and that’s what had happened to those farmers.  That red dragon’s assignment was to cause those farmers to go all through the whole year, spending their money, buying their equipment, getting their pesticides, getting everything else so that they would deep in debt and then not be able to get their harvest right at the last minute so that they would be in the red indebted.  And then that black dragon, I looked up the word black and one of the meanings was to be an area, blackened with draught and that’s what happened after all those years of the disappointment of the lost of the harvest that area had been blackened with draught.  The farmer’s were owing money; they had hocked all their mortgages and they were deep in debt and that area had been blackened with a draught.  They were becoming poorer and poorer as the years went by and so those were the assignment of the enemy in the second heaven’s and God let me see that through the tool of ascending.  And do you know what?  One thing about ascending up into the heaven Sid is that things are so easy, it was like we couldn’t stop that storm when we down on the ground looking up.  But once I was in Heaven and in the second heavens it was easy; I had a sword with me, I took it out, I took three, four swipes tops at that red dragon and he came tumbling down to the ground.  He hit the ground and it was like flapping his wings going, “ahhh” and then I turned around and one swipe took out that black dragon and he fell down on the ground and the same thing. 

Sid:  Now, when you say one swipe what do you mean?

Katie:  I took my sword and with one cut I was able to kill that dragon, now think how easy that is.  I mean if we were to have kept praying on the ground…

Sid:  You’re almost like praying in the blind when you’re doing it on the ground.

Katie:  Exactly, it’s like praying in the blind, but when you go and I couldn’t see it when I was down there, but when I went up I could see it and it was easy, it was over quickly.  I mean I notice that every time I do war, I’ve done war with witches and other demonic powers and every time I do war and I go up, it’s fast and it’s easy.

Sid:  Okay, you take the sword where did you get the sword that you cut off the dragon’s head with?

Katie:  Well, you know what?  It’s almost like when you ascend; remember what’s in the Heavenly realms?  Everything you need for anything, right, every tool, every provision, every cure for every disease, everything.  It’s like as soon as you put your faith on the fact that you can ascend, it’s like every tool is like automatically there.  It’s like I look down and wow I just had a sword, God knew I needed it and He provided me with it without me having to ask.

Sid:  So, tell me what these farmers had to say after they had their harvest.

Katie:  It was awesome; when I came back down I saw a perfectly golden dry wheat field ready to harvest with a big huge liberty bell in the middle of it.  And about three days later the farmers went out they harvested and the woman that was there hosting us did a little research on the liberty bell.  She called me up and she said, “Did you know that there’s a scripture on the liberty bell?”  I said, “I didn’t know that, what is it?”  She goes, “It’s from the same chapter as what you told us about the six year special blessings coming to us from Leviticus 25.”

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