Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Lydia Stanley. And there was such a move of God’s spirit. It’s still going on today at the Bay of the Holy Spirit in Mobile, Alabama. And one of the major keys to all the miraculous is the worship leader. And I have Lydia Stanley here. Tell me what happened on July 23rd, 2010.

Lydia: Absolutely. Well it was a Friday night. It was the end of our Open the Heavens conference, and it was probably my ninth consecutive service. So I sounded really hoarse and I was really tired, and all I knew was the British evangelist was up saying he wanted to pray for everybody. And I thought, Jesus, have mercy on us. And so I looked at my usher that was standing close by and I said, “Look, tell the guys at the sound board I’m going to probably sing two songs and then roll a CD because I’ve got nothing vocally left.” And so I went from feeling that tired and cold, you know, and just ready to go home to suddenly from the left side of the platform like a hot wind blew across and I felt it hit me right in my abdomen, and I thought, what is this? And it doubled me over, and I thought, oh no, I thought, I got to get it together here because they’re expecting me to play. So I tried to sit up and I couldn’t. So the same usher comes over to me and he says, “I’ve got you a chair.” And my famous last words as the revival broke out were, I looked at him and I said, “I’ll never make it that far.” And Sid, the power of God picked me up off the floor and it was as though I had been body slammed. And I went from, it was cold in that room. It was probably 65 degrees to I felt like I was burning with the fire of God. I’ve heard about the fire of God all my life, but I’ve never felt it like that. And it was just like I was radiating with heat and I said, “Jesus, what are you doing?”

Sid: Now wait a second. When you say “radiating with heat”, I felt heat, but not, I don’t believe what you’re describing.

Lydia: It was as though I were 900 degrees. I mean, flaming hot.

Sid: Okay. And you know what has happened to Lydia? She literally hears music from Heaven. She literally knows what to play, when to play it. And I can’t think of anything more important than to take you into a live worship service. I want you to experience this presence. It is so wonderful. It’s your moment now. Let’s go.

Lydia: Angels gather around your thoughts and around your thoughts they bring. You are holy. You are holy. You are holy is our King. Looking for you, for your return we don’t belong here and it’s our desire as nations, King of the Ages, even so God. Our God is greater, God is stronger, God is higher than ever. Our God is awesome power, our God, our God… That could ever stop. And if our God is with us then we can stand together. We can stand together…

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