Sid: My guest Michael Kaylor went to Brazil in 2004 and an Evangelist by the Name of Randy Clark started praying for him and take it from there Michael, what happened?

Michael: Well, as he continued to pray for me I was receiving like relation like in you know how we have natural and spiritual eyes and natural eyes were becoming one and opening.  And as he was praying for me I was having this huge fire encounter.

Sid: Now, when you say fire, I have felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit, I’ve never really felt what is described as a fire.  Is that what you really mean, it’s that hot?

Michael: Oh, it’s that hot, in fact someone was taking pictures of it, and I thought you hold on to those pictures, don’t’ give to anybody because it looked like someone had just poured water all over me because I was perspiring so much because I was so hot. I mean it was the fire!

Sid: Do you have those pictures?  I would like to look at them?

Michael: Actually I think we do.

Sid: Okay, well I’ll see you in a few weeks; I want you to bring them.  Okay, but then you saw your angel for the first time.

Michael: Right.

Sid: And you saw another angel and then what happened?

Michael: Well, this went on probably a half an hour I’m down receiving this from the Lord.  I’d heard this voice and it said, “You wanted it and you’ve got it,” and it was a voice of angel just confirming that my hunger was going to be filled.  And I sort of come to and realized you know, something’s going on here in a wonderful way because I was so desperate, I was hungry for more of God, so hungry for Him.  So tired of the disciplines I needed some passion and so I was with Randy there and from there we go to another meeting and this manifestation; this impartation was not like a onetime event.  When we’re at this meeting I’m sitting on the stage with Randy and he’s ministering to like, you know probably about 2500 fore score pastors and he makes a mention about what had just happened to me.  And he says you know, “He had just talked about where he had prayed for Heidi Baker and the fire had come on her and there’s a Pastor with me on this team and the same thing happened.  And when he did he waved his hand towards me and I’m telling you Sid, it was like mist water mist on me.  I mean I tangibly, again I tangibly felt something come over me, it was the strangest thing.  And as it did I start once again, I start shaking in my chair and I’m thinking, “What is going on here?”  And as I begin to shake I’m literally bent over in my chair sitting there and I can’t get up, and I’m sort of again embarrassed, you know I’m sitting up there in front of everybody.  And you know, I’m sort of a reserved kind of guy and so I’m thinking okay, I’ll just sit here, I’ll stay bent over I’m shaking a little bit and you know because I didn’t want to distract what Randy was doing.  But the problem then is my feet started running in place, I mean I’m sitting in a chair, I’m bent over; I can’t get up I’m shaking and my feet start running and I’m thinking, “Oh, my goodness, what is going on here?”  And again, part of me wants to say, “Stop it, stop it, but the hunger inside of me just says no! Just let it happen, let God do what He wants to do, I mean He did some strange things in the Old Covenant, so I thought okay, “Just go with this.”  Well, this began to happen and the next thing again, I know that I fall out; I’m lying on the floor behind Randy while he’s teaching and I start laughing again.  It’s similar to what happened when I was younger when I was eighteen and I had an encounter like that; and I began to laugh so hard that I can’t stand up and as soon as I try to stand up it’s like someone takes the floor and tilts it and I fall flat just laughing and laughing and this goes on and on.  And someone from the audience by the name this time Randy had called, “If you want prayer come forward,”  Well, someone jumped up on stage and jumped on my back and held me around my neck and I’m going, “What’s going on?”

Sid:  “Why’s he doing that?”

Michael: Well, I asked my translator, “What’s he doing?”  He said, “Oh, he wants what you got!”

Sid: ‘Oh, I’ve got it!”  Ha-ha-ha.

Michael: But I could only hold him for a little bit, I finally just sort of flung him over and said, “I’m sorry you’re going to half to go get yourself, I don’t know what to do.”  And so this impartation just kept going, I couldn’t quit laughing, it was a very similar kind of thing and this is ridiculous, but they carried me out.  And put me on the bus and the next thing I know we stopped to get some snack and I’m in the restaurant they helped me get in the restaurant. I’m standing in the restaurant and I see awe there’s some chocolate milk over here and so I want to get up and get some, but as soon as I stand up the restaurant floor flips and I’m laying in the middle of a restaurant floor in Brazil laughing again, and I couldn’t stop it.  And you know I know, I didn’t care at that point I really didn’t care because what was going on was amazing.  While I was laying on the stage I didn’t tell you this part, but I was like whisked away into an angelic realm, I saw this darkness, I saw these angels, I saw this stuff I had never seen before.  And as I kept watching it likes someone took me and brought me to the front of this room and as I’m standing in the door space of this room; there’s angels in there and their moving around and suddenly like they all like line up and I hear this voice say, “They are here for you.”  And thought of, you know, “Ministering spirits sent to minister to the elect,” sort of came into mind; and about the time they started carrying me in out of the building; that was huge, that impact.  I realized, you know what?  God never called us to minister under our own power, if He calls us to do something He calls us to do something with Him in mind and with His abilities;  so even though it was I can’t maybe explain everything why it happened the way it did in this particular second story.  I have to tell folks, all I can say is that “You got to look at the fruit,” you know. “I can’t explain all this,” but I can say, “Look at the fruit of what’s happened.”

Sid: Now, just out of curiosity, “Did the angels or did the Lord speak to you during these various encounters?”

Michael: Well, it was during this second one, yeah I think it was honest; I think it was an angel said you know, “Showed me these angels were like assigned to me, assigned,”  I heard, “These are here for you,” and I think it had a lot to do with just living life in ministry understanding that I’m not alone, you know that someone is going with me.  That where I go the fire follows, but it’s not my fire, it’s the fire of the Holy Spirit kind of thing; and I’ll be honest with you Sid, before I went down there I was just like ready to quit and after that event, after those encounters my life and my family’s life turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  And I have seen, we have seen more miraculous events and supernatural activity in these past several years than I have seen in my entire ministry put together.

Sid: Wait a second Michael, the anointing is coming again, really strong, you know there is something, there is what’s called the power of the testimony.  As you are reliving this by sharing it, the anointing is getting so strong that I believe that you could for an impartation right now over the air.

Michael: Oh, that sounds great! Yes, let me do that, “Holy Spirit, I just want to thank You that You are faithful and your ear is always tuned to the cry of the hunger on the hungry heart Lord.  And Holy Spirit as if I was right there I lay my hands upon those listening and I just release Your impartation I release a transference of fire, release a transference of manifestation of the power of Your Kingdom into those that are listening right now.  Holy Spirit, I ask that You would come in great power, I ask that You would release healing fire, come now, that there would even be those that would begin to feel in their hands, they’ll begin to get fire in their hands and there’s just a sign of that wonderful healing gift.  And Holy Spirit I thank you that some are even beginning to feel a warmth sensation start on their head almost like honey that will just trickle down.  Lord I want to thank You for that and Lord, even some are begin to shake and cry because of Your presence Lord and so Lord I’m asking that you increase that, that You’d give them more than what their asking for.  Lord give them more than what they think they deserve, Lord give them more fulfill their hunger in such an amazing way that they’ll just fall passionately so much in love with you that they won’t be able to stop talking about you Lord.  So Lord I’m asking for that kind of supernatural encounter to come; come now in Jesus Name, thank You Lord, thank You for that Lord.

Sid: Oi, I don’t really want to talk, it is such a wonderful presence of God in this studio right now.  But after that event, everything started happening with you and your family.  Tell me about the angels that show up with body parts.”

Michael: Yeah, that was different, I’ll be honest with you, “I’m in ministering and my daughter’s with me, Tiffany” and we’re in a church and I’m ministering and as I look up I see literally I see an angel come in the back door and there is, he’s carrying a platter like a silver tray, kind of platter and the closer it get’s I’m looking down and as these particular organ’s actually one of them was a uterus and one of them was a bladder.  And I thought, “What is this, and of course I thought suddenly realized, okay there’s healing here, the presence of God for healing is now.  And so I just stopped, you know because I’m not really a lot into formality so I just stop and say okay, “I think healing is happening right now, if you are in this room and you are having an issue with your bladder or your uterus and possibly you are wanting to have kids, I want you to stand up”.  And when I did we had people all over the room stand up, just for those two issues, just for those body parts and so we released the ministry team and I and we began to pray for them.  And I’m going to tell you, “When you begin to pray for people in that culture.

Sid: Real quick, there are people that want to stand up that have those two conditions.  Pray for them quickly right now.

Michael: That’s right and so “Holy Spirit I just ask that Your power be released in Jesus Name! I just release healing into the bladder area, into the urinary track and I release healing fire to come to the uterus, in Jesus name.  And I command pregnancy to come in Jesus Name into these women that have been longing to have children.  So Holy Spirit let fire come, healing fire now into the body, into the urinary track we release healing and Lord I want to thank you for that Lord.

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