Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Gary Keesee, says it’s time to just stop surviving. It’s time for you to be thriving. And Gary, I happen to believe that God Himself raised you up not to teach formulas, not to teach budgets, not to help people get out of debt in the natural realm, but in the supernatural realm. And tell me a bit about how we can expect this to happen in a time, in my lifetime, this is the worst time financially. Tell me some of the statistics that are going on in the United States.

Gary: Oh my. Well that would be a sad story and is a sad story. Right now, the United States is like any other family that you and I know that is seriously in debt, out of money and is living on credit cards. The United States is borrowing the debt that sits, you know, trillions of dollars of year, which is real debt that has real interest that we have to pay for, and so it’s not a good picture. And these deficits are ongoing for years and years, and years.

Sid: Now when I say Gary was hand picked, it’s because if he can do it through transferring kingdoms, you can do it through transferring kingdoms. You didn’t do too well in high school. How badly did you do?

Gary: There was only one guy lower than me in my class.

Sid: And what did they say to you when you started college?

Gary: They wouldn’t let me in, first off. And then I wanted to go to Bible school after I was born again and came to know the Lord. I got straight A’s there. Of course, I didn’t too well in high school. They said, “We see a change here and tell us about it.” So they let me come to college. Did my first class of English and I did my first paper. The paper came back with red ink. It said “F” on it and it said, “Is it even possible that you went to high school?”

Sid: Okay. Then you did the all-American dream. He gets married to the love of his life, but he’s in debt as he gets married, and the debt did nothing but increase. What was the worst debt you were in? What was going on with your credit cards

Gary: Which one? Which debt do you want to talk about?

Sid: The highest amount.

Gary: Well, I mean, it was hundreds of thousands of consumer debt, not mortgages. We lived on credit cards. We were in sales and we always had this mentality that tomorrow is going to be better than today in sales, you know, so we’ll pay it back then, and it never happened. Kept digging in and digging in. We had maxed out credit cards. We had judgments and liens. I mean, phone calls coming in everyday. We had been on the street and looking in trash cans for something we could use: furniture, carpeting.

Sid: Looking at you today, it’s hard to believe. But tell me how bad it was that day you had, it sounds to me like you almost threw in the towel. How bad was it when you did that?

Gary: Well Sid, I think that, we were already believers. We already loved God and going to church, actually leading worship in our church, helping in the church. And things kept becoming worse and worse. And we had used up every credit option, but we had run out of credit cards. And this one particular day, an attorney called and said, “We have a lawsuit against you.” And I’m thinking, okay, get in line. But this day, something happened inside of me. I realized that I had reached the end. There were no credit options left. I had already borrowed thousands of dollars from family members. There was no one I could go to. And at that moment, I realized, you know, I’m doing something wrong and there’s got to be, because the Bible talks about that God meets all of our needs.

Sid: Now there are people, you can relate to what Gary is saying. He’s been confessing God’s Word. He knows God’s Word. He is a believer. He loves God, but he’s gone from bad to worse. You were taking anti-depressants.

Gary: I was. I was having panic attacks. They couldn’t find out what’s wrong with. I didn’t know if I’d live or die. I had paralysis, heart palpitations. I was living in fear. And I had no money. Our refrigerator was empty. I mean, we would celebrate if we could even put half a tank in the car.

Sid: So he gets this call from the attorney. He’s being sued. How can he be sued? He didn’t have any money. He’s at the end of himself. He flops totally depressed in debt. And what did you say and what happened?

Gary: Well I just had to cry out to God because I didn’t know what to do. And He spoke to me, and he gave me Philippians 4:19, and it says, “And my God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches.” And that caught my attention because I knew my riches couldn’t do it. But how do I access His riches? And He went on and told me then that I had depended on debt, that I had never taken the time to learn His system, His Kingdom, how to operate it. I had to repent right then. I wanted to grab my wife’s hand and said, “Honey, the Lord just spoke to me and He said that we needed to repent and learn how His Kingdom operates, and that He would show me how to walk this out.”

Sid: Okay. He’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. It’s nice that he has this revelation right now. But where the rubber meets the road, how long did it take you to get out of debt and start accumulating money, just out of curiosity?

Gary: My life changed fast. It was like a light switch came on. God began to first teach me the principles of His Kingdom. Like a light came on, I began to see these revelations and how things operate, and that we had been set free from the curse, and how we can access these things. But in two and a half years, I paid everything off.

Sid: Two and half years? Hundreds and thousands, not counting your mortgage, not counting the car?

Gary: I paid everything off. I began to pay cash for my car, for land, houses.

Sid: What happened? Did you go to the mailbox and was there a check, you had just won the lottery? What happened?

Gary: No. God began to give me ideas for business, and we began to start businesses. In fact, we started three businesses that we still have.

Sid: So it took you to get out of debt, how long?

Gary: Two and a half years to pay everything off.

Sid: Okay. How long did it take you to accumulate some money?

Gary: Well a few years after that. We began to pay cash for cars and things immediately.

Sid: What about a house?

Gary: A few more years. We had a couple more years.

Sid: Did you pay cash for it?

Gary: We paid cash for the land, half the cash for the house and then we built the house.

Sid: How did you do it? Did you have money in the bank?

Gary: Yes. We began to save money.

Sid: These principles work.

Gary: Oh absolutely. The Kingdom is real and the principles of the Kingdom operate every time because it’s a law, Sid. It’s a law.

Sid: I’ll tell you, hold that thought. The principles, in fact, Gary calls himself a spiritual scientist. I want to find out why. Don’t go away we’ll be right back.

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