Sid: You know what I just told Patricia King to move in Words of Knowledge and just as I was giving the introduction for Patricia I heard the Holy Spirit say that there are people that are being healed right at this moment that has back problems.  And it’s so important that if you have a back problem that you would bend over right now and walk right into your healing because it’s a gift from God right now.  And necks are being healed right now and ears are being opened.   Patricia there has been such a Presence of God’s Glory on all the days in which I interviewed you, but is God showing you something right now?

Patricia: Yeah, absolutely you know Sid, in the Glory, in the Glory there is not only healing, but there is health and strength and I’m sensing that someone that is listening to this program has been suffering from a depletion of strength.  I think it has something to do with some stress that they’ve been through recently, but also an assault on their immune system so they felt weakened and it’s like depression on them as well.  But right now the power of God is going into their body and energizing them, the power of the Glory manifested and healing and strength and vitality is entering them right now, so in the Name of Jesus Christ we loose that healing, we loose that health and strength to you.  You who have been weakened are now strong, “Let the weak say, I am strong,” and actually “as you’re hearing this Word, just say that, “I am strong in the strength of the Lord.”  Rise up and start walking around and the manifestation of that strength and vitality is going to come supernaturally to you.

Sid: Now, that’s not just for someone else, that’s for you, so you do that right now.  Maybe you’re use to being entertained, but it’s time that you become, you go on to front and center stage.  I mean stop being in the audience it’s time for you to on the stage and say “That’s me, I receive that supernatural strength, I receive that supernatural peace, that’s for me” because as Patricia King said “In the Bible gifts are for all people, the promises are for all people.”

Patricia: You know Sid I would really like to pray for any of the listeners today who are struggling with mental or emotional disorders.

Sid: But before you pray, tell me about one schizophrenic that was healed that you prayed for.

Patricia: Well, we had a gal come into our Restoration House which is a home where we have where we bring people out of the drug scene or prison or whatever and we love them to life and then give them a fresh chance; and our very first girl into this home had schizophrenia.  She was on physiatric drugs and everything and just by loving her to life and living a realm of the Glory, living in an environment of the Glory she was delivered from the schizophrenia and she’s now completely off all of her drugs.  We also saw two years ago a healing of a gal who was severely schizophrenic for ten years.  She couldn’t function without drugs, she never left her house hardly and now she is totally free, she came to a healing conference with Randy Clark and our team was there and was completely set free.  There is nothing too difficult for the Lord; we’ve seen people with manic depression also set free.  People with chaotic fears and reactions completely set free and God can do it to the listeners today because His Glory is available to heal.  And Father, In the Name of Jesus Christ I just release Your healing Glory right now to minds and emotions and body chemistries that need alignment.   I release Your Glory into areas where there’s been shame and I lift off that shame and lift off the guilt in the Name of Jesus and introduce Your alignment and Your strength and Your emotions into these ones that have been suffering in the Name of Jesus we break the emotional disorders and release the healing Glory and the wholeness Glory of Your presence in Jesus Name.

Sid: Now I understand that you have extraordinary faith for certain conditions such as allergies, now there are a lot of people listening that suffer from allergies; would you pray for them?

Patricia: Yes, and Sid I’m in particular getting issues of asthma and breathing disorders because of allergies.  So if that’s you and you’re listening to this program just bring you respiratory system before the Lord right now and I’m going to pray right into for the glory to come and fill you.  So Father in the Name of Jesus Christ I ask for Your glory of healing to come into those that are suffering with allergies that have effect the respiration system.  Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ, I call forth your power into the respiratory system in Jesus Name I command healing, I rebuke the allergies and the effect of those allergies in Jesus Name.  I also see someone with a rash on the skin, it’s an allergic reaction I call forth your healing glory into that allergy right now and the reaction upon the skin and I command it stop from this time moment on and skin receiving your healing, receive the Glory of God right now.  There’s someone else with an itchy throat.  There’s an allergy that causes an itchy throat and sometimes a swelling that makes it even hard to breathe and in the Name of Jesus I command healing and I command that allergy to stop from this time forth and forever in Jesus Name.

Sid: You know Patricia one of the things that I find fascinating as I’m looking over my notes ….not just be a spectator come into the main arena of the play, this is your moment.  God’s called you to fulfill your destiny and move in all of the gifts that God has for you; all the promises that God has for you, more in prophecy, in healing and being translated.  Speaking of being translated tell about the time that you prayed for someone 1500 miles away in a hospital bed that was really sick.

Patricia: Yeah, this is a great way to minister healing, but I was translated to a hospital in Vancouver while I was in Phoenix, Arizona and my friend was sick. She had been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and as I was praying for her I went into like a transvision encounter where I was suddenly over her in the hospital.  I saw her as real as I would see a person in a room.  She did not see me; she was not aware of my presence or anything but I saw her and by faith I released healing.  I don’t remember saying anything I just remember releasing the healing that Holy Spirit told me to release through faith.  And then instantaneously I was back out of that room in the place where I was in Phoenix and within hours of that encounter I received a call from her daughter that said “The symptoms had lifted and that they were going to retest her in the morning and if she was okay she would be sent home.”  They retested her, they said, “There’s nothing wrong, all the symptoms had gone, all the reports are cleared and they sent her home.”

Sid: Going back to your school of Glory, The Glory school, you have such important subjects, you teach on how to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit, could you give us a few tips.

Patricia: The Holy Spirit has been you know, so given to us as our mentor, our guide, the one who instructs us in walking in Divine Glory in Heavenly Glory; and so as we come to know the person of the Holy Spirit, how to hear His voice, how to minister where he shows us to minister and how He shows us to minister that is where we have fruit.  So it’s learning how to posture ourself before Him, learning through the scriptures who He is and what He does, what His functions are and then by faith walking with Him into encounter.

Sid: Patricia, just in the last minute, tell us what is about ready to happen with God’s Glory on planet earth.

Patricia: Yes, we are going to see an acceleration of the manifests Glory of God, as darkness continues to grow deeper and deeper the Glory will intensify.  That is why we have to align with God, align with His ways and purposes, align with His Word and walk in that Glory dimension from day to day because it’s going to accelerate not only around us in these coming days, but it’s going to invade the nations as well.

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