Sid: God wants everyone to be red hot for the Messiah and all this week I’ve been interviewing John Paul Jackson on what he calls “The Coming Perfect Storm.”  It involves five areas of society, it involves geophysical, war, politics, religion, economics and we’re in the midst of it right now.  And he has seen out ten years as to what’s going to happen, but I’ve been saying all this week, it’s going to be the worst time for planet earth, but it’s going to be the best time for believers.  Now, one of the things that you see that will be growing rapidly John Paul is house churches; tell me what you see.

John Paul: Well, I see people because of economic issues, because of fuel issues, travel issues ect, house churches are going to be growing and you are going to see incredible things happening because of the unity of the believers and in the group of the house churches combined with “The Perfect Storm” of religion, politics, economics, war and geophysical events that are going to be transpiring, you are going to see people drawing closer to God and closer to each other, closer to the family and closer to God.

Sid: Now you also see a lot of churches going under for economic reasons.

John Paul: There’s going to be some major churches that will end up closing the doors because of financial issues, they won’t be able to make their payments.  There are churches that have 100,000 a month payments right now on their facilities and they aren’t going to be able to make those payments.  So major churches are going to go under and that will also cause house churches to flourish.  In this issue of the House Churches you are going to see with that intimacy with each other and the growing intimacy with God you are going to begin to see God pouring out His Spirit into those people and you are going to start seeing people rising up with the greater amount of signs and wonders that the consistency of signs and wonders that we haven’t been seeing in a while, a long time actually.

Sid: Can you be a little more specific?

John Paul: Well, you are going to see people praying and having food placed on the tables.  You are going to seeing people praying and seeing gasoline put in their cars.  You are going to see groups of people gathered together and the power of agreement is what I heard in the vision, the power of agreement watch the power of agreement.  And it’s not just one person, it is the effectual and the fervent and James said it.  The fervent and the effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much, when you put righteous people together you get that fervency of prayer that unity of belief and you’re going to see some explosive miraculous things begin to happen for people that have that level of faith.  We are going to be drawn to the Lord who is the creator of Heaven and Earth and in whom all things exist and in him is the fullness of life.  There is that reality, we think that our bank account is a form of fullness of life, that our retirement account is a form of fullness of life.  Our stock portfolio is a form of fullness of life and the reality is nothing of man brings the fullness of life.  It’s Him, were going to be drawn back to that and home churches, house churches are going to have a great deal to do with that.

Sid: Now what is going to happen to true Christians like for instance you talk a little bit about living in the glory and hearing His voice, tell me a bit about that.

John Paul: Well, part of that had to do with what the scripture would call and in the vision I saw and I heard called the Jacob generation.  And it was, I looked it up obviously when I heard it and then I found that it obviously was Psalms 24.  And this generation of those that seek the face of the Lord will have incredible things happen.  They are going to be able to call on the name of the Lord and have Him act on their behalf in ways that have not been seen in a long long time.  The ability for to, let me back up just a second, the thick presence of the Lord.  This, what I saw was this honey like thickness that came into homes and came into churches as well.  Not just house churches but regular churches that we’re looking at now.

Sid: You know, I have felt that happening on this broadcast right now, there’s an increase in glory of God just talking about it.

John Paul: Yea, that thick presence of the Lord that’s not just, some people say well the, how do you say the presence of the Lord is thicker or less thick?  I don’t know all I know is that when I saw this thick presence of the Lord coming, whoever was in that thick presence of the Lord, everything and anything that they asked for was granted.  I saw woman, for example in this one scene I saw a woman who is terminally ill and her husband was terminally ill and the literally could see kind of the shimmering gold glory of God.  They ran to it and ran into it and she was instantly healed and she called out to her husband to come into it and he stubbornly refused.

Sid: It almost sounds like Lot’s wife.

John Paul: It was like the opposite, the man refused instead of Lot’s wife refusing, the woman was in it and was instantly healed, begging her husband to come into it.  And I saw families, husbands and wife crying out for the lost children asking God to bring them, crying for God to bring their children in and before they could even finish their prayer their children burst through the doors into the sanctuary and were wailing, crying and already repenting before they even got to the Mom and Dad that was in this incredible presence of the Lord, this thick glory, this amber colored glory, honey like but it was amber in color.  And so this type of miraculous is going to be giving to those in this Jacob generation I believe.   Ancient doors are going to be opening, spiritual truths that have been hidden for a long time because of the hardness of our hearts are going to be revealed, as our hearts become more tender there are going to be spiritual truths that have been hidden in scripture.  The scriptural truths are going to be revealed and it will change the way that we relate to each other and the way that we relate to God.  I saw the strength and power of the Lord coming into circumstances fighting on peoples behalf, circumstances that looked like it would take years to resolve over were resolved in one meeting or in a fifteen minute phone conversation.  I saw also the glory of the Lord resting on individual homes where common men and women might call common men and women not ordained ministers, not bible school trained, suddenly had the presence of the Glory resting on their home and it changed the entire neighborhood.  People were coming in and being ministered to.  And I saw people coming out from that home the husband and wife of that home going out and they would go to grocery stores and they would pray for the sick and the people would be healed.  They would pray and the line at the gas station and people would be healed, it seemed like everywhere that these people went they were ministering to other people, they weren’t just keeping their Christianity silent, they were vocal and they were demonstrative and they had the power of God flowing not only from them but through them.  From Him through them and touching other people because they looked for every opportunity to display the glory of God.

Sid: John Paul Jackson with the economic woes that you say are coming on the world, would you advise people to maybe cut down on their giving and maybe put that in savings instead?

John Paul: Well, that’s one sure way to go broke.  Ha ha-ha.

Sid: Ha ha-ha.

John Paul: No, all throughout scripture you are going to find that Joseph sowed in the time of famine and he gained.  The disciples when Agabus came and said that Paul was going to be buried with his coat, was going to be bound in Jerusalem and he declared a famine that was going to be happening and it happened.  The disciples gave even when they prophesied famine was coming the disciples themselves said, “We have to give.”  And what this whole scriptures is full of the understanding of this principle.   When you give God will give back to you and the greatest time to give is in the time of need, as the widow of Zarephath found out that giving the last of her oil and the last of her flour to Elijah.  She found out that the way to have future sustenance is by giving of your current sustenance.

Sid: Now, did God show you anything about the potential for President Obama becoming a born again Christian, where Jesus is Lord over his whole life?

John Paul: I pray that that will happen, but I have not seen anything like that.  I didn’t see the opposite of that, but I didn’t see that happening either.  So I don’t know, I pray that that would happened and in my prayers when as I pray for him daily, I ask God to make Himself known to him, make Himself real to him and cause him to come into a relationship with Him deeper than he has ever had before.

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