Sid: My guest Kevin Dedmon has written a new book called “Unlocking Heaven.”  He is doing what the Bible says everyone should do.  He is equipping what the Bible says everyone should be able to do; the same works that Jesus did you should do also.  And we’ve been finding out all this week about keys that he has not that he is doing it, but how you can walk in the supernatural.  You know there’s a subject that you talk about in your book that has, it just intrigue me no end; I notice that when Jesus prays for the sick Kevin He has supernatural compassion, how can we walk in that supernatural compassion?

Kevin: Well, Jesus was filled with compassion and we need to be filled with compassion and once we’re filled with compassion then we are compelled by compassion to reach out and touch those who are around us just like Jesus did with the leper in Mark Chapter 1 verses 40 through 42.  You know, “Being filled with compassion he reached out and touched the man and said, I am willing, be clean.”  And so I think that we just need to ask for more of that compassion, not only to see the one that has the need, but to stop for the one and then help the one that has the need and then realize that we have what it takes to bring the answer to their life.

Sid: Now, most Christians think in terms of, “Well if someone is sick, I’ll bring them to my church when my church has a healing service.”  But you tell people go out where the sick people are and you may even see better results.

Kevin: Absolutely, there are times when I walk into a hospital and I’ll go into the emergency room waiting area and I’ll say “Hey, if you don’t want to wait for the doctor I can take care of you now, because I consider myself and a physician’s assistant.”  I assist the great physician and so I like to go where sick people are.  I’ll never forget my son and I we walked into a hospital one time, we were going to visit somebody and I was walking past the emergency room waiting areas and I said to my son and the pastor we were with I said, “We, need to go right in here and take care of these people.”  And on the way back out I did, I said “Hey, does anybody here have a problem with their left knee?”  And sure enough a guy has a problem with the left knee, so I’m praying for him and the daughter has whip lash and she’s in the emergency room to get that taken care of.  She gets healed; my son’s healing somebody with a back injury and the pastor’s there with his jaw down to the ground as we’re healing everybody that’s in this waiting room.  And you know it’s just that easy, taking some risks, knowing that we’re physician assistants so to speak and just going out and doing the stuff.

Sid: There is such a presence of the Spirit of God that has just come, and this actually has been on the whole interview but especially strong today.  What does God want to do today to our listeners?

Kevin: Well, He certainly wants us to be whole, He wants us to be healed, He wants us to be encouraged, you know He wants us to be empowered and equipped.  And you know my heart more than anything else is that we would know God’s goodness for ourselves.  That we would know that God’s in a good mood towards us and that the good news is not towards others it’s towards us as well.  And that we would experience healing in our own lives.

Sid: You know you talk about laying hands on ourself.

Kevin: Ha-ha-ha yeah, you know I’ve done it myself, I’ve called out my own word of knowledge before.  I’ve stood up in a meeting where they were giving words of knowledge.  I had a rotator cuff injury for eight months and I had everybody pray for it and nothing was seemingly happening.  It wasn’t getting any better and so there were sixty Words of knowledge given out and it was a Randy Clark Healing School that I was at and towards the end I knew that he was getting ready to shut down the words of knowledge and I wanted my right rotator cuff healed.  So I stood up myself, I turned around to the audience and 750 people and I called out right rotator cuff and immediately I was healed and I’ve been healed ever since; this has been about three or four years.

Sid: So that wasn’t a word of knowledge per se as what you wanted God to manifest at that moment.

Kevin: That’s right it was just faith that rose up in me and hunger and you know He rewards the hungry.  You know Heaven is attracted to hunger and when we’re hungry for something God just comes and He brings it.  It’s like the persistent widow that comes before the judge and she gets what she wants.

Sid: Well, do you know what I noticed in reading your book, many times you’ll pray for someone and nothing will manifest, but the next day, but even the next week you’ll find out that they were healed.

Kevin: That’s exactly right, when I pray He comes.  And when He comes He does good things because He is a good God and a good mood and that’s the good news.  And so I pray with confidence every single time I pray, knowing not believing, not hoping not expecting, but knowing that God comes.  It’s like ultra sound, you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you can’t smell it; and it goes into your muscles and it starts to work inside there and it starts doing things that you can’t comprehend in you know in the outside.  And the Kingdom of God is kind of like that it’s like spiritual ultrasound and it’s going in there and it’s doing job.  And if we learn to give thanks for what God is doing, even when we just feel His presence it opens up an avenue for further breakthrough even in giving thanks.  It’s like Jesus with the feeding of the 5,000 when he told his disciples to feed them and they looked at the resource that they had 5 loaves and 2 fish and they said, “We don’t have enough,” and they didn’t.  Jesus took the same resource, gave thanks and he got breakthrough and He got abundance, He got leftovers.  And so it’s the same way in healing, you know if you’re only 5% improved after you release the Kingdom His presence on you and you begin to give thanks; often times what will happen is that it will increase and more breakthrough will come.  I’ve seen that more than anything else that people they’ll get a little measure even just a little bit of it, maybe they’re just feeling peace; the peace  of God and I’ll encourage them to give thanks for His presence in the peace.  And they’ll do that and they’re tumors will dissolve, their cancers will leave, their bones will mend, the creative miracles will happen.

Sid: I believe if you will sing over people right now, the creative miracles will happen.

Kevin: Alright then, well take it.  It’s the end of the pain as you know it’s the end of your pain as you know it, it’s the end of your pain as you know it, you feel fine.  Ha-ha now sing that over yourself.

Sid: It’s the end of the pain as you know it; it’s the end of your pain as you know it, it’s the end of your pain as you know it, you feel fine.

Kevin: Ha-ha, that’s right, so just take that now, take His presence and let it permeate every organ of your body, every cell of your body, every bone, every joint and be in health, be in wholeness.  And just realize that as you receive this now that you have the same ability to release it to those around you.  In fact we had a gal who her jaw was totally numb and the dentist had severed her nerve in her jaw, she couldn’t feel her jaw; she couldn’t feel her chin. And the doctor said that it would take at least ten months to get feeling back if it would ever come back at all.  She sang that song immediately the feeling came back in her jaw and her chin, in her whole face.  The next week her brother was in a car accident and he was in a coma in another state.  She went up there, the whole family was there, she sang this song over her brother who was in a coma and when she finished the last line and he came out of the coma and he was totally healed.  And so I just release that same impartation right now to everybody who’s listening, that you are physician’s assistant, that you have what it takes to bring the Kingdom into any situation through the compassion of Father God, the Father of Compassion.  And that when you release His Kingdom good things happen because God is in a good mood and He doing good things and that’s the good news.  And a yeah…

Sid: Well, Mishpochah he just released a key to you and some of you might have missed it, but I certainly didn’t miss it.  I’ve often wondered when someone says well, if you’re 5% healed thank God, well, I haven’t felt 5% healed, but I certainly felt the presence of God and I could be, I missed it and you missed it, you could have been thanking God.  I certainly have been thinking about the goodness of God, He’s been revealing Himself to me.  Begin praising God in that type of an atmosphere and guess what, God can’t resist that.

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