Sid: We want everyone everywhere to experience true joy and the only way that you can experience true joy is to be in the Messiah; having Him Lord over every area of your life.  There is nothing to compare to that.  My guest John Waller knows what I’m talking about, some of you are familiar with him many of you familiar with John Waller.  If you saw the movie “Fire Proof” which was the number one independent movie in 2008 the theme song of “Fire Proof” which was “While I’m waiting” that was John Waller.  And it’s very very interesting how he wrote that had nothing to do with the movie.  But I just listened to his brand new CD called “As for Me and My House” and I can’t listen to it enough!  John Waller you’re getting not just this One, but your other CDs which will make available.  You’re literally, I told you before we even got on the air that I believe that when people hear the first cut of this brand new CD “As for Me and My House” that they’re going to be healed and delivered and set free in an amazing fashion.  What has the Spirit of God told you because it’s new about this?

John: Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been told for quite some time now, you know just prophetic words about this music going out and healing people.  It’s the Word of God; I pretty much plagiarized the Word of God.  I take the Word of God and I put it to music because I know that there is power in the Word of God and when it goes out it doesn’t return void.  But I believe that there is a prophetic voice that is in some of these songs particularly “Our God Reigns Here!”  That is an incredible declaration and also it empowers the Body of Christ to use the authority that they have been given in the Messiah, in Yeshua to be able to come against any spirit of the enemy that is tormenting them.  And I can, we’ll get to it later, but I for years suffered from depression; so I know what tormenting spirits are like.  And so I’m just thankful for the opportunity that is going to go out through your program.

Sid: Well, you know what?  Before we even get into the interview I want to hear that, I personally want to hear that again.  As a matter of fact John, I was thinking of just doing some sort of a CD loop and just playing that whenever I’m not in my home so when I get into my home, the atmosphere will be cleanest it possible could be.

John: That is an atmosphere changer, that song.

Sid: I want you to hear this and see whether you agree with us or not.

Excerpt of “Our God Reigns by John Waller:

Sid: Now that was “Our God Reigns by John Waller and you’re familiar with him if you saw the movie “Fire Proof” because he wrote the theme music of that which is called “While I’m Waiting”  and if you like that music you’ll like all of his music.  As a matter of fact John Waller when you were in college you told me you memorized a lot of scripture.  Why did you do it then?

John: Well, I had a roommate, I was a freshman and my roommate was a senior and had been walking with the Lord for quite a few years and he taught me how to systematically memorize scripture and how to hide the Word of God in my heart and how important that was.  And so he just told me that I should do it; so I was like okay, I’ll do it and I began to memorize so many verses and by the end of my Freshman year I had memorized over one hundred and fifty verses.  And I started writing songs that year, my freshman year in college so the Word of God would just naturally come out; it’s what you put in comes out.

Sid: When you were seventeen you had an encounter with the Lord and you understood true repentance, I think that’s a word that is not really mentioned that much anymore.

John: It’s not, in fact I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and my understanding of the gospel and salvation was simply more of fire insurance kind of approach it was just a you know just confess that Jesus is Lord now and be baptized and that’s pretty much it.  And yet you know, lives aren’t changed I mean what is the problem?  The problem is that there’s no repentance and Jesus taught repentance.  I mean you take up your cross and you die to yourself and you follow Him you know and I had never done that.  I prayed the simple prayer and I had been baptized and yet all my life had never reflected any fruit and yet Jesus said, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, a bad tree cannot bear good fruit;” and yet my life had no fruit and I understood that for the first time as a seventeen year old young man and I decided you know what Lord, I never really followed You, so I don’t know You.  And so I gave my life to Him at seventeen and I’ve never looked back.

Sid: Can you image what your life would have been like with all that you went through and will find out on tomorrow’s broadcast if you hadn’t had the word hidden in your heart?

John: I don’t even want to think about where I would be.

Sid: I understand.

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