Sid: My guest Mark Virkler, I’m so excited to be releasing to you his three CD set and workbook on “How to Hear God through Your Dreams.”  Trust me; this is different than any course you’ve ever heard about before.  The biggest difference, it works.  Mark, earlier in the week, you told me something that excited me immensely.  You said that it’s Biblically possible and it’s experientially possible for us to receive gifts in dreams; explain what you mean.

Mark: Alright, Solomon received a gift in his dream, he had just been put in as King and he was scared, he was young and he was afraid and if you go to 1st Kings Chapter 3 verses, well it’s just the first ten verses or so.  It says that “In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night and the Lord said, “Ask what I shall give to thee.” And then what he asked back for was, “Give therefore thy servant and understanding heart and in the Hebrew it’s a hearing heart and in the New American Standard it says, “Hearing heart, so I can judge thy people that I may discern between good and bad for who is able to judge such a great people?”  And God says back to him, “I have done according to your words, I have given you a wise and understanding or a hearing heart so that theirs none like thee before thee nor shall any arise after thee.”  And it goes on to say, “In addition I am going to give you a couple other things too.  All right I’m going to give you riches and honor, things that you did not ask for in additions to a hearing heart.”  And then in verse fifteen it says Solomon awoke and behold it was a dream.  And he went to Jerusalem; stood before the Ark of the Covenant and offered burnt offerings and he worshipped.   And he said, “God just encountered me, I just received something from God and I’m going to worship Him for what He gave to me in this dream.”

Sid: Now, do you know any people that have received gifts from dreams?

Mark: Well, you know the gift that God gave to Solomon was a hearing heart.  The ability to hear the Holy Spirit in his heart, give him wisdom so he can make wise decisions and of course you can make wise decisions you have favor amongst men and you also have the blessing of God in prosperity.  And I think anyone and everyone who begins to hear God through their dream including you know, including you Sid.  You know you shared your dream with me a couple days ago, you know that things before you.  And you can make a dream with counseling you to approach people in a wise manner and by you saying yes to that and approaching them in a wise manner you have favor with that people; and so I really believe this kind of thing happens all the time to all of us.  We receive hearing heart, we receive revelation and the result of that is blessing and prosperity in our lives.

Sid: So in affect your also saying to me that dreams can release creativity.

Mark: Absolutely, absolutely and so much creativity comes from dreams.  The scientist that was looking through a telescope trying to figure what a Benzene molecule looked like, he couldn’t figure it out.  So he had a dream that night of a dog in a circle chasing one another, he had the tail of a dog in front of them in their mouth and he woke up in the morning saying I wonder if the Benzene molecule is circular?  And he was able to prove and through his microscope that it was.  The guy who developed the sewing machine couldn’t figure out where the, how to thread the hook of the sewing machine; and in a dream that night God gave him a  picture of how the thread should go into the needle of the sewing machine.  So I just think probably almost all creativity comes through this kind of a means.

Sid: Mark, give me a life situation of someone that had clues to their own health as the result of a dream.

Mark: A lady who worked with me as my personal assistant and she had a dream at night that she entered into her house and she could smell smoke and she went looking for the fire.  And finally found the fire down in the kitchen in the lower cupboard and she didn’t really respond to that dream because you really didn’t know exactly what that dream meant but, a couple of months later she went to the doctor and the doctor said, “You’ve got a fire inside of you, you’ve got an inflammation in your intestines caused by stress and I’m going to give you some medication and you need to relax.  And so she took the medication, she relaxed and it went away but that dream was telling her that two months earlier that in your home the place that you live, your body there is a fire, it’s in the kitchen area which is where we eat food which symbolizes the digestive track, it’s not in the upper cupboard, which would be my esophagus it’s in the lower cupboard with is my is my intestines; and in my intestines there is a fire.  So she was warned two months before pain warned her of a sickness and she could have averted it by relaxing.  And a year later when the dream came back she knew that she was being warned a second time, okay.  Your under stress again, if you don’t relax your going back to the doctor and she relaxed immediately and did not need to go back to the doctor, did not need medication so in that case she heard the counsel of her dream, acted on it and averted a sickness as a result of it.

Sid: Mark, in the times we’re living in can you imagine if God gave someone an idea for a business, or how to make money that they could end up being part of that great wealth transfer.  Give me a real life example of someone that had a dream that released creativity.

Mark: Alright I’ll tell you about a young man named Eric Rose; when he was in college he was training to be an artist, but he quit because a performance orientation just wrecked it for him so he left that and he went into a totally left brain kind of a job.  I believe it was an accountant, I kind of forget right now, but when he became a live to dreams God gave him several dreams reigniting his passion to draw and to paint and to create the vision that God was giving to him.  And God took him a step beyond what he’d done in the past.  Because God called him into sculpturing and making six foot sculpture out of bronze you know; of beautiful, beautiful action kind of figure, people worshipping in the presence of God; totally alive and you could just…  And he showed me some of these pictures and they were just totally alive and this thing sold for just thousands of dollars.  And so God restored a crushed part within him, brought him back and enlarged the gift that God had initially given to him and made it into something where he could actually produce an income while he blessed the world and the Body of Christ.

Sid: Well, you know you’ve actually been corrected in your attitude towards people through dreams; tell me about the time God showed you people are far more important than projects.

Mark: Well, we were in India and we were going to tape for two weeks straight, six days a week ten hours a day; we were going to tape six of our key courses.  We taped a hundred sessions, I never talked ten hours a day for six days a week, I wasn’t sure I could do that.  And I was pretty nervous because we were going to be on TV and I had a dream that first couple days that I was there.  I had a couple two or three dreams, the first dream somebody came and asked for me to pray for them in the dream and I just pushed them off, brushed them off I was too busy, you know and I felt terrible, I thought Mark, how could you do that?  And the second dream I had my computer got stolen from me and then it got destroyed.  And when I got up and journaled about those dreams and asked the Lord, he said, “Mark, the people that are working the camera’s here are more important than what you’re producing and I want you to teach them how to…

Sid: By the way, in the natural that doesn’t make sense, what you’re producing should be more important than the people doing the cameras, but from God’s, from a spiritual perspective that’s not true; from a natural perspective that’s true.

Mark: That’s exactly right and God the Wonderful Counselor is rebalancing me and saying, Mark, put people first.  And so I asked him, the guy that was running the production, “Could we have morning devotions and I’ll teach these guys how to hear God’s voice and how to interpret dreams?  And the team said, “Sure,” and so in the morning we journaled and learned how to hear God’s voice.  We shared journaling and over lunch time we shared dreams for two weeks straight and those guys became proficient in hearing God’s voice and interpreting dreams and we tapped over a hundred sessions over that two week period.

Sid: But had you not listened to God you would have tapped, but I believe the anointing wouldn’t have even been there like it was.

Mark: Well, that’s exactly right and the friendships that developed there amongst us still remain to this day.  You know we brought life to everyone that we were touching there, not just those that watch us on DVD but everyone received the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sid: I’m going to talk about a man that was in ministry for his first fifteen years that thought all dreams were pizza and then you got the revelation through a man that lived ninety-three years that studied dreams and now today; you look forward to your dreams.  How would your life be different if you had never gotten this understanding?

Mark: Well, I would have missed so much wonderful counsel from God and I would be out doing things in an imbalanced way and much more calm.

Sid: You’d be doing things in the flesh rather than doing things by the Spirit.

Mark: Yeah, but I’m a must more caustic individual and I wouldn’t be softened by the power of the Holy Spirit to change me and say “Keep people first, love people, don’t get consumed with projects.  So, so much of my personality and life has changed as a result of that and success I believe also.

Sid: I want you to speak to someone that’s listening right now and has just said, “That’s him, he has a gift, he can understand dreams; I’ll never be able to.”

Mark: Ha-ha.  Alright I’ll just simply say that that is a lie from the enemy that is not true because I did not start out with a gift on interpreting dreams; I’m a left brain thinker, theologian, Baptist background and dreams and visions and intuition was impossible for me.  And God taught me how to do it and I can lay it out lineally with a clear lineal set of rules that you can follow so that you can reproduce in your life what God has produced in my life.  I promise and guarantee that can happen.

Sid: Okay, now I want you to give, even though they don’t totally understand yet, because they haven’t gotten your course; I want them to start dreaming.  Give them instructions on what they should do tonight very quickly.

Mark: Alright just as you go to sleep just say, “God, give me a dream, I believe in dreams, I’m asking you to speak to me.”  Put your bed, and say, “Heart, when you wake me up, I will record what you give me.  And then get yourself eight hours of sleep if at all possible you want to aim for eight hours because it’s going to give you the best opportunity for dream time and when you awaken if a dream is there begin to jot it down the summary of it and if you don’t remember all of it, don’t yank on it, just gently tug and say, Holy Spirit remind me the rest, attune the flow and let it just bubble on up to you.

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