Sid: My guest, Joan Hunter and I am so excited to be introducing her brand new book “Power to Heal” and her previous book, called “Healing the Whole Man Handbook” and when you put these two books together Joan, in my opinion it’s like getting some of the best teaching from the generation of your parents, “The Happy Hunters” Charles and Francis Hunter and the best teaching from your forty years of your own ministry in healing.  And it’s like someone going to one of the schools in fact, I remember reading in my notes about a man that had a healing school, but no one was getting healed; and so he went to one of your healing schools and what happened?

Joan: He started praying everybody and what was really neat was that he got home from the service and the daughter said, “Where have you been?  And he said, “Well, I’ve been at a healing school this lady has come in and taught us how to pray for the sick.”  And so any way she had come in and she had a neck problem and got healed, it was awesome and you know, he prayed for her.  And she goes, “Well, can you go see my friend’s mother who is dying of stage four cancer and not expected to live in the next week or two?”  And he goes, “Well, sure,”  so he goes over and he takes his Bible and he takes his handbook over there and goes to the lady, has to go in the back room; she is confined to bed.

Sid: People actually take your handbook because you tell them step by step whatever the condition, how to pray for someone.

Joan: That’s right and I mean Pastor’s have it in their pulpit, on their desk and in their car and they take it on hospital visits and everything.  And so goes in there and sees this lady and looks up the cancer in the book and prays over her, and he had been in the healing ministry, but then nothing was happening.  And so he goes, “Well I know I’m suppose to speak in tongues and I know that I’m suppose to cry, I know that I’m supposed to read the word of God, but you know it doesn’t say that in the book.”  Now I believe in all of those, but you don’t have to do it when you’re at the grocery store praying for somebody.  You don’t have to do it in church services.  If I had to that with everybody that I prayed for I’d be praying for you know thirty people all night long instead of praying for a hundred people in an hour.  And so he went to and he says, “I know that I’m supposed to cry, I know that I’m suppose to do this, but she doesn’t say that.  So he just said, “Well, God bless you and left and he felt really really bad.”  So the following week a few days later he decided to go back and quote “Do it the right way,”  and so he went back to pray for her, cry, read the Bible, speak in tongues, all of that over her get’s to the door and they open up the door he says “Is Mrs. so and so there?”  And they go, “I’m sorry you’ve missed her.”  And he goes, “I’ve missed her, I should have done it right the first time.”  He felt so bad and the woman at the door said, “It’s okay she’ll be back in a few minutes, she just had to go out and do some errands,” it wasn’t like gone to heaven, she had gone to the store completely healed..

Sid: She had already been healed.  Ha-ha.

Joan: Totally and completely healed.

Sid: Joan, I’m going to have some people that are going to have to deal with unforgiveness if I don’t turn you loose to pray for those dealing with trauma and fear.

Joan: That’s true; in this book “Power to Heal, it’ll walk you through any trauma, any unforgiveness, any generational curse, any area of your life where you’re dealing with stress.  Any situation where your children, your spouse is concerned, you’re finances, this book “Power to Heal Will” will help walk you through every, every area of your life that needs to be just totally dealt with.  Now place your hand over your heart and I know and we have seen this in the past, when I have been on programs with Sid that literally thousands of people are going to get healed, but I believe right now you are going to be set free of trauma in your life and any form of fear, every traumatic event from your entire life is going to be totally completely wiped out in a matter of moments.  “Father right now in the Name of Jesus I send the word of healing into every single heart that is listening today.  Father in the Name of Jesus I curse this spirit of trauma and fear and I command it to be gone, in Jesus Name any form of rejection, abuse, damage trauma from verbal abuse from physical abuse, whether from a parent a relative, a friend, a spouse, Father in the name of Jesus I command all of that trauma to go.  And that abuse any damage to the heart, I curse any form of the spirit of grief, and sorrow and I command that heaviness to go in Jesus name.  And Father, right now I just speak, oh I can’t get off that yeah, “Father in the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of abandonment to go, of worthlessness, of hopelessness and depression, to go in Jesus Name.  And fibromyalgia is brought on by trauma and father right now in the Name of Jesus, I send the word of healing to those that are listening today that have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or have symptoms of fibromyalgia.  I curse that fibromyalgia in Jesus Name, I curse the spirit of pain that is attached to it; I curse any form of chronic fatigue syndrome command it to be gone in Jesus Name.  And everybody say, “That You Jesus, Thank Yeshua, Father we just thank you for everything that you have done in Jesus Name, Amen.

Sid: Thank You Jesus!  Thank You Yeshua, “I’m following instructions right now.”

Joan: That’s right.

Sid: You know Joan?  There is, you have a story that is so amazing to me about a lady in Texas that was legally blind and if she could do it, anyone could do it.  Tell me about her.

Joan: She came and it’s really a neat story, she came went to my Healing School and she was legally blind, she could see probably six inches in front of her face.  And I you know prayed with her and got a little better and then prayed for her again, it got a little better and one day she went to the mall and she had to be lead around the mall.  God told her to go to the mall and so she got lead around and she found three ladies and right in front of her she told her husband, “To stop I need to talk to these three ladies.”  And went to the one in particular in the center and said, “God, sent me to the mall today to pray for you, is there anything that you need Him to do?”  And that woman broke down and started weeping and weeping.  She said God, when she got up this morning, she said, “God if you’re real send somebody to the mall to pray with me today.”  And I want to be that person, I go into the different stores and malls or the grocery store or whatever and I’ll walk up to somebody and I’ll say, “God sent me here today.” because my steps are ordered of the Lord.  And I told them, “Is there anything I can pray with you about?  You or can be the answer to somebody’s prayer, and I want to encourage you to start praying for people in the grocery stores, outside the four walls of church, and by the way that ladies eyes are completely healed, she is driving today!  So praise God, for that too.  But God wants to use you, the missions statement of the ministry is to equip believers to take the healing power of God beyond the four walls of the church to the four corners of the earth.  And God wants us to take Him out side to the four corners of the earth which is four corners of your world and these books will equip you to take His healing power with you wherever you go.  And the four corners of the world is your four corners, is your family, your neighborhood, where you work and where you shop.  And it doesn’t have to be India, it doesn’t have to be Africa, but it’s wherever you go that to take the healing power and the saving power of Yeshua everywhere you go.

Sid: And you know as you said on the Monday broadcast, everything that your parents put into you and everything that God put into you for this next generation you’re able to put together in these two books that we’ve made a package out of because they complement each other so well.  The first book is “Healing the Wholeman Handbook” and this is a requirement, absolute requirement and your brand new book which they just can’t keep in print, “Power to Heal Receiving God’s Everyday Miracles.”  Tell me what’s going on with your brand new book and I know that it’s only been out a short while.”

Joan: It’s only been out just a few weeks and it is just is selling and I’m excited about it, but I’m excited about the fact that it’s selling number one; who wouldn’t be if it’s your book, you know. But what’s exciting is that people, the comments I’m getting through email, through you know space book, through whatever, there saying, “This needs to be a required reading of all Christians because they are not only reading quote “A good book, they are reading a book that is setting them free; God has given me and has entrusted me with a revelation that’s in this book because he knows that I’m going to open my mouth on Sid Roth radio program and I’m going to put it in a book and I’m going to record it on CD’s and do whatever to get the healing power of God out around the world.

Sid: Well, as I explained to my Mishpochah we had more healing miracles occur and I believe some wonderful miracles have just taken place, but we had more miracles occur the last time you were on our radio and TV than we have ever had from any other guest and the anointing and the miracle ministry has just increased dramatically.  Tell me about the person, real quickly that got new lungs.

Joan: Somebody in California, she came to me she had stage four cancer of the lungs and I said, “Father in the name of Jesus I curse this lung cancer and I command it to be gone, I curse every prion in this body in Jesus Name and Father in the Name of Jesus I speak two new lungs in her in Jesus Name.”  He put the lungs in there the first time, he can put them in there again, all healed and whole in Jesus Name.  And she went back to the doctor two weeks later, they did normal chest x-rays, like they do every month to check the progress of the cancer, the doctor came in and said, “I don’t know what you did, but you’ve got two new lungs in there.  God’s putting new body parts in, lungs, hearts, livers and intestines, people that have had intestines removed God’s putting them all back and making it fully functional.  It is just awesome what God’s doing.

Sid: Well, I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to turn your loose on tomorrow’s broadcast to move in words of knowledge and wisdom and release the miracle anointing.  If you know anyone that’s sick, you get them to listen to tomorrow’s broadcast…


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