Sid: We want everyone everywhere to hear the good news; we want everyone everywhere to be plain red hot for the Messiah.  And when I started interviewing my guest Ron Phillips he doesn’t know this, but in our office there was so much angelic activity going on.  And then we do this by telephone Ron and tell me again what’s going on on your side of the phone angelic wise.

Ron: The angelic visitation is here, I feel like there are two angels with me right now.  One is an angel of joy here right now and this angel goes to the pulpit with me every Sunday and stands at my right and he has been so manifestly powerful even in the old building.  He came to the new building with us and people that step into that territory will feel like laughing; which is another manifestation that frightens people is when joy comes.  I have felt that this Joy angel is here and I know that this angel called Noble is, we talked about it on an earlier program has promised to give me favor.  And I believe he’s going to give you favor and favor with people that are listening that the Holy Spirit is going to move and motivate them to help you get the word out; I just believe they are here that favor has come.  And you know when you get to the Book of Revelation angelic activity, you’ve got seven angels of churches, you’ve got seven angels throwing out bowls and blowing trumpets, angels are preaching everlasting gospel.  There is, we are experiencing already an increase in angelic activity.

Sid: Why are we experiencing this increase in angelic activity?

Ron: I think what you said in yesterday’s program, “Man is coming to end of himself.” we cannot, the problems cannot be solved.  It’s like Jesus said in Luke 21, “Man’s heart failing from fear from the things coming on the earth for the powers of heaven will be shaken.”  And I think that people today are again believing in the supernatural, that’s why your programs so important and they need to know the truth about the supernatural so that they are not deceived.  And we know that we can’t do what we need to do, we can’t have what we need to have, we can’t go where we need to go without the supernatural power of God through the Holy Spirit and through the fort the host which He has provided.  He said in Hebrews 1:14 that He sent those angels that they might serve all of us who are heirs of salvation.  And so we need to get these angels out of the unemployment line and back out there with us.

Sid: Now the Bible also says that many of us entertain angels unawares.  Well, do you believe that there are many occasions that people have angelic help and they aren’t even aware of it?

Ron: Yes and when I began to preach this in our church and teach it to our people which I have been doing; just finished.  We have had hundreds of people who have now realized that that person that they met on the job; or that person that they thought helped them was an angel.  Let me give you one example; Coach Mike Duboist, who coaches Mill Saps College in Jackson, Mississippi.  Coach Duboist and his wife years ago lived in Chattanooga and they moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi were unpacking there house when they heard a knock at the door.  Went to the door and their two year old child was standing there with a radiant looking woman.  The child had never before climbed out of its bed; he climbed went out the back door and was found standing in the middle of an intersection of cars.  Two years old, the child had taken his big wheel maybe two or three years old or somewhere in that range.  This woman brought the child back and was standing at the door and Ms Duboist got the child in, she was weeping she turned around, she turned back around the woman vanished; she never saw her again, never met her again.  It was their first day, her first day in Hattiesburg; moving in to the house the football team there had provided for them.  And it was years before she realized that God had manifested himself an angel and as a woman I think so the child wouldn’t be frightened; and to bring that child home.  Yes Sir, I believe that angels unawares.

Sid: And but also there’s so much supernatural protection, your first experience with an angel resulted in supernatural experience, explain that.

Ron: Yes sir, I was driving my 56 Ford to fast (chuckle) toward Newton, Mississippi to Clark College where I went for a year before I went to Sanford University.  And as I was driving in that direction I saw a bridge abutment in front of me and a car passed another car and ran me off the road toward that bridge abutment.  And I just kind of closed my eyes turned the car towards the bridge because I didn’t want to hit the other car.  And when I opened my eyes I was off the road, but I pulled back on the road past the bridge and never hit the bridge; I believe and angel lifted my car.  The very same year I was coming home from the same school riding with a friend in a brand new Pontiac GTO and a trailer truck came over in our lane and ran us off the road and we did three flips and I felt like somebody like somebody had thrown a mattress of protection around me; while the man driving the car was injured I walked away from a total out wreck without a scratch or even a piece of torn clothes.  I didn’t realize back then that God was supernaturally protecting me to prepare me for what he wanted me to do.

Sid: You talk about a vicious chow dog that had some supernatural protection of someone that you knew.

Ron: Yeah, Ginny Greecemere in our church and Jenny’s husband is president of a huge appliance corporation, these are solid sharp people.  She use to have a direct sales business like woman have you know when she was delivering product to the door of a friend that had bought from her.  The friend warned her had said, don’t come in the backyard, because our Chow, were going to have to get rid of him because he’s biting, he’s vicious, we don’t know what’s wrong with him.  So Ginny said, “Don’t worry I’ll put it on the front porch,” so Ginny went up the front porch, left the product, when she turned the Chow was standing on the sidewalk between the…

Sid: This is the Chow dog.

Ron: A Chow dog growling, snarling threatening her and she said, she said right then, she said, “Lord send an angel right now and I command that angel to move that dog out of my way and put him back in the backyard.”  Immediately, Ginny saw that dog’s head pushed down to the ground, him turned away from her, pushed towards the fence and like he was being drugged out of her way; she walked to her car and that dog never whimpered again.  She knows that Psalm 91 came true, “He’ll give His angels charge over you, less you stump your toe, less you kick your foot against a stone.”  That angel came, but I want to tell you she had to speak to that angel, that angel moves out when the word of God is voiced, that’s what Psalms says.  We’ve got to speak to activate that angel.  The angels can’t read your mind, you’ve got to speak and ask their assistance; they’re not going to move in on you.  When you come to that encounter ask the Holy Spirit to help you and say, “Angels, get out there and help.”  And I challenge everyone listening today to try this, to do it.

Sid: Well, in your heart of hearts isn’t this the reason you wrote the book?

Ron: Yes Sir, the truth is if you ask Strang, Strang picked up a series of my teaching on this and asked me to do it.  I didn’t want to do it; I just…it was one of those things that it kind of my secrets and the things that God had done in my life and I didn’t want everybody to know about it and that was wrong.  And now I know that people need this help and that we’ve got to release it out there.  You know that you ask me about “The Angel Unawares” here’s something very important.  That’s in the context of ministers, visiting and when you read through the whole context of that passage.  You know, Benny Hinn used our building for his partner conference last year and as usual in this area there were those that were criticizing him.  And Holy Spirit told me that angel unawares is not only those encounters that we have but say Sid Roth came to Abba House to preach and someone disrespected you.  The angels that came with you would be insulted and angelic activity be interrupted on that person’s behalf.  It’s very important to know that; don’t be speaking against the man of God or the woman of God who are out there no matter what you’ve heard.  Because they come with a company of angels with them and you don’t want to insult those angels because those angels have come to press their ministry and to help the community that they’ve come to.  That something that you’ve never heard around that text before but I think in context it’s true.

Sid: I think that that’s very important, but it’s in line with the greatest is love.  The greatest gift so it’s in line with walking in love in the last days and what you’re saying is there is a tie in between walking in love and angelic activity.

Ron: Exactly is and when we becoming loving and serving and welcoming angels serve that way.  The angelic activity increases and when we receive other people that’s why the idea of receiving angels unawares.  If you receive another human being that God is touching or that God has a need the angelic activity around them combines with what’s going on in your life to increase the strength that’s around you.  You know sometimes we don’t understand how an angelic favor can just be released on us in a moment. I was just out a little place called The Rush to workout and I was over there and I was going to get a protein shake on my way out and I could tell the girl was harried and busy but I wanted that shake and I said, “Lord I need some angelic help here she is too busy to do this and well, she is going to be rude and help me Lord and angels come and help.”  And so I told her what I wanted and she said, “Well, okay and she went over to mix it and the Lord said, “Give her double the money, give her a tip equal to the cost of that shake.”  So I did, I gave her that extra, I said, “I want you to have this.”  She looked up at me and said, “Well, I want to give you an extra large instead of a small and she began to smile and I said, “Are you a Christian?” and she said, “Yes, but I haven’t had a good day.”  I said, “Well, you need to know that your Joy Angel is here and she laughed out loud and I walked out the door with that milkshake; double size in my hand.”

Sid: It plain doesn’t matter what’s going to happened to the world economy; what’s going to happen with terrorism; what’s going to happen with disease as long as you know how to activate the angels and stand on the word of God.  No weapon formed against you will prosper…

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