Sid: Now I’ve never met my guest before but I’ve had a chance to talk with her a little bit and digest her books and CDs.  Her name is Dr. Cindy Trimm and sometimes I wish you could be a fly on the wall on the conversations I have with my guests before the interview starts and I almost want to say to my guests as I did with Cindy.  “Stop, you’ll tell me this on the air because this is too good to just talk about.”  Cindy is a bestselling author; she’s really a tremendously motivational high impact teacher.  She’s a former senator from Bermuda, her messages have a prophetic vent and I’m always interested in prophecy.  Cindy were you born in England?

Cindy: I was born in Bermuda, a British colony.

Sid: Aha, okay just briefly, because of those that aren’t familiar with you; you were raised in a tough situation in a home that was in poverty.  And your father abandoned your mother when you were two and your mom had seven children.  It was a pretty tough upbringing but the thing that encourages me is you had a mother that really loved God and really believed in God.  Did this make a bid difference in your life?

Cindy: It made all the difference, I believed that it affected how she parented us and to tell you the truth I didn’t know that I was poor until I grew up; because she was not a negative person.  And I think even before I was a believer I was trained in faith and I thank my mother for that; she’s the first person that demonstrated faith.

Sid: And I find it also interesting that the before you were even born again you had a reoccurring dream about what you’d be doing in the future.  What was that dream?

Cindy: The dream was me being in a bus and I would be in the back of the bus; I was young; back of the bus driving of being driven.  And the bus driver would die at the wheel and no one knew how to drive this bus.  I was young and I ran all the way from the back of the bus and just before the bus along with all the passengers would go over a ravine I would take the wheel and drive people to safety before we crashed.  And I dreamed this dream over and over and over until the day I gave my heart to the Lord.   And the second dream had to do with me being going home and it was a dark passage way and it was always this huge foot that would try to crush me.  And inevitably I would try to run under a rock and the person or this foot could not find me because I was protected.  And then the light would shine and this creature or being would disappear and I believe the two dreams the first one with the bus was my deliverance ministry.  And the second one had to do with the supernatural; the Rock being Christ Jesus that would hide me.  And then the light would shine and bring deliverance and protection from these powers of darkness.

Sid: Tell me about the time you were seventeen years of age and you were in the kitchen of the church and you got born from above.

Cindy: Yes, I got filled with the Spirit; there was nobody around and I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  I just heard the Lord say, “Lift your hands and as I lift my hands the Holy Spirit came upon me.”  And again, there was nobody around and I had an experience with the Lord right there in the kitchen.

Sid: Was there more to it than that when the Holy Spirit came on you, I’m curious?

Cindy: When the Holy Spirit came on me?  Well let me back up a little bit, my mother of course sent us to church so I grew up Methodist.  And then every Ash Wednesday I went to the Anglican Church and I loved the Lord, but I did not know anything about salvation and giving my heart to the Lord.  And after on a New Year’s weekend I went to the church and I felt prompted to go to the altar and I knelt down and I head God speak to me and say “Give Me your heart.”  And that’s when I got saved, I was seventeen years old.  I was looking for a place to be discipled and I went to another church, I joined another church and they were excellent in discipling, but they didn’t believe that women could preach and they didn’t believe in being baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  And so I was being discipled, an excellent church, however I believe that this dream was about, the reoccurring dream was about to come to pass.  And I went into the kitchen one afternoon just to get water and this is in the church and this is where I had an experience and an encounter with God.  And He filled me with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and there my gift of prophecy was activated and it was from that point that God gave me supernatural insight into the lives of people.  And I was able to see potential and the future of people.

Sid: That’s got to be such a marvelous gift; you can help people so much with that!

Cindy: It is because so many people are looking for meaning and purpose so many and I believe that one of the greatest gifts that we can give to another man is to give them hope in the future; for their future.  And God said, “That I have a wonderful plan for you.” out of the book of Jeremiah 29:11” and He says, “These plans are good to give you a future hope.”  And this is what the world is missing; the world is missing a hope in the future.

Sid: We were discussing that before we went on the air about the future of America and I can’t wait to get this material that you’ve written and the two CDs and hardback book “Commanding Your Morning” into their hands.  Because what a revelation that’s going to transform their life, but I must ask you one more thing out or my own curiosity.  And that is you had a dream about one of my favorite people with miracle ministries, Katherine Kulman; tell me about that.

Cindy: I was preparing to minister one night and as I was preparing I had a vision and in the vision I felt like I was transported ahead in time.  And one of the reasons why I feel like I was transported is because when I came out of this vision about two hours had passed and I could not account for these two hours.  And then I had started to dress, I had finished dressing and I don’t recall dressing at all.  But I was transported somewhere in time and I was on a stage and as I was on the stage and there were thousands of people ahead of me, hundreds of pastors behind me and I raised my hand and a costume of Kathryn Kulman came upon me.

Sid: That’s a mantle; a mantle of Kathryn Kulman came upon you in this dream.

Cindy: Yes, it was a vision.

Sid: In this vision.

Cindy: Yes.

Sid: Have you seen, as you’ve ministered that type of ministry going on in your life because I’ve seen Kathryn Kulman?  In fact when I was a baby believer in the Messiah, being Jewish I hadn’t even read the Bible, she found out about me and I was a guest on two of her television programs.  And as far as I’m concerned I have not seen a ministry to that magnitude since hers.  What have you seen in your ministry that is similar?

Cindy: I haven’t seen anyone like hers as well, but I can give you one example in Atlanta, Georgia.  We were in the Dome, maybe 40,000 people or so and as I stood on the stage there was a lot of pastors and ministers behind me similar to the dream.  And the Lord told me raise your hands and walk across the stage.  And as I raised my hand and walked across my stage there was no contact with anybody the whole place from front to back, about 40,000 people were slain the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Oh, I wish I had been there!  Did they get that on tape?

Cindy: It’s on YouTube.

Sid: Oh wonderful, I’m going to take a look at that right after the show because I have seen like Reinhardt Bonke, I’ve seen a little of that, but nothing like what you just described.  I’ve got to see that.  Tell me why someone should want your book, “Commanding Your Morning” and your two CDs “Commanding Your Morning?”

Cindy: It’s amazing because most people feel as if they have no control over what’s happening to them.  And a lot of people are having a Job experience where things seemingly are going wrong without rhythm without reason.  But Job interviewed God and he asked God this question.  “Why are these things happening to me?”  And in the book of Job 38:12 God answers and says, “Have you commanded your morning since thy days and caused the dayspring to know his place that it might take hold of the ends of the earth and the wicked might be shaken out of it.”  And it’s interesting because life does not have to just happen to us there’s power in the spoken word.  And I believe that we can down load success and prosperity into our days the night before.  And this is why commanding the morning is important; when you go back to book of Genesis “God was able to say, “Let there be light and there was light.”   And the book of Hebrew says that “By faith we understand the worlds were framed by the Word of God.”

Sid: Listen, you have such supernatural prayers in this book that people can state in the morning or the evening before that will change their life.  As a matter of fact there are people listening to us right now, you’re missing your compete destiny.  You know that, you’re not telling anyone, but you’re missing that and until you decide to reverse the perpetual cycle of disorder in your life you’re going to continue to experience the same cycles of defeat in failure…

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