Sid: My guest and I haven’t interviewed in a number of years now, is Gary Kah, Kah is spelled, K A H and Gary has a very unique background and as a matter of fact Gary actually had a vow, an oath almost which launched him into being one of the top investigative reporters of the end times.  Now Gary you had a very unique background, your father fled the Nazi’s in I guess as he explained what went on as a young child there were certain things that didn’t make sense to you, explain.

Gary: Yes, I remember around fifth and sixth grade being old enough to really begin comprehending what my parents went through during World War II.  And even though I was born over here in the states after they came over from Europe, when they would get together at family reunions with relatives they would of course talk about their younger days and what transpired during the war.  And my father became a refugee he had to flee from both the Nazi’s and the communists in Croatia because they were converging on their villages there in that area.  And so he and his family and a number of neighbors threw just a few belongings that they could grab on short notice, put them on the backs of wagons, formed a wagon train and ran for their lives and ended up losing everything else that they had.  And they became refugees and so here they were Christians on the run during World War II.  And my mother interestingly who my father met after the war in Southern Germany, she grew up in the hills of Southern Germany in a small farm village and her father, my Grandfather was very outspoken against Hitler to the point where Mom and Grandma feared for his life and prayed for him daily.  And again, Mom grew up in this small village of only about three hundred people and the major had to intervene once on Grandpa’s behalf or else the Gestapo would have hauled him off because of some things that he had said.  And so I thought how could that happen in a country that was known for so long as being Christian?  You know a lot of people forget that the same Germany that became Nazi produced many of the greatest theologians.  And of course the first Bible was printed in Germany and there is such a strong Christian heritage there and it just baffled me how could this happen?  And I remember sitting in my public school room in Kettering, Ohio in sixth grade during a World History Class, I had a Christian teacher that year that was teaching it.  And she was talking about World War II as well and these things that had happened and at that time I prayed to the Lord silently say “I would take a stand for Him if anything like this were to ever happen in America and I would do so regardless of the cost.”  And I remember it as if it were yesterday, I still remember exactly where I was sitting and of course at a young age like that when you pray a prayer like that I suppose you never think the Lord is going to take you up on that and in my case very clearly He did.

Sid: And obviously He’s really using you in an area that it’s unfortunate and in fact I find it hard for me to comprehend why the secular media doesn’t shout from the housetops some of the information that you have obtained.  As a matter of fact, I want to skip to something because to kind of whet the appetite of everyone, and I found this utterly amazing about President Obama has a cousin who ran for the President of Kenya and is one of the leaders of Kenya and that’s not amazing.   But what was amazing is this man is the most radical of radical Moslems I’ve ever heard of, I mean he has burned down hundreds of churches, murdered thousands of Christians.  And you say something on your video that I have never heard anywhere, that somehow there’s an association through President Obama in which he had a million dollars funded into his presidential campaign; tell me about that.

Gary: First of all this gentleman was the leader of the most powerful group of Islamic leaders in Kenya, and when he ran for President a few years back he lost narrowly and as a result a lot of rioting and killing broke out.  That did get some secular media attention, it was around Christmas time in Kenya and there was a lot of bloodshed.

Sid: I know but the connection of that was President Obama’s cousin that did not get media attention.

Gary: Right exactly yeah.  No that did not get out, that’s where they held back and surely they would have had to know that because this was revealed by that individual himself in an interview with BBC news, British Broadcast Corporation.  In fact the headline read, O’dinga said that Obama is his cousin.  And we also found a couple of pictures with Dingus meeting with President Obama and Michelle, this was before President Obama became president; this was during the campaign.

Sid: Even during the campaign how could that have that have been hidden? I mean we would think that there is at least one network that’s telling the truth?  Why isn’t that network at least telling us?

Gary: You know it’s as if there has been a complete media blackout on this.

Sid: How could, all right I’ll mention it, how could FOX News not, why aren’t you knocking on the door of O’Reilly and Beck and all of those other guys?

Gary: You know we’ve had several people who’ve had direct inside tracks allegedly to some of these people with FOX and who have tried to get some of my information into their hands including my book and we haven’t heard back anything.  This has been going on for a couple of years, so far nothing has happened.

Sid: But tell me the connection Gary, I have to understand this for myself, its one thing to have a cousin that’s a no good guy that murders people, but it’s another thing to help this person become president of the country, tell me that connection.

Gary: Okay, let me go back just for a moment if I may.  O’dinga himself personally did not kill those people, but his backers that were so upset that he was not elected that they then went out and torched 800 churches and over a 1,000 Christians were killed in Kenya at that time and so what happened.  So what happened was that things were in such disarray the government of Kenya finally said “Alright, let’s do this.”  So they made this man Prime Minister and Kenya along with another gentleman who holds the President position and so the two of them is ruling jointly right now.  So O’dinga is now in a very powerful position in Kenya as one of the top two leaders in that country.  Now in his interview, with BBC, O’dinga told them is “The World Today” or paper he stated that senator Obama’s father was his maternal uncle.  So Obama’s Father and O’dinga’s mother apparently were brother and sister, that’s the relationship right there.  Now let me move on from there, during the campaign O’dinga said that Mr. Obama had on Monday taken time out of campaigning for the New Hampshire primary to call him twice to express his concern and to say that he’d also be calling Mr. Kobaki, who is the President of Kenya.  And so he acknowledged that President Obama’s campaign he had been in direct contact with him.  And like I’ve said earlier we actually have pictures of them together meeting.  Now regarding the campaign financing it was the organ democratic movement party of which O’dinga was the top figure in that.  A memo that was given to the party from the treasurer which stated on it the various individuals contributing or the organizations contributing to the O’dinga’s campaign it listed an organization called, “Friends of Senator BO.” Standing for “Friends of Barack Obama” as having donated 66,000,000 Kenya shillings which is just under a $1,000,000 which is about $950,000 at the time based on the exchange at that time that was donated by this organization.  And this was an organization backing Obama and his presidential run consisting of many of his closest allies and friends.  And so it would be virtually impossible for him to not have known about that, you know when an organization in his name donates this money to his cousin in Kenya, who ends up then after the campaign being made Prime Minister of that country.  So this is, it really is explosive information, it is very important information.

Sid: If that had been known before the first Presidential campaign I don’t believe President Obama would have been President.

Gary: I agree with you that this would have been enough to tip the scales in direction, but it shows how closely is allied that at least in this case with this radical Islam concerning the fact that O’dinga was and still the top radical Islamic leader in Kenya.

Sid: Now, Gary your education also intrigues me, when you went to college, your major was in International Marketing and Economics.  You had three different majors actually, you graduated with top honors.  And they you became the Europe and Middle East Trade specialist for the State of Indiana, you traveled through some thirty different countries.  Did you at that time have any thought that you were being prepared to be literally God’s man to shout from the roof tops what’s going on?

Gary: Well, you know I remember even in the first year on my jobs, some of the opportunities that I had at such a young age, it was just almost mind boggling I had to pinch myself to see if this was really happening.  For example, only two months into the job, I was called upon to give the speech when a delegation of political leaders from Germany came here to visit Indiana.  And I remember the Governor of Indiana being there and the Lieutenant Governor, their wives and all these top leaders from Germany.  One of them was from the leader of the CDU Party at the time and here I was given this opportunity to address them and many things came out of that.  And then I lead a trade mission to seven different countries including Israel.

Sid: I’ll tell you what; let’s hold that thought because we’re out of time.

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