Sid: Joan Hunter is so excited about the revelation and that’s what it is and that’s what it takes, the revelation of God’s purpose for you in the last days and it’s all involved in Deuteronomy 8:18.  “And you shall remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant.”  Joan Hunter it’s all there in that verse, this is what God’s up to right now.

Joan: He is, the word of God says in Malachi that He will, “Prove me now here with your tithes and offerings that I won’t open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings.”  Now in the book and it will help you walk through this, but there is reasons and hindrances for the blockage of finances coming.

Sid: You were telling me about someone that got a hold of these tapes and listen to it maybe four times and it wasn’t working the way you said it was suppose to work in their life.  Tell me what happened.

Joan: I have, she actually works for me and she says “God, I’m here answering telephone, all these incredible financial testimonies coming in and how come it is not working for me?”  “I’ve listened to this CD again and again; how come I’m not seeing this; how come everyone else seeing this; how come I’m not seeing it?”  And was going on, she was kind of arguing with God you know sharing her heart really with God; and then God in turn says, “You have listened to it, but you haven’t done it.”  Now, and she goes, “Oh, maybe that’s it.”  You know and then she says, “I’m going to start doing this,” she lived in a mobile home.

Sid:  “Faith without works is dead.”

Joan: That’s right, she lived in a mobile home that was really really run down, that she was renting with her son, who was a teenager and she says “Father, help with giving him a father image and things like that.”  Well, within three months from that she met the man of her dreams; they are now married, moved into a beautiful two story home, absolutely incredible.  They recently rented that, moved into a five bedroom home and they’re you know just expanding and remodeling it and on and on and on.  And she got a beautiful diamond ring, she’s got an awesome husband and she’s got you know a bedroom and three to spare.  It’s just awesome what God is doing and he’s an awesome Godly man.  But you know what, whatever is blocking the blessings of God, these teachings with the book in particular will tell you how to break any form of hindrances that’s keeping blank from coming a blessing.  And on these “End Time Economics” I say “If you are having problems getting pregnant,” and I said, “You know or if your children are having problems getting pregnant, I had a daughter that was having problems conceiving over almost three years.”  And so I said, “Father, right now in the Name of Jesus I command all hindrances from keeping that baby” and I said her name under my breath and you can’t hear it, but I said it as I was praying over everybody there.  I said, “I command all those hindrances to go in Jesus name,” my daughter got pregnant four days later.

Sid: You know and that’s the point, God wants you to be the head and not the tail and not for greed, not for the toys of this earth, but for the Kingdom sake.   And tell me about that woman in Nebraska and her home.

Joan: Well, this is she seeded in one of the meetings, she had also seeded in her church and you know and blessed.  And she says, “I want a new home, I want to be able to get out of my apartment and get into a home and I want a home that I can use for Him,” it was a single female, she didn’t necessarily need a large home.  Well, in Lincoln Nebraska they give away one home a year, they build it and they give it away and they give out fifteen keys to fifteen different people; whosever works the key that works that’s who gets the home.  And she seeded and within two weeks she went to that house that was finished and she lives in that house because her key fit.  And you just pull out the key out of a whole bowl of keys and her key fit perfect; she has a beautiful, it was estimated at $250,000 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sid: Tell me about the couple that got approved for $25,000 car and what repentance that key and how that worked.

Joan: Oh, that is really powerful, you go in there and it is okay, your budget for is for a $20,000 car.  But the guy says that but you can qualify for $25,000, and he said, but we really budgeted for 20 but you know what we have good credit, we can go for the $25,000 car.  So what they did they got the car for $25,000 and then they got the car, then the payments started coming and they started getting further in debt and further in debt and further in debt and their going what’s going on here.  And the amount that they were going in debt is the difference of the $5,000 loan on the car.  They had walked in disobedience, they had it set in what God wanted them to do, and they went in disobedience and got the car that they were talked into so to speak and they recognized the fact that that was sin and sin of disobedience.  So we had them repent, led them in a prayer, which we do that in the book, repent for disobedience, because disobedience is the deadbolt on the windows of heaven.  Disobedience is the deadbolt on the windows of heaven, and so they repented for their sin of disobedience.  And we said, “Father, you know I led them in the prayer, “We are sorry for what we did, here we are, what should we do now, I thank you, here we have repented, I thank you for helping us either, sell this vehicle, or show us a way that we in turn can pay for the car and keep the car.”  And within two weeks of that and seeding for that car to be completely paid for, they were able to pay it off in just a few months.  It was just supernatural thing it was awesome, there’s power in repentance.

Sid: In addition to repentance some people, they seem to never be able to get ahead, even though they are making more money than they have ever made in their life they’re always in debt, it’s almost as if they have a spirit of poverty.

Joan: That is very true, many times like, we are going to curse the spirit of poverty and the curse of the spirit of poverty is gone.  You know that’s great and I’m a real proponent of that, but unfortunately with that spirit of poverty needs to go a changing of the mind and a renewing of the mind and the getting out of the poverty mindset.  It’s like you know I I placed a call to somebody the other day, I said, “Did you hear what happened at this house?”  And they go “No, what happened?”  And I’m like, “It’s actually pretty exciting,” but they were anticipating it to be really bad.  And I said, “The neighbors are getting a new fence which means that they’re getting a new fence too but they don’t have to pay for it.”  And the mind set is, oh what happened?  You know doom and gloom, oh, what happened?  And we got to get rid of that poverty mindset is like looking…

Sid: Listen, just listening to you for thirty minutes gets rid of every poverty mindset and makes me and makes those listening to you feel like, if Joan can do it, I can do it.

Joan: Well, the word of God applies to Joan, but you know what the word of God applies to you too.  When you understand that God wants to supernaturally get you out of debt, he wants you to bless your socks off and so you can buy new sock; Glory to God, He just wants to bless you.  You know, and I had I think the best absolutely the phenomenal father in the world, you know, Charles Hunter and his desire was to bless me, bless me, bless me and that’s our Father’s heart he would have done anything for me.

Sid: But you know there are a lot of people listening that didn’t have good mothers and fathers like did and they got this image of God that is wrong.

Joan: And my natural Father abandoned me before I was born and then he came back with horrific stuff and so I understand what it is, but God sent my Dad to me, Charles Hunter and to show me what true Godlike love is.  Unconditional love and just as this is a very very powerful teaching, when I went through horrific financial times about twelve years ago I thought I’m going to ask my parents for money to help me.  I you know, I need help financially and I’m not going to make it unless they help me.  And I reached for the phone to ask them to send me some money, because I know that they would have done it in a moment, would have wired it, whatever I needed and as I reached for the phone, God says, “Are you going to trust them or are you going to trust me, it’s time you grew up.”  And they didn’t know what financial struggles I went through until my book came out on how God had healed my finances.  And you know it was like, “Why didn’t you tell us?” I said, “Because God wanted me to learn to completely trust Him.”

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