Sid:  Linda Josef and I’m speaking to her at her home in Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.  Co-Author of my brand new book “Supernatural healing.”  And we’re so excited about it, I believe after thirty years of investigating people that have had amazing miracles, we have put together the best healing testimonies and as I like to say Linda took it a step further because she found the keys.  And as you read these diverse testimonies you’ll get one of the most complete books on understanding healing.  And I believe that you will be affective in praying for the sick and affective in getting your own healing when you read this book.  On yesterday’s broadcast Linda you were talking about a couple of your favorite healing testimonies.  Now my favorite because it is so documented, we have three doctors, one Dr. Tom Renfro is a medical doctor I believe he’s a specialist in internal medicine.  He developed a rare form of lymphoma and it was terminal and the thing that was amazing to me Linda is that his wife had so much faith he was going to be healed that she videotaped him every day but he was getting worse, not better.  And I know you saw the video tape footage, tell me some of your observations on Tom.

Linda:  Well, first off Tom was really sick, he had tumors that were the size of grapefruits all over his body, and he was definitely in the final stages.  He had quoted healing scriptures and fought and battled, he knew that it was not God will for him to die.  But he didn’t seem to hold his ground very well, and on Thanksgiving of 1997 he was exhausted and he fell asleep praying to the Lord, I’ll wake up tomorrow in heaven with you or here on the earth, but I’m just too exhausted to fight any further.  And he fell asleep and he woke up the next day and he felt extremely refreshed and shortly after that he felt God touch him and he knew that he was healed.  And he didn’t show any outward manifestation, he knew that he was healed.  And he also knew another thing, he knew that he had been fighting that battle in his own strength and trying to use his energies to believe the word and to appropriate it.  But now a new change had occurred, he just trusted God and one of the things that God told him to do was to make out a will and put his financial affairs in order and secondly to present himself for chemotherapy.  Well, both of these seemed very strange to him because he said, “If I’m going to be healed, why do I need a will and why do I need chemotherapy?”  But by this point he had learned a very important lesson and that is the difference between natural knowledge and spiritual knowledge.  He said that God showed him that it was like road with a yellow line down the middle.  And the natural line was easy for him because he had studied medicine all of his life and believed in natural law and understood it.  But the spiritual was God’s truth and that in the natural we have fact which are temporary moments in time that can change.  So on the spiritual side we have truth which is permanent and unchanging.  And so at this point he had understood that what is commonsense told him wasn’t necessarily right, he had to do what God had said to do even if it didn’t make any sense.  Well by this time he was so weak, that he couldn’t sit up, he was transported by an ambulance to the local hospital.

Sid:  He looked so horrible that I had difficulty looking at the video footage of seeing his body so deteriorate, as a matter of fact something else I found interesting was his wife covered up the mirror, she didn’t want him to see how bad off he was.

Linda:  That’s right and I mean it was, he had a ragging fever and so she would even in the middle of winter keep all the heat off and the doors open.  Any little smell made him nauseated, it was really, what he suffered was really terrible. And at the end he was told to present himself for chemotherapy and he said, it’s important to realize that it doesn’t have to be invisible for it to be God working.  The doctors had previously told him that chemotherapy would do no good for his type of cancer that it was not susceptible to chemo but nonetheless, and they didn’t want to do it they thought now he’s so weak, that he’s going to die the minute we inject him with this stuff.  But he did it anyway and they hocked him up to the IVs and he said the moment that that chemotherapy hit his body he felt life exploding inside of him.  The tumors melted, they turned mushy and soft and then they liquefied and melted away.  And the transformation that occurred in him just over a few hours was remarkable.  He was weak, he was exhausted but he was healed and he had them, he couldn’t even shave or dress himself, but he had his wife wheel him into the lobby of the hospital so he could tell everyone what God had done for him.

Sid:  Linda, you wrote so many excellent points like that for people to understand so that they could get healed, tell me one of the most important things that you learned from doing the research on this book.

Linda:  Well, it was something that I thought illustrated that you’ve taught for a long time and that is that there is a difference between a healing and a miracle.  A miracle is something that happens suddenly and it’s all at once.  But a healing is something that occurs gradually and people often miss their healing because they don’t get a miracle.  And I think one place that you can really see this is, I know that you have the Dr. John Miller, on Friday to talk about communion.

Sid:  And just a reminder to get the elements for communion so that you cannot just be a spectator you can be part of that broadcast.

Linda:  Because what John teaches is something more and more people are now teaching and understanding, is that as you enter in to the mystery of communion healing occurs.  He has several accounts that he’ll give you of people that have been healed but he recommends that people remember that Jesus body was broken for us.  That he took on himself, the strips that we deserve, he’s like our big brother who took the beating that we deserved for our sins and our failure to do good.  And as you mediate on what Jesus did and you enter into awareness of His suffering on our behalf transformation occurs and it’s really awesome, really awesome.

Sid:  Tell me something else, another nugget.

Linda:  Well.

Sid:   By the way Mishpochah did you realize how valuable these nuggets are?  They are going to change your destiny, your life, your future…

Linda:  There is another thing that I have learned, I must say that I’ve been so blessed by the privilege of just being able to learn more about these people who have had awesome experiences but I’ve been thinking about it as an alphabet.  And A is for action, B is for belief, C is for confession and D is for doubt.  This is what I would say I have learned that before electricity was in common use it was in the world and available, nobody understood it.  It was a mysterious thing, they would see steaks streaks of lightning or static electricity but it has only been about two hundred years that we’ve understood how to harness the power and force of electricity.  The same thing is true of healing, that God’s provision is there for us.  We don’t quite have all the pieces yet, we don’t quite understand how it all fits together.  But anyone who wants to be healed they need to go into the scriptures first and satisfy themselves that healing is there right every much as forgiveness.  That Jesus died for your sin, he died for our infirmity and once you’re really convinced of that these other pieces start to fit together.  And I mentioned the ABCs.  A’s for action, you show you faith by how you act.  So for example, you don’t get in a car thinking that the breaks are going to fail; you have faith in the breaks.  So that’s one aspect.  B is for what you believe; you know does your inner heart tell you that you’re healed?  And if it doesn’t mediate on those verses that God gives you and seek out His plan.  Dale Retz is one who really emphasized the importance of knowing what God’s battle plan is for each situation.  His wife had a terrible stroke the doctor told him that she was going to die, that she would never regain consciousness and Dale proclaimed healing scriptures over her.  She didn’t really get better and he said, I’ve got to go back to the drawing board, I need to find out what God’s plan is.  And so he spent a lot of time just waiting on the Lord trying to hear what God’s plan might be.  And as he understood that he was able to do the things and say the things that he was directed to do.  God told him for example to go up and down the halls of the hospital where his wife was staying and pray for other people to be healed.  And they were getting healed.  He did a tremendous work for the Lord while his wife was there.  And then came the day when she opened her eyes and recognized her family and got up out of bed and today she ministers with him.

Sid:  You know he literally called in a new brain for his wife Pearl, I mean each one of them are such faith builders, the testimonies in this book.  So again, something special will occur on the radio broadcast this Friday, get the elements for communion and get ready for either a miracle or a healing.  A healing is a gradual miracle; a miracle is an instant healing.  You’ll get one or the other, it’s like the game of baseball without three strikes and you’re out.  You can keep swinging, the only way your out is if you quite swinging don’t give up.  The book is called “Supernatural Healing.”   Linda, thank you so much for all the hard work you did to put this book together.  I want to put it in your hands, I want you to start praying for the sick and seeing miracles and I want you to get a miracle…

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