SID: The only word I have is “meshuga,” a Hebrew word that means “crazy”. This Dennis Walker hears from God. You like hearing from God, don’t you?

DENNIS: I love it.

SID: You like hearing from God

DENNIS: I wouldn’t want to live without that.

SID: And have you found, it’s a contagious thing, the more you hear from Heaven, the more you hear, the more you hear. And by the way, it works in reverse. The less you hear, the less you hear, the less you hear. I can’t wait to find out.

DENNIS: It’s the old saying, use it or lose it.

SID: Alright. When you say “initiative from Heaven”, what do you really mean? Define that.

DENNIS: Well it’s instructions. It’s concrete instructions from Heaven. It’s the same thing that Moses walked in. Moses got the instructions for every situation. So you have a specific need and then you have a specific instruction. And that instruction when it’s brought from Heaven to Earth by you, as you hear and you do, or you speak, it just releases the power of Heaven on that situation.

SID: You really call this a new paradigm. But it really isn’t new.

DENNIS: No, not at all.

SID: It’s the original.

DENNIS: That’s right.

SID: It’s the magillah. It’s the real thing.

DENNIS: That’s right.

SID: Okay. So the real thing hits you. What do you do? What would you do if God told you to pitch a tent in your living room? What did you do, Dennis?

DENNIS: I did it. The Lord told me that I was supposed to buy this tent and spend time with Him in the tent. That He would meet with me in the tent. And He said, “I’m going to restore to you the Feast of Tabernacles”.

SID: What did that mean to you?

DENNIS: That meant a time of learning how to live and abide with God.

SID: We Jewish people, we’re in these things where could actually see the stars out of these tabernacles that we’re in. We call it Succoth, and we remark on the majesty of God. So you went through a Feast of Tabernacles in your living room.

DENNIS: That’s right.

SID: What did your wife think about this when she saw the tent in her living room?

DENNIS: She walked in and she said, “Doesn’t that go up outside?”

SID: That’s an understatement.

DENNIS: I said, “Well you know, this is Las Vegas and it gets very hot out there, so this one is going inside and me in it.”

SID: Okay. When you went into the tent, because you were told to go into the tent, because God wanted to meet with you, what happened?

DENNIS: I got into this tent and I started applying what it says in Colossians in Chapter 3, which says, “Seek those things which are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.” Seek third Heaven, is what it says. And then in Verse 2 it tells you how. It says, “Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” So I started setting my mind on the things of Heaven. You can do that because the Bible tells you what Heaven looks like. So I’m setting my mind on Heaven, and all of a sudden, I’m caught into the scene. I’m brought into this experience in heavenly places. And the Jesus began to come and actually speak to me and teach me things, and show me things.

SID: That must be so wonderful to be taught by Jesus. But when you think about it, Dennis, that’s why we have the Bible.

DENNIS: It’s true.

SID: But when he taught you, what difference did this make in your life from this time? How long did you stay in the tent, by the way?

DENNIS: Oh, I was there hours and hours, and hours, just everyday. My wife was so gracious. She would protect me. I told her if anybody knocks at the door just tell them that I’ve gone to Heaven.

SID: Did you go to Heaven in the tent?

DENNIS: Oh I did…many, many, many times. I’ve gone to Heaven.

SID: Tell me one time.

DENNIS: This one was, I was caught up to a place that was a big white wall, and there were no doors or windows. It was as long as I could see on either way and very, very high, and it was translucent. It was like catching the light from the Throne of God and reflecting it back. And I’m asking, where is this? And the message I got was, “You are in the archives of Heaven.” And so then I said, “Well what would that be like?” And they said, “Come in.”

SID: I’d love to read the archives and look up that name. Did you?

DENNIS: No. Here’s what…It was different than what I thought it would be. Because, you know, you think archives, you think files.

SID:  Yeah, right.

DENNIS: I was actually caught into a scene. And at first I thought, this cannot be Heaven. But it was a scene like a low-lying cave, very, very dank, dark, nasty atmosphere. How can this be in Heaven? And then the Lord said, “You’re in the jail, in the cave of Ephesus, or Philippi, where Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown into prison, and then they worshipped with me until Heaven came to Earth.”

SID: And all the other prisoners heard them. I love it.

DENNIS: They did, and they were set free. It created an earthquake on Earth because Heaven and Earth came together through their worship.

SID: Why did he show you that?

DENNIS: He wanted me to see that those things recorded are in Heaven. And then He took me to the next scene, and the next scene was a tenement apartment and a lady sitting at the table weeping; shedding tears asking God to help her raise her son in a hostile environment in the city she lived in. And the Lord said, “Every tear is remembered here. Every tear is kept. Every scene in the saints’ suffering is kept here.” And then I asked, of course, “Why? Why would you keep all this?” And He said, “This is the body of evidence that will be presented at the judgment of the fallen angels; that every tear that is caused by their sowing the seed of rebellion will be brought to trial and be shown here.” And He said, “Those things will be kept for eternity so that the inheritors of salvation, there would be a reason for this, for the angels to know.” This was especially kept for the angels.

SID: Now you heard about the term even, “initiative from Heaven” in this tent.


SID: Why is it important…for you that are watching right now to understand the initiative of Heaven and operate in the initiative of Heaven? Why is that important?

DENNIS: I think it’s the answer and the key to everything we’re called to do. Jesus said, “The works that I do, you’ll do and even greater. For whoever believes in him they’ll do those works.” But we have to do his works in his way. And that means that we do it how he said he did it in John 5:19, where he said, “The son can do nothing of himself but what he sees the Father do. Whatever the Father in Heaven does, the son on Earth does just the same.” And so there’s this relinking and synchronization of Heaven and Earth, as we do on Earth what he’s doing in Heaven. And that’s part of the Lord’s Prayer. He said, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

SID: Wow!  That’s wonderful that you can do that. But how about me? How about you? Can you do that? Can everyone do that?


SID: It’s not just some special people?

DENNIS: No. It’s easy.

SID: It’s easy! I like that. We’ll be back in a moment to find out just how easy it is.

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