Sid:  I am so excited to be introducing to you; it’s been out a little while but it’s brand new because it’s been repackaged just for our ministry.  Just for you really, I have Andre Ashby’s CD it’s called “Before the Throne.”  And a description of Andre that is very apt is Andre carries the presence of God.  Now Andre when you were four your had a dream and knowing nothing about the Lord Jesus made himself real to you and God became your best friend, but after that point, you began knowing things about people.  Like, what do you mean?

Andre:  I would just know about people, I thought that it was good intuition I didn’t know it was the prophetic, like I could judge character.  In fact it’s really funny I had friend who are girls who would call me and say, “I want you to meet my boy friend” and I was like, “I don’t want to meet your boy friend.” But I’ll meet him and I would say “Leave him alone, he’s no good” and they wouldn’t listen to me and then they would call me back later and say, “You were right.”  I didn’t know that was the prophetic I just thought it was good intuition.

Sid:  But has God used the prophetic as far as knowing their problems and then praying for people?

Andre:  Oh yes, definitely.

Sid:  Give me one case,

Andre:  This was really cool a lady, I looked at her and when I looked at her I saw, I don’t know how to describe it but like something opened up and it went up into the heavens and I said, when something like happens I say, “God what is this.”  He began to speak to me and tell me about a ten year journey she was on and three days earlier she had asked the Lord a specific question and I saw her laying across the bed.  And I said, “This is what you asked, I can’t remember what it was right now and this is the answer.”  And she began to weep, but the cool thing is that she had just talked to her Pastor about it and her pastor came to me and said, “Andre, everything you said, we just talked about.”   And she was just totally impacted by the power and the presence of God.

Sid:  You’ve got to tell me about what happened in Korea with that glory cloud, that tangible glory cloud and the angel.

Andre:  That was really fun; I love Korea, I love going there.  It was my first time and I was teaching on prophetic worship.  And you know in 2nd Chronicles it talks about the glory cloud fills the temple, I was on that scripture and the priests couldn’t stand to minister and I looked in back of the room and suddenly I saw this cloud coming through the back wall.  And I went, “God what do you want me to do with that?”  He said, “Well, stand the people up.”  And so I stood up the people in the back and the pastor, Pastor Kim she flew backwards slammed back into the glass door, hit the ground, another women fell and began to roll from one side of the church to the other.  And the Lord said, “I want you to stand the people up in the front, there weren’t very many people in the back and ask them if they can see the cloud?”  So I said to my translator, “Would you ask the people if they could see the cloud?”  And as she was asking them her eyes were open and everyone in the room saw the cloud.  Then an angel flew and stood next to me and I couldn’t see him but I could feel his presence so I said to my translator I said, “Can you feel the angel next to me?”  Well, she shot backwards, did a U-turn and I had to catch her from flying off the stage.  And the angel began to whisper in my ear.  He said, “Do you see this young man out there?”  And I said, “Yes,” he said, “I want you to stand him up.”  I said, “Okay,” he said, “Now, prophesy this over him,” and so I did.  And when I prophesied over him the power to God hit this young guy, he went out under the power, this was like 12:00 in the afternoon and he got up 9:00 at night in midst of me speaking again.  So I’ve seen lots of incredible things in Korea.

Sid:  Now when you say that you’ve saw the glory cloud, describe to me what it looked like.

Andre:  It looked like a heavy midst in the room, like have you ever been in Houston in the summer and with the humidity?  Ha-ha.

Sid:  That’s, but it was not the humidity, is what you’ve telling me.  It was inside a building.  Ha-ha.

Andre:  It was inside the building, yes.

Sid:  And, do you see angels often?

Andre:  I don’t see angels much, but I feel their presence and a lot of times in my meetings I know when they’re there I can feel the fire of the angel on me like.  I’ll actually tell you one story, “I was in a meeting with Robert Sterns I wasn’t ministering or anything, I was just sitting there and with my friend, my friend was sitting next to me and all of a sudden I felt the fire of my angel with me, and I went, I’m not ministering tonight, “Why are you here?”  So I turned to my friend and said, “Can you feel the angel that’s with me, and said, “That’s why my whole left side is on fire and I said, “Oh, I know why, he’s here, he’s going home with you tonight.”  And when he went home the angel showed up in his room and ministered to him all night long.

Sid:  Tell me about what happened in Australia with a man that was stuck to his chair.

Andre:  Awe, yeah that was fun I was there with Jill Austen.  Jill Austen I was one of her spiritual sons.  And this guy, Jill was ministering and this guy calls me up and says, “Andre come here.”  So I walk over and I go “What’s wrong?”  He goes, “Why is God sticking me to this chair?”  And I’m like, “I don’t know why God’s sticking you to the chair.”  But I called my friend, he grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other, we pulled and the whole row of chairs, they came up with them.  He was literally stuck to the chair.

Sid:  Now, you think that’s outrageous how about the time someone had instant weight loss.

Andre:  Awe, yeah that happened in Indianapolis; the night before, God usually doesn’t tell me what he’s going to do, I ask Him but usually it’s when I get up he down loads to me.  But the night before I said, “Lord what do you want me to do tomorrow?  And He said, “I want you to repent to women as a man for having false expectations of beauty.”  He said, “Two things are going to happen, woman are going to go through deliverance and some are going to supernaturally lose weight.”  So I got up the next day I just simply did what the Lord asked me, I said, “I want to repent to you woman as a man for having false expectations of beauty.”  And when I said that, women all over the room hit the deck and started going through prolong deliverance.  And then women literally dropped weight and the way I know that is that they came to me later and they showed me their clothes and they’re going, “I’ve lost inches.”  And that was pretty amazing.

Sid:  You know, I have to believe people that have had emotional pain, rejection, abuse of all kinds, when they just sit under the presence of God as you’re worshipping God they get deliverance.

Andre:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me again about a prophetic song and again a prophetic song is where you just sing it, it isn’t rehearsed, it isn’t someone else wrote it that you just sing it.  On your CD that we’re making available, it’s called “Before the Throne, it’s called “No Distance Between Us” tell me about that.

Andre:  Basically I feel like that’s a love song between God and His people and He’s saying, “There’s no distance between us.”  He knows us intimately, He knows every aspect of our lives and not only does he know us but he loves us, but he likes us, he likes to hang around with us and in the song basically He’s just saying “There’s no distance between you and I.”

Sid:  That’s going to be your experience, let’s listen to that right now.

Worship excerpt:  CD “Before the Throne,” it’s called “No Distance Between Us”

Andre:  You know I keep hearing the name “Eliza and there is a lady who you’re at ropes end and you’ve been crying out “God if you’re real would you reveal yourself to me.”  And you’re almost at the point that you just kind of want to take your life.  But God today is letting you know that He knows you, He loves you and that He’s going to work those things out in your life.  Your husband has been estranged, but God wants you to know that He will never leave you, He will never forsake you, that He’s going to begin to show you what it really means to be the Bride of Christ.  And so Elisa today your life is turning around because the God of Heaven is sovereignly intervening in your life.

Sid Roth:  If you want your house to be saturated with the glory of God, do you want your house to be filled with the presence of God?  Do you want your car to be filled with presence of God?  Do you want your office, your school, well I don’t know about your school, you want your school but I don’t know if you could play Andre’s CD.

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