Sid:  My guest, just a young girl, a five year old was with her parents in Russia; she saw miracles that few Christians have ever seen.  Evangeline Weiner, you saw the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, I mean what a background God equipped you for.  But there was a time when you were just fourteen in Indonesia and a woman reached up to choke you; tell me about her.

Evangeline:  Yeah, well I was in Indonesia and we were doing a conference there and actually I was speaking and all of a sudden you know all the students started yelling about this girl that they thought was dying.  And so I ran over there because I thought, “Oh, man she can’t die on my watch.”  I ran over there and checked on her and she was on the floor and she looked passed out and I started praying for her, thinking it was for a healing.  And you know I started praying for her and as I said, “In the name of Jesus,” her face turned one way and then turned the other and she looked back at me and you know a shadow had gone over her eyes and  a demonic presence was looking at me.  And as I started praying for her you know at first I thought, “Whoa,” for a second it kind of freaked me out because I wasn’t expecting that and well all of a sudden then she got up and started trying to choke me.  And she was probably smaller than me, she was a very petite girl and she had to have probably twenty people holding her down because she was trying to get up and get me, but the crazy part was that twenty people had to hold her down.  But anyway I started praying…

Sid:  It shows the strength of the demonic.

Evangeline:  Absolutely, yeah.

Sid:  And if we didn’t have a greater strength we would be in big trouble, but go ahead, ha.

Evangeline:  That’s the truth and I mean there was this pastor’s wife that was there and she was hiding behind everyone else.  I was like, what is this I’m fourteen?”  “No, I’m just kidding.”  But anyway it just shows that most people aren’t use to dealing with the supernatural.  But anyway so, but it’s there everywhere you know and anyway so this girl she got up and started to choke me, tried to and they held her down and I just started praying for her, you know.  I just said, “In the name of Jesus, we break this power, this spirit” and as we started to pray she threw-up and she threw-up three drops of blood.  And the crazy part about that is, afterwards she came up and talked to me and said, “You know I’ve had a lung problem since I was little, my grandfather here is a witch-doctor and dedicated me to Satan and when I was little and ever since then I have had a lung problem.”  And the thing is that when she was dedicated he took three drops of blood from different animals and put them in her mouth as a symbol that she was dedicated to Satan and when she got delivered she threw up three drops of blood.  And that’s crazy; you know that is really you know God delivered her not only from the sickness, but also from the spirit that had been oppressing her.  And I think that the supernatural is everywhere and it is funny to me that in the western world so many people think that the supernatural is a fopa, but everywhere else in the world it is as common as you and I.

Sid:  Now when this demon reached up to choke you through this woman, how fearful were you?

Evangeline:  I wasn’t really fearful, I was surprised; you know it just kind of threw me off guard, because there I saw this girl was dying and then she gets up with strength; so it’s sort of strange.  But you know it’s amazing to me every time that I have been in a situation where even your life could have been on the line or anything, you know the boldness of Jesus comes on you where you just feel such a, you know you just have such faith to see it happen, it’s like the fear isn’t even there; you don’t even have time to be afraid.

Sid: I’ll tell you one of my favorite stories in your book is the one about Sahara Lee Brandon; tell me about her.

Evangeline:  Well, Sahara she grew up in an atheist home and her Mom was Jewish and her Dad was from India and she had lots of experience in India because her Dad would take her there but she was actually raised here.  And anyway she went to, they even took her to see Mother Teresa and different things like that, but what happened is that she went one time when she was in eighth grade someone asked her, “What do you think about God?”  And she had never even thought about it before one day in her life, “What do I think about God?”  She didn’t even think, “Is there a God?”  She had never; she was told “There wasn’t one.”  And so she started, that started her on exploring, “Is there a God?”  And so she began to study in her closet every day every world religion and she would try to experience each religion.  And when it came time to experience Jesus, you know she said, “Well, I don’t believe you’re real, you know she prayed because actually what happened and a bunch of her friends were going to this conference.  And she was going to go with them and she said, “I don’t believe you are real God,” she got on her knees and did a hail Mary and something she thought was Christian.   And she said, “I don’t believe that You are real, and I don’t think that You are going to do anything, but if you are real, show me that You are.”  And when she went to this conference there was nothing, you know it as theologically just about your mind, different things like that, but when she went, she felt the power of God.  And actually what happened was she flew across the room and just experienced the presence of God, she experienced Jesus and from that point on she knew the realness of Jesus.

Sid:  And she went out with Heidi Baker and a campaign in Malawi.

Evangeline:  Yeah.

Sid:  And just your description there of this deaf baby, tell me about her.

Evangeline:  Yeah, well she was just; well what happened is that she even said, “As she went through the states and different places, you know different conferences because she was so hungry for the power of God and for experience Jesus because she wasn’t allowed to go to church, she wasn’t allowed to hang out with anyone that was a believer after she came to know Jesus.”  But what happened is was that she started seeing a conflict in the experiences she was having with Jesus and what the church was in the western world, she was having a hard time with that because it wasn’t the same, the power wasn’t there.  And so anyway she was longing for; she went to Africa saw thousands and thousands of people you know come to know the Lord and healed.  But the women Heidi Baker, you know she even just saw the deaf baby that Heidi Baker was holding, she just kissed her ear and the ear opened up.  And you know I think that’s what the Lord wants to do, He loves us so much, He wants to even know kiss us like Heidi did that baby and just see the healing that we need; you know the broken hearts  that we have changed just like that.  And you know with Sahara even, she told the story about when she was in Africa, there was this family that she tried and tried, she prayed and prayed and prayed for this family.  And there was this Muslim family and what happened, you know she heard a word, she heard a word you know, prostitute.  And she said, “Wow, I can’t ask her, I can’t ask them that question, that’s so mortifying I don’t want to embarrass them like that, you know.  And she kept hearing the word prostitute so she went up to the mother and she said, “Are you a prostitute?” Because she had Aids and she was dying and you know she had been praying and praying of for their healing.  And the lady said, “Yes, you know my husband sold all of us girls into prostitution when he was dying in India.”  And so then she prayed for her and you know she asked Jesus into her heart, they prayed, they repented and stuff and basically at that point, then the lady got healed of Aids, of blindness, the Mom was blind and the whole family came to know the Lord.  And I think that sometimes we don’t want to ask things because we are fearful of you know what what they’ll bring, but you know it’s amazing the experience that she had there.

Sid:  You know speaking about being sold into prostitution there was another story similar to that, Taughtiano, tell me about her.

Evangeline:  Yeah, Taughtiano is from the Ukraine, she is from Kiev and she had grown up you know always, I guess in school misbehaving, different things.  She always wanted love and wanted attention and anyway she got into alcohol and drugs and eventually she had a little girl when she was a teenager and she couldn’t provide for her any more so she got involved into prostitution.  And you know she had many encounters close of death through this and different things until one day she encountered Jesus and you know Jesus revealed Himself to her; and her whole life was different.  And at that point she began to want to help the hurting youth of the Ukraine.  And so she began to get involved in Ukraine Education System, she began to teach teens and you know she teaches 60,000 teens on morality, and basically all these different issues.  And she kept feeling God saying you are going to change the education system in the Ukraine and to get her Master’s Degree and so she went and did that.  And now actually they put her in charge of rewriting the curriculum for the education system for high school and under to take out anything that is contrary to the Bible.  And they’ve placed in charge of hiring the people who write curriculums who are in charge of school districts in each city of the Ukraine and so it’s amazing what the Holy Spirit’s done through really her obedience.  You know, who was she?  You know she wasn’t anybody, just like I’m not anybody, but God you know revealed Himself to her and gave her purpose for her life and as she walked in faith, stepped out in faith and began to even get the degree to even be able to do those things.  She opened up the doors and you know the crazy thing about God is that we can work really hard to do something and it make take us thirty years to accomplish it, but with God it’s not in our might or in our power, but it is by Him and so it’s to take one day, you know He can open up that door.

Sid Roth: …

Evangeline: … I think that as they are listening today, you know I believe that God wants to unlock your destiny; He wants to show you what He’s called you to do.  And you know that the thing is a lot of people let fear of man or let a false humility or just a fear of failure come over them, but today I believe God wants to release you know the visions and the dreams because God’s called each one of us.   He knew each one of you from your mother’s womb and so even today as you are listening “God I pray right now that You’ll just speak to every heart, you’ll speak to every situation Lord, I pray that you’ll unlock dreams that have been put on hold for years and years because of life’s check list of filling out all the obligations of life.”  “But God I pray that You’ll put things dream the hearts, dreams to just begin to experience You as never before and for the things that You have called them to do.”  “Lord, I pray for inventions, discoveries, Lord I pray for just creative ways, just ways to do things, even people that have had, I feel there is a person that has had an idea for years and never known how to do it but right now, Lord I pray that You’ll give them the exact idea that they need to release that, in the name of Jesus.”

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