Sid:  Now my guest is red hot for the Messiah because he has been tasting of the glory of God for a number of years.  Many of you are probably familiar with him; his name is Pastor John Kilpatrick.  And on June 1995 Father’s Day his church in Pensacola, Florida; Brownsville Assembly of God literally got saturated with the Spirit of God.  And as a matter of fact, John you’re currently Pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama.  But when that occurred in 1995 I’ve seen video footage and I’ve talked to you about it, but what happened to you on Father’s Day?

John:  Well, we’d been praying for two and a half years for revival on Sunday evenings; I did away with preaching and we went to all prayer.  And we prayed for two and a half years for revival.  And to be honest with you, I was a student of revival and raised by a pastor that loved revival, but even though I had experienced moves of God before in my life I was totally, totally unexpected what happened on Father’s Day of ’95.

Sid:  But you were as I understand it, before the outbreak though, you’re prayers were very desperate.

John:  Oh yeah, I was as desperate for God as a dying man in a desert for water, that’s how desperate I was for God.  I told God that I’d been pastoring for thirty some odd years and I told the Lord, I said “Lord I’ve got to have You, I don’t want religion, I don’t want no more church services, I don’t want to hear another song, I don’t want to hear another sermon.”  I said, “God I have got to have You.”  I said, “I’ve got to see what the Word of God says You can do; it says You can heal; well, I want to see You heal; it says that You can deliver, I want to see You deliver.”  And I said, “Lord it’s going to take more of the presence of God; more than the anointing than I have ever seen to get this done, because it’s just not getting done.”  And as we begin to pray desperately for revival and for the presence of God to show up it showed up on Father’s Day.  To be honest with you I never dreamed that the power of God would come down on Father’s Day.  You might think of Easter or something like that, but not Father’s Day.  And to be honest with you after we prayed for two and a half years for revival; right before it broke out I never felt as far away from God I don’t think in my life.  And it seemed like it would never happen due to a series of events that took place.  I’m sure that Satan saw the revival was nearing, I’m sure that he saw that heaven was stirring and right before it broke out I was discouraged, and I’m usually not one to get discouraged I was you know just sort of, I was just unprepared.  And whenever God showed up on Father’s Day it was the most mind boggling presence of God you could imagine; it was the glory of God that came into that church.  It wasn’t a sermon, it wasn’t an evangelist, and it certainly wasn’t the pastor it was the presence of God that moved into that church.  Almost, it was like an invisible river came into that church to be honest with you; that’s exactly what it felt like.  It felt just like an invisible river came into that church.

Sid:  But you were so overcome that for weeks you couldn’t even function normally, explain that.

John:  Yeah, I’m not a critic; I’m a skeptic; just by nature I’m a skeptic.  I’ve been around, seen a lot, you know I’ve been around the block more than one time and I was raised in Pentecost and I’ve seen a lot of stuff you know.  And so I believe, I believe the Lord and I believe His word and I’ve seen so much out of a man that I was just; I wanted to see God do something.  I mean I was desperate for God to do something.  And so being skeptical like I am I’m sure that whenever the Lord whenever He moved in there that day that He meant to make a believer out of me and nobody even touched me Sid, and the evangelist, nobody touched me and I mean I went down and I was barely able to stand.  I was just shaking and quivering behind the pulpit and I told the church at the end of the service, I said, “Folks this is it; this is what we’ve been praying for get in.”  And as soon as I said that, man I mean it was like a down draft from Heaven and it came down and hit, we had about 1700 people there that morning.  And it was like a down draft from Heaven hit that crowd and I saw people hit the floor, nobody even touched them; nobody even touched me.  And I saw people hit the floor like dead men and I was down four hours on the floor and could not lift my head off the floor.  It was not scary, it was not phobic or anything like that.  It was the weighty presence of God came in much as it did in the scriptures the Bible says in Chronicles whenever they dedicated Solomon’s temple the priests could not stand to minister.  I couldn’t stand up, and the congregation hit the floor, I saw business people that I’d never seen make any move toward the Lord, I saw owners of corporations and doctors and different kinds of people in the congregation that I’ve never really seen get too emotional hit the floor like dead men before I hit the floor.  And I was down for four hours and I could hear everything, but I couldn’t see anything, I could hear crystal clear.  And it was Father’s Day and the first thing that hit my mind whenever I hit the floor was I thought oh God it’s Father’s Day, these people need to go home and have lunch with the Fathers.

Sid:  Ha-ha, you know it’s kind of ironic that you’re saying this; here you are so desperate you’re praying for all of your worth for weeks and months and even years for this and it happens and you’re as a pastor you’re concerned about time.

John:  Exactly, and I’m thinking man they need to be going home with their Dads today.  But as I lay there, I lay there like I said for about four hours and Sid, I don’t believe anybody left even when I got up and was finally able to get up and sit in my chair about four thirty in the afternoon.  I looked around and that church was still slam full and during that four hours that I was on the floor and I couldn’t see; I could hear like I said, I could hear really good, but I could hear, literally hear the presence of the Lord move in that congregation.  I could hear it on this side for forty-five minutes or an hour and I could hear it move up to the balcony, I could hear it come down to the right hand side.

Sid:  What does the presence of the Lord sound like?

John:  It was the sounds of the people when he touched them.

Sid:  Oh, I see.

John:  And as He was touching them you could hear the wailing and the weeping, the repenting.  You could hear some laughter where God was touching people.  It was not weird laughter, it was gut, it was just coming from the gut, just guttural laughter that was just a release.  It sounded like a release of pent up things that people had pent up in them, frustrations and pains.  And they just began to laugh in the Spirit and it was the most wonderful sounds that I’ve ever heard in my life (Pastor John wept as he shared).  And I’ll never forget when they brought the children in, because the parents could not even go get their children from Children’s Church.  I’ll never forget when they brought those three hundred and fifty children in there; as soon as those little children, many of them below the age of ten years old when they brought those little children in that sanctuary where the presence of God was.  I heard three hundred children begin to “Oh Jesus, Jesus” and they were immediately in the presence of God; there was no preparation, you didn’t have to talk to them.  Those little innocent spirits when they were brought into the presence of revival, they were instantly in the presence of God.  And it reminded me when I was laying on that floor, it reminded me when Jesus was in the temple and the children were crying Hosanna and they told them to be quiet.  And Jesus said, “Don’t you know that out of the mouths of babes and suckling’s praise is perfected.”  And as I lay there I didn’t need to see, but what I heard changed my life forever.  And after God had got through touching that church; about 1,700 people that morning; all those praises wrapped up together into one and I’m telling you what it sounded like; it sounded like a train on the outside of the building coming through the brick wall into the main sanctuary.  It sounded like a train of praise; it was just a constant shrill; just a shrill of hundreds of voices blended together that had just been touched by the presence of God.

Sid:   And for those that aren’t familiar with the Pensacola Revival something like 4,000,000 people from all over the world came to that church in Pensacola, Florida.  Hundreds and thousands of people made professions of faith and rededications at the altar and it was real.  And speaking about real; you had a prophetic word in the beginning of 2008 and you warned your people that there was going to be a financial storm.  Did many of your people save money as a result of that?

John:  Yes, the Lord spoke to me on a Saturday morning and He said to me, as I was coming out of sleep that’s usually a lot of times the way Holy Spirit speaks to me is when I’m coming out of sleep.  I heard His voice and He said, “A storm is coming,” and this was in April of ’08.

Sid:  Well, we’ll go into detail on tomorrow’s show, but as a result of your prophetic word, did many people save money by getting out of the stock market?

John:  Tens of thousands of dollars.

Sid:  You know that’s the way it’s supposed to be and we’re also going to be also talking about the first day of 2009 God gave a prophetic picture of what is going to be happening starting this year and on into the future.  It’s horrible some of things He showed you, but it was about the most encouraging prophecy for those that know God I’ve ever heard.  And then you have a teaching on angels and you had a visitation of angels when you were fifteen years of age that forever impacted your life.  But I personally have never heard teaching like this, its three CDs and the tile is “Angels Enforce Blessings” and when someone finishes this series and I don’t know the feedback you’ve gotten on this particular series John, but I’ll tell you what it’s putting a guard on what I say with my mouth like I’ve never had before.

John:  Good.

Sid Roth:  And you understand what I’m saying, but if that’s the only thing that it accomplishes I mean it’s an invaluable tool.  What feedback did you get when you gave these messages?

John:  Well the people, it wasn’t because of my sermon or me preaching it, it was just the material, but the people were mesmerized and so many people have never really heard that about angels enforce blessings.

Sid Roth:  Woops were out of time.

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