SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Peter Gammons. And during the break, Peter gave me a revelation that God had shown him of how to close the door on the devil, and I want him to tell you.

PETER: It’s very important to understand that God spoke to me and He said, “The devil cannot rub on you my territory. He’s got to get you in his territory to rub you.” The devil’s territory is fear, doubt, unbelief. When we’re walking in love and faith, and obedience, the devil can’t rob us. So the devil, everyday he’s trying to entice over on his territory where he has a right to rob you, and God has not right to stop him. And so we’re living in a spiritual battle. There’s a spiritual warfare going on, and it’s important to know how to close the door on the devil. When Satan comes before God and talks about Job, God says, “Behold, he’s in your hands.” Now some Christians have the misunderstanding that God handed Job over to the devil. God doesn’t hand His children over to the devil. He says, “Behold,” which means, “Look, he’s already in your hand.” How did he get in the devil’s hand? Well we see in Chapter 3, Verse 25, he says, “The thing which I greatly feared has come upon me.” And so the devil uses our fears, our faith and our words as a door to bring into our life. In other words, he’s using spiritual laws against us. It’s something I teach on a lot, how he uses his—

SID: So he’s a legalist.

PETER: Yes, absolutely. He comes with a book. He’s not only a liar, but he’s also a lawyer. And then that’s how he comes, on the legal grounds, because he knows that God is just. I preached this in a church in London one time, Kensington Temple, a church in London, and I made a comment. The pastor told me later, he said, “I nearly fell off the chair when you said that, but, he said, “the more I thought about it, the more it was true.” And I said, “God is just and He’s even just with the devil.” And the devil realizes that. The devil has legal grounds to rob the believe. God has no right to stop him. So that’s where we have to learn, and that’s what I spend a lot of time writing books and preaching, ministering to teach people how to shut the door on the devil so that he can rob them no more.

SID: Peter, I am very intrigued with your gift of prophesy. You prophesy literally to heads of nations that changes their destiny. Tell me a few.

PETER: The president of the Philippines, when she was a university lecturer, the Holy Spirit came on me. She had come to one of the services I was speaking at, and I prophesied over her that she would become of the president of the Philippines, and I prophesied for six hours over her, what she had to do. And within a month, she ran for senator, won. She went from senator to vice president, to president. In Honduras, the president of Honduras called me and said, “Can you come out. I have a crisis. The teachers have been on strike for two months and I want you to come out and see if you can do something.” I arrive at the presidential palace. I said, “Yeah, I’ll come today.” So I go and meet with the president. There was about 30 television cameras and news reporters there, and the spirit of prophesy came on me. And I began to prophesy to the teachers the affect it was going to have on the children and set the whole nation, and that they had to think about the future of the children of Honduras. The next thing, the head of the teachers union gets up and says, “Okay, we’ll make a deal now.” And in 24 hours after more than two months of strikes, it hit the front page of the newspapers in Honduras. Within less than 24 hours the teachers went back to school again. In Trinidad, the prime minister had lost the election and had asked to meet me. So the night beforehand, the Lord kept me awake all night telling me things to tell him, and gave me five things that I specifically had to tell him. So I meet him the next day and I shook hands with him, and I said, “Thank you.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just said, thank you. And he looked at me strange and he said, “Thank you for what?” I said, “Because of you I didn’t get any sleep last night.” Now he’s looking even more concerned. I said, “Because of you the Lord had me awake all night telling me to tell you things. God has given me five things that you have to do.” I don’t know what he thought they were, but he said, “Would everybody else leave the room please.” So everybody left the room. I told him these five things and tears came to his eyes. And he said, “When I lost the election I promised God five things that I would do if I was reelected, and you have just told me the five things that I promised God I would do.” And within months of me meeting with him, the person who had beaten him in the election was put out of office by Congress, and they put him back in as prime minister again.

SID: You teach on finances, and God has given you a revelation of 200 keys to expand your finances. I mean, I’m in awe over the revelations that God has given Peter. But tell me what God told you about America a few years ago.

PETER: The first thing, and this is one of the most [unintelligible]. Some people say the Bible is complicated. It’s not complicated. The same things run from Genesis to Revelation. And we need to understand is why did Adam lose everything in the first place? How did he fall? Well you say, through sin. When you take what God has not given you, the devil has a right to take what God has given you, and that is the principle that runs throughout the scriptures, the same principle of closing the door on the devil, and that’s what I teach.

SID: You had explained that America is under a curse.

PETER: The Lord spoke to me in the year 2005 and said, “The nation I love is under a curse because the believers are not being faithful with tithes and offerings.” And the verse came to my mind, “This nation is cursed with a curse,” during the whole time. And there was such sadness the way the Lord spoke to me, as though it wasn’t His choice. It wasn’t what He wanted. But He had no option because He’s a just God. And the Lord said that this financial crisis was coming on the nation. And I began to preach this, and I began to, the Lord told me to sell my house. And so while everyone else in that period was buying, buying, buying, I sold my house at the peak. It was quite an amazing story

SID: You not only did that, but he told everyone in his congregation to do the same, and many people saved a fortune.

PETER: Unbelievable what happened. I told people, get your money out of stocks and shares. Those that are supposed to be managing are spending all their money, and they’re going to go bust, and I named companies, and all of them went bankrupt, just as I mentioned.

SID: What should people do right now based on what God is telling you with their money?

PETER: I think the most important thing that I can send along to them is be faithful to God with your tithes and offerings, because these truly are the End Times. I can’t give a word that things are going to get better. I do not believe things will get better. I believe we’re living in the End Times, and the Bible says in the End Times, “A bag of gold won’t buy a loaf of bread.”

SID: But Peter, I have some good news. I agree. Things aren’t going to get better, but they’re going to get better for me, and they’re going to get better for you.

PETER: Amen. And that’s the secret.

SID: And I can tell you as a fact that you are going to, God wants to prosper you for His Kingdom’s sake. Now hear that last part, for His Kingdom’s sake. Money doesn’t mean anything. But having intimacy with God through Jesus is everything. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or the seed begging for bread, never.

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