Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah his name is Dr. Hani Shahadeh, and I’m speaking to him in Northern Galilee in Israel.  I have to tell you Hani Roman’s 11:11 says “That the Gentile believer is the provoke the Jew to Jealousy,” and you’re provoking me, a Jew to jealousy because your where I should be right now.  But I am there, on television anyway “It’s Supernatural” Hani you explained that after God gave you, actually in the same package when God gave you this supernatural love for the Jew, you had hated the Jew you didn’t even want to read the Old Testament although you were born again. You came from a long line in Israel of Christians you were a minority in that land you hated the Jew.  But when God removed the spiritual scales from your eyes and gave you a supernatural love for the Jew He also gave you the ability to walk in the supernatural.  And you told me that when you just walked down the street you begin to see things and this really never really happened until you developed the love for the Jew.  Because guess what the love for the Jew will cause you to love the Jew and want to reach the Jew with the gospel. The way you reach the Jew with the gospel is the supernatural.  So of course the two go together, the church here in the west doesn’t understand that we’re about ready to have a move of God’s Spirit with the greatest miracle ministry; on not just the Benny Hinns’ but on Jesus inside of every believer.  There is going to be an eruption the miraculous and the purpose of the eruption of the miraculous is to reach the Jew to form the one new man to reach the world.  It’s so simple you need help to get confused; but tell me what immediately started happening with a gift of discernment and seeing the invisible world and healing, what happened?

Hani:  I didn’t know actually the Lord has blessed me with that until I started to encounter signs in my body and seeing things which I didn’t plan to see or I didn’t even see before.  I would see something moving even in different colors and then this very anointing started to teach me that I’m seeing the spiritual realm that movement of many evil powers.

Sid:  Give me an example of one like this.

Hani:  As I walk into a supermarket, right.

Sid:  Right.

Hani:  The teller there would actually I come close to her for instance and I wanted to pay for things that I purchased, and all of a sudden I just feel signs in my body that this woman has been somewhere in touch with demonic powers and that is mostly the magic thing, or black magic, or fortune tellers and so on.  I would just turn to her and say “Why did you go to a fortune teller?”  And she would say “How did you know that?”  I would say, “Because I see it, I feel it and that it is not the right way.”

Sid:  Now Hani, let say let’s take this particular case do you just get a thought, do you have a vision, do you see something; I mean how did you know that?  How did God work through you?

Hani:  I feel something in my body, there are signs in my body I feel them.  I feel these things strong and that leads me to be in the Spirit and leads me to pray and I release the gift of tongues. In some occasions you just see the spirits.

Sid:  But tell me about that Islamic girl from Haifa that came with her parents to visit you because she had cancer of the spine.

Hani:  So they came and they heard about our mission to Israel and Haifa is the next city Jewish, Christian, Muslim and they came over.  And first of all we spoke to them as a Muslim family about the need to receive Christ and how Christ has changed me and changed the brethren with me.  And they accepted this message and after they have accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior we laid hands on their daughter and we prayed. I received a phone call a week after, she was actually in hospital in Rambam Hospital in Haifa and results of the tests were very clear that the girl is totally healed.

Sid:  You got to tell me the story about literally he was a killer, he was a mad man and what happened with him?

Hani:  Actually one of our deacons today his name is Hythum is a man in his early thirties, but beginning from sixteen, seventeen years old he started doing drugs and alcohol and so on and his mid twenties he used to have pills like ecstasy and other drugs.  He would need in Israel what something like 900 shekels per day a part from smoking and so on.  And he was a very violent man, he was very dangerous man and one day I received a call from a brother who’s actually my brother also in the flesh.  And he said, “Brother come I have Hythum with me and I started talking with him about Christ and he’s being thrown from one side to the other side of the church.  And I need somebody to come and help me I don’t know what to do with this man.”

Sid:  You mean demons were throwing him from one side to the other in the church?

Hani:  Yes, actually he came to attack my brother and he in a very strong way but all of a sudden my brother tells me that a big force took him and threw him outside to the other room, he couldn’t reach my brother.  And the Lord protected him and I came over and I filled the spirit of violence in the place and I looked at him, prayed a short prayer and said, “Listen, go to your home, the bull is in your field if you want to be delivered call us, leave the place now but you have to make a decision.  Because I felt that he doesn’t want it, he wasn’t planning for it and he’s not ready for it.  And the spirits could really torment him in that case.  He had also to take the decision that I don’t want these spirits here, but he wanted them.  Two days after I received a phone call, the man is calling you he wants to be prayed for.  So I took my car as I was leaving my home the major gate of my gate started closing over my car,

Sid:  Just by itself you mean?

Hani:  By itself.

Sid:  You mean some demon didn’t want you to go, (laughing)

 Hani:  Exactly, so I reversed the car and I started to pray and the Lord showed me a spirit of violence, I saw a bull you know.  And I prayed, I rebuked it, I bound it and I went to his place and I said, “Listen, I’m not here to deliver you I’m here to tell you that there is a Savior who can change you, who can deliver you and His name is Jesus Christ; if you receive Him you will be delivered.”  He said, “Help me, I want to receive Him.”  When he started to pray the prayer of salvation to receive Jesus in his heart he couldn’t even pronounce one word, the demons shut his mouth.  And he just said, “Listen, say it in your mind and as a sign that you have said it just lift up your hand.”  The minute he did that he could pronounce again the sentence which he mentioned in his mind.  So it took us about an hour and a half and he was loaded with evil spirits, loaded with demonic…

Sid:  Could you see these demons in him?  Could you see it or just felt it?

Hani:  In his case I felt that I have no weight whatsoever, something has lifted me up you know, I’m like in a place that has no gravity in it and suppose there is a sick man you have a diagnose case.  You have the diagnose case in front of you and there are kind of analysis, it tells you one, two, three I couldn’t even because of that, big load of demons I didn’t see much I just was receiving messages from heaven now rebuke the spirit so on and so, now rebuke the spirit of blood covenant with the evil one. Now rebuke the spirit of tormenting, it was just one after the other and it just was so graceful and the man is a huge man about 7’ and he’s sitting there and totally released after an hour and half and I could see his tears coming down and he said “Pastor I’m hungry, bring me something to eat.”

Sid: Now, when people saw the change in his life what effect did it have because they knew him as a very violent man.

Hani:  You know they started making bets in town, he would this is only a game, it can’t be, this is impossible; this man has been on drugs, this man has been violent, this man is an alcoholic, this man used to bash his wife up and so on.  He always with knifes and other things and people just started to pass from his home and they hear him speaking in tongues and praying.  And today his home is a place where people come to be healed, he has been a believer for about two years now.

Sid:  Mishpochah how would you like me to have him and Pastor Hani as a guest on TV and have a live audience, and have this audience have a demonstration of miracles.  Well, they’re going to be a lot of miracles on tomorrows broadcast I know this I can feel this by the Spirit.

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