Sid: I’ll tell you what, I love it when I interview people Mishpochah that have specific anointing’s, just by interviewing them I walk in their anointing. My guest is Tommy Combs; now Tommy when he was just 10 years of age was healed of an incurable disease, but this blue mist that came in the presence of God anointed him with a gift of words of knowledge. Then God in Israel gave him a prophetic word about using his gift. Then he began hearing names of people, and praying, I’m just overwhelmed the person who got a new pancreas, over the dead people that have come to life, the deaf people that have gotten their hearing. Tommy tell me about your first trip to a third world nation; you’re in the Amazon jungle going up the Amazon River. Tell me about that.

Tommy: We made our first mission trip into the Amazon area Peru, the great Amazon River. There some great rivers in the United States, but the Amazon is a great river. Now I’m talking about one of the greatest rivers in the world. So we got of a larger boat into a smaller boat and were going into a village where I’m going to preach there, and teach them, and pray for the sick in that village. So we have to get the smaller boat parked and get out and walk up the bank about half-mile up into the village. As we come near the village, we hear the drums start to play…

Sid: The welcoming committee.

Tommy: I think it’s a welcoming committee, welcome the man of God into our village. Welcome to our village. So they start to play the drums, some villagers came out to greet us. We were walking up towards the village, so I say to my interpreter I said “Wow what a great welcome committee listen to those drums.” He says to me “That is a not a welcoming committee.” I said “What do you mean it’s not a welcoming committee?” He said “That’s the witchdoctors playing the drums to beat the spirit away they don’t want you in this village.” The witchdoctors, the shaman have total control of those villages, they do it through deception, they do it through evil, they control those villages, and they don’t want any man of God, woman of God coming on the scene to bring any enlightenment, or the light of Jesus Christ into that village. So their beating the drums to get that spirit out of there, so I just go right up and get right in the middle of the drum section.

Sid: But wait a second now, this was your first trip there.  How did you have such, we Jewish people have a word we call it chutzpah, or nerve, how did you have so much chutzpah?

Tommy: Listen, when you have been in the presence of God like I have been in the presence of God; when you have had that blue mist just come around you and surround you; when you have a had a totally new liver put in your body; when you have an angel standing over your bed praying for you before you go on these trips, I’m not afraid of any witchdoctor, any demon. I take authority over them in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. I go get in the drum section I get in the drum section. My interpreter and the other guys got to pull me out of the drum section. I want to help them play the drums.

Sid: [Laughing]

Tommy: I want to get in there right with them, and I have actually had witchdoctors saved in some of our meetings as we go into these villages.

Sid: Yeah but wait a second now, it seems to me if their praying against you that is got to retard the anointing, that’s got to slow things down. You’re not going to see what you normally see. What did you see?

Tommy: I saw Jesus show up on the scene in the power and authority like He always does. Demons can’t stand it when Jesus comes around. When Jesus walked this earth He would just walk down the road through villages and demons would run. “We know who you are You Son of God.” They know who He is, and they would run. The same authority, I call it like a power of attorney, Jesus gave me His power of attorney.

Sid: Were many people healed?       

Tommy: Many people were healed, but more than that, not as many healings that day, but many people came to know Jesus as their Savior that day.

Sid: You know we were just talking about the Amazon area in Peru.  I understand you go to Peru often and there’s a church that have beautiful girls dancing worship to worship music. One time one of the girls you were used to seeing wasn’t there anymore, 17 year old girl. Tell me about her.

Tommy: She was about 17 or 18, and I have been to Peru 7 times. Each time I would go to the same town Iquitos, Peru, in the Amazon basin right in the jungle. She would be the choreographer of the dance; she would be leading the dance, the worship of God in dance and music. About 3 years ago when I went there she was not there. I said “Where is my beautiful little girl that leads the dance?” The pastor of the largest church in the city of Iquitos says to me “Oh she went home.” “What do you mean she went home?” “Yeah, her and her family, her parents and her brothers and sisters, they went home.” “I thought she lived here in Iquitos?” “Well she did, but she went home.” I said “Where is home?” They said “Oh she went back to Israel.” I said “Wait a minute, what do you mean back to Israel?” “Well not back because she had never been there before, but she is a Jewish young lady. Her family are Jewish there is a Jewish group of people here in Iquitos.”

Sid: How in the world did Jews get to Peru? 

Tommy: They escaped the wrath in the World War 2 era, in the 30’s, the 40’s they escaped. They went to South America ended up in Peru and I have no idea how they ended up in the jungle city of Iquitos.

Sid: Were there many Jews there?   

Tommy: There was about a 250 congregation of people there that were Jewish.

Sid: You know when God says He was going to scatter His people to the 4 corners of the earth imagine to the jungles, the Amazon jungles there are Jewish people.         

Tommy: I wanted to meet them after I found out after I found out about this young lady and she’s gone back to Israel now and she’s living there full time with her family. I said “I want to meet these people.” So we go and visit with them, we talk with them, and we realize who they are. They know who they are. Now help me with this word I am not… the Coheem.

Sid: Yeah that is the tribe of the Levitical priests. As a matter of fact if you know someone whose last name is Cohen, their probably part of the tribe of the Levitical priests. So these people their ancestors were priests.

Tommy: Yes that’s what they told me.

Sid: The Cohaneem.     

Tommy: Cohaneem, yes. So we visited with them, we talked with them, they’re excited about who they are, in the jungles of Peru we got to meet them.

Sid: Boy I tell you I wish I’d go out there and I would tell them how to be true Jews. Did they see some of the miracles?                      

Tommy: Yes some of them came to the church there where we were having our meeting there. They participated in the service that we put on when we were praying for the sick. I don’t remember if any of them came into the line to be prayed for, I don’t remember that, but I do remember meeting them after the service and talking with them again because I had met them during the day. They did come to be in church with us.

Sid: Well whether they came forward or not they’ll never forget miracles were done in the name of Jesus. Right now in Israel especially that young woman that you were concerned about, that 17 year old girl that made Aliyah back to Israel. There is a move of God’s Spirit going on in Israel and I believe some wonderful seed was planted in her by. I’d like to go out there to Peru with you and reach that other couple of hundred Jewish people. Tommy for the person that believes in healing, but they’re struggling and they feel like they’re losing the battle; what would you say to them?           

Tommy: I would say to them that Jesus heals; He’s still healing today. He heals to bring Glory to God; Jesus Heals to bring glory to God; Jesus heals to fulfill God’s promises. He said “I’m going to do it.” Jesus heals to confirm His own words when Jesus spoke about healing, that confirms the words of Jesus; Jesus heals to show there’s power in the blood; Jesus heals because healing is the children’s bread; Jesus heals because He loves us. To that person that is listening right now Jesus loves you and He will heal you because He loves you. Finally, Jesus heals to tell the whole world satan is defeated and Jesus is Lord.

Sid:  Don’t look back just look forward and recognize it’s not 3 strikes and you’re out. You keep swinging until you hit that home run.

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