Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah John McTernan.  John I have never heard someone dwell on the shortest book on the Bible and get so much information out of it having to do with what is happening at this second in history in the world and it’s called the book of Obadiah.  Tell me what you found out from Obadiah.

John: Well, your right Sid it’s only 21 verses, they are power packed; hardly anyone teaches on them, anyone preaches on them.  It’s looked more like a historical book than a prophetic book but there’s a verse in Obadiah which changes the whole game in this and it’s verse 15.  “The Day of the Lord is near upon all the nations, as thou has done it shall be done to thee by the reward shall be upon thine on head.”  But the key there is “The Day of the Lord is near upon all nations.”  That’s what makes this book so relevant for today and the message of this book so potent for today because it takes it from being a historical book to the time just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  Tell me some of the things that you’ve found out that are like reading today’s newspaper.

John: Well, what’s real interesting in it it talks about if you understand historical setting of the book, the first fourteen verses it talks about Edom which of course is also the House of Esau.  Edom and Esau go together.  And it talks about a curse that came on Esau for what they did to the Jewish people and why they were cursed. It was because they hated the Jews, because they tried to steal all the property of the Jews and they were involved …and for stealing that property is the land by the way.  And also they were involved in killing the Jews.

Sid: Now who is modern day Edom, what people group?

John: The Palestinians because it says they are cursed in Obadiah 1-14, but then Obadiah 15 jumps to just prior to the second coming of the Lord.  This is a very important concept, because if you don’t get this concept you miss the whole thing but if you grasp it the book becomes a living reality.  So you’ve got these first 14 verses laying out of these enemies of Israel and why they were cursed and then the book jumps to verse 15 and it says that if you act like Esau did, like the Edomites did, it will happen to you. And then you get to verse 17 excuse me verse 18 and it says “And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble and they shall kindle in them and they shall devour them and there shall be not any remaining of the house of Esau for the Lord had spoken it.  So what the Bible is saying here Sid is that the curse that the Lord pronounced 2,600 years ago would take place just before the Day of the Lord. That an all-out war, the way it was going to come about, would be an all-out war between the house of Joseph and the house of Esau, and that none of the house of Esau would remain. That’s what makes this so potent for today because right now we are looking at a very possibility of all-out war between Israel and the Palestinians, between Hamas, and thrown in with that Hezbollah. I mean this all-out war Obadiah is talking about is literally forming as we speak right now.

Sid:  Tell me what nations according to Obadiah or areas will be destroyed?

John:  That’s a very good question, when we look at Obadiah and we study it it talks about this all-out war and then it talks literally about the geographic boundaries of Israel after the war.  And Israel is going to move east specifically according to Obadiah it’s going to move east into what today we would call maybe parts of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.  And it’s going to move east into Edom and then it says Gilead is going to be a part of Israel; now Gilead is northern Jordan.  It would be today out to where the Capital of Hammond is and then of course up into where Syria is.  So Israel after this war Jordan is going to be a part of it because Israel is going to move east and obviously I believe that this also going to be the Obadiah, excuse me the Isaiah 17 war where Damascus ceases to exist as a nation.  So Israel is going to move north into Syria and then clearly Obadiah says that Israel’s border is going to be in northern border is going to be in Sepharad which today is the modern city in Lebanon right where Hezbollah is.  The Obadiah, the prophet Obadiah he actually pin points today where Hezbollah is in southern Lebanon and says that that is going to be a possession of Israel.

Sid: What is going to happen to all these settlements with the Palestinians according to Obadiah?

John: What’s going to happen is we always remember verse 15 in Obadiah “As thou has done to Israel it shall be done to you; you’re reward shall be upon your own head.”  Because the Palestinians will not make peace with Israel and Israel has tried many times, but because they won’t the Hamas covenant is to destroy Israel.  Hamas has made a covenant and it said “Hamas has been raised to destroy Israel,” and I believe Jordan is going to turn against Israel because of that its all-out war and none of them are going to survive they are going to attempt to literally wipe Israel off the face of the earth and what going to happen is they are going to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Sid:  Well, that begs the question it looks to me like Iran is about ready to wipe Israel off the face of this earth at least they’re saying it and at least they have the weapons and they have the ability to transport these weapons.  Will Israel be nuked?

John: I don’t think so Sid I think that the Lord is going to intervene one way or the other and stop Iran because after this war Israel is left standing.  In fact when we look at other scriptures like Ezekiel 38 because there’s another war coming; Israel is extremely prosperous and is at peace.  So I think that because of that covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob over the land God is going to protect Israel from any nuclear weapon that Iran…

Sid: What’s going to happen to Egypt?

John: Egypt is going to be destroyed; this caliphate that’s forming now right before our very eyes in Egypt.

Sid:  Wait a second now it’s the Muslim Brotherhood that has control of Egypt and they’re friends with our administration, they’re invited to the White House.

John:  Sid, that’s very sad what you said in light of Bible prophecy is frightening because you’re correct.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are doing everything they can to promote and have put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. The Muslim Brotherhood has made it clear that their goal is to create an Islamic caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital not Cairo but Jerusalem.  And the United States of America has done everything they can to put these people in power that their goal is to destroy Israel and to make Jerusalem the capital of a Muslim caliphate.

Sid: Okay, that begs a question what’s going to happen to America?

John: Not good Sid, it’s not good in light of all I call them warning judgments that has hit America since 1991 promoting a Islamic caliphate with…

Sid:  Now when you say Islamic caliphate describe what you mean.

John: Caliphate means pan Islamic union, that’s what a caliphate is it’s where all the Islamic like tribes and nations get together to form a union.

Sid: Is that what Psalm 83 is talking about?

John: That’s a very good question, Psalm 83 talks about a confederation of nations and a caliphate definitely would fit a confederation of nations that comes against Israel.  Psalm 83 and Obadiah tie together and in the DVD teaching I do that, I tie it together and show how Obadiah and Psalm 83 is the same, it’s talking about the same incident.

Sid:  Well, I wish we had these DVDs in every home because you have maps and you show the modern day names and I mean it’ll be like reading next year’s newspaper today.  And imagine the wisdom you would have if you knew what was going to happen in the world just before it happens.  In your opinion John is there any, any chance at all that Iran will end up being nuked?

John: Well, what happens when we understand the prophetic word is Iran survives this war, but it’s military machine to destroy Israel with long range missiles, planes and weapons of mass destruction does not survive.  Because Iran is in league with Russia in the great battle described In Ezekiel 38 and 39.  So Iran survives, but it’s military capability to destroy Israel does not survive.

Sid: When you are reading the book of Obadiah what is going on inside your innermost being and your spirit?

John:  Well Sid the book of Obadiah is such a warning for the hour we live in and literally this little book is for the very moment we’re alive and the warning that is in this book DO NOT TOUCH THE NATION OF ISRAEL, be a blessing to the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  It leaps off the pages, it’s just exploding off the pages and its right for today.

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