SID: L.A., why do you say these skulls that you are finding out about, especially in Peru and the United States, are partially human?

L.A.: Well this skull here looks sort of human, except of course it’s elongated. You can see the way, you know, the sides of the skull go up. A normal human skull consists of four plates: frontal plate, and by the way, these are sutures here, a frontal plate. Then you would see another suture that would go and split the parietal, which is the center plate, in two pieces. Well and then of course, the assembly of the rear plate. What you see here is a frontal plate, which has been greatly enlarged, and it’s got the very strange ridge bone on top of it, and then where there should be two parietal plates, there is only one parietal plate. We saw many, many, many skulls down there with these characteristics. We also believe that this is a female skull. The male skulls are about like this, but much, much larger, much more robust.

SID: Now you did an amazing scientific study of different colors of hair. Tell me about that.

L.A.: Well the skull, the hair on many of these skulls is red, sort of a reddish auburn in color. That shouldn’t be there.

SID: Why?

L.A.: According to the Darwinian theory, all these people should have black hair because they came across the Behring Strait 10, 12, 20,000 years ago, whatever. And so these had red hair. But we wanted to see if the hair was dyed. So we took some hair samples, and there’s a machine called Raymond spectroscopy. What this does, it shows the molecular structure of each of these hairs. So we took a control sample of normal human hair. We took the red hair from a mummy and then we took a dyed hair, dyed human hair, and then we took a hair from a man who claimed to have been abducted by aliens and forced to have sex with a hybrid. So we have four hairs. The control sample went like this on a graph. Okay. The human hair just went like that. The dyed sample went like this, right through the roof. But here’s where it really gets interesting. And in my opinion, it links with what happened in antiquity with what’s going on today. The Days of Noah, the presence of the fallen angels. The red hair and the hybrid hair tracked like this over the graph, the same way all over the graph to the very end, then it slid off. Now remember, this hair came off the skulls from about 2500 years ago.

SID: So what you’re saying is it lines up with not being totally human.

L.A.: Correct.

SID: Lines up with the Nephilim.

L.A.: Correct.

SID: That the Bible talks about where the fallen angels had sex with the women and men. Now tell me about the research you’re doing in Peru and especially what you found under the Catholic Church.

L.A.: Well there’s these, in this one particular place called Huatara, which is about 9000 feet above sea level literally in the middle of nowhere. There are these ancient megalithic ruins. And on top of these ruins there’s built a [unintelligible].

SID: Help me out. What’s a megalithic ruin?

L.A.: I’m sorry. Megalithic ruin is ancient stonework, very large blocks of stone. And we see them all over the world. What was fascinating about this, when you’re in the church, it’s the Catholic Church, icons and statutes, and all this. But at the base of the church about to the eight-foot level are these ancient stones which are laid without mortar, and the joinery is so precise you cannot fit a human hair between the stones, and they are polygonal shaped. What I mean by that, many different sided shapes, not one stone is the same. You’d be hard pressed to achieve that type of masonry in today’s world. But you could do it, but at what expense. And the technology that was done thousands and thousands of years ago, it just, it defies imagination. Here is a people that really didn’t have the wheel as far as we know. Yet they’re taking these 4-ton, 10-ton, 20-ton and even greater blocks of stone, and when they join them, Sid, the sides are completely smooth.

SID: How do you move 20-ton, 20-ton stones without a wheel? That will get you thinking a little bit.

L.A.: Absolutely. And I think there’s a supernatural component to all of this. And this is where I factor in fallen angels. It’s like we see all through the spiritual the good angels and what they’re able to do, the fallen angels have technology. They have powers. They have supernatural powers that defy what we do here, defy our physics, defy our natural laws. And I think the stones there were shaped, in my opinion, they are fallen angel or what we call Nephilim architecture.

SID: Now you see a tie-in with these Nephilim in the last days and the Mark of the Beast. I want you to hear about this. We’ll be right back.

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