SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome, welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. When my guest worships God, he taps into a frequency of Heaven that angels love. And do you remember the story in the Bible about Jacob’s Ladder, the angels coming down from Heaven and going up the ladder to Heaven? Well guess what these angels were bringing from Heaven, gifts and then going back up to get more gifts. Those angels are here right now. Now Freddie Hayler, just as a young child, five years of age, you kept having a reoccurring dream. What was that?

FREDDY: Well it was just a dream that came to me as about a five-year-old, and it came to me for about six months on and off. And I would be asleep and I would see three-dimensional, multi-colored notes, and heavenly sounds, and angelic voices, and I didn’t really appreciate at the time what it was. I didn’t know what it was.

SID: No. But I know exactly what it was. Then at age 11, as so often happens, the devil tried to snuff out his life. He was drowning, fell out of a boat, no one there to help him. But a mysterious stranger showed up and saved his life. Freddie, I believe that that was your first known encounter with an angel. I am sure of that.


SID: But then your wife Annie found out about a concert, a Pavarotti concert, and she knew that this was something you would enjoy, but you didn’t have the money for tickets. What happened?

FREDDY: Well she called up the lady who was in charge of tickets and they were $500 a seat, and she said, “My husband can sing like Pavarotti.” I don’t know why she said that. She just said it by faith. And so, she’s a woman of faith. And so, she said, “Okay. If he’s training, we just had two cancellations,” which was kind of miraculously. “We’ll sell you both seats for $50.

SID: Pretty good. Okay. So you’re there and God speaks to you. What does he say?

FREDDY: Well I was sitting there and the men next to me who was a high executive with Sun Trust was kind of crying to some of the music. I was just listening to him to sing and I thought it was so beautiful. And the Lord spoke to me and says, “You’re going to have a voice like this, but instead of singing in that world that he’s in, you’re going to be singing for the Glory of God, my Glory.

SID: I want you to go to the set. I don’t want them to just be told what happens. I want them to experience what happens because God spoke to him and said he would be able to sing the songs of Heaven. And again, I’m not going to tell you what’s going to happen. But the song is called “Holy Spirit, Please Come”. Please come. In your home, in the studio audience, would you invite the Holy Spirit to come inside of you right now. Holy Spirit, please come. I’m doing it for me. You do it for yourself.

FREDDY [music, singing]: Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit please come like a spring rain upon me from above. I am thirsty, I am thirsty for you. Come to me, comfort me in your sweet love. Comfort me as a gentle love. Come to me and please, come to me my God. I see your Glory on the wings of a dove. Holy Spirit, Jesus said you would come like a spring breeze to breathe life into me. When you fill me are you happy I’ve come. As I praise you I can fly to Heaven. Now my spirit adores you to be filled with your presence. And all I need is your love and see your love in me on the wings of a dove. As I kneel on the floor I can bear it no more. When the trials of the life and the tempter is rending my heart to the core I lift my hands up to the heavens and praise Jesus. Now on the wings of a dove because you’re a spirit of love, the power of darkness and fear is such… for me to know and see your glory. Jesus, oh to see Jesus, sweet adoring Jesus. Oh just to see your glory, just to touch your glory on the wings of a dove, the sweet wings of a dove.

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