Sid: The Bible says “A Jew requires a sign,” a miracle. For too long the churches only miracle has been cerebral apologetic miracles and it hasn’t worked. Why don’t we go back to the way Jesus did it? A miracle clears up a million arguments and discussions, and questions. One miracle clears it up. That is why I’m so excited because I have on the telephone Joan Hunter, daughter of Charles and Francis Hunter; who now is moving in her own right… she has spent 30 years with her parents. She has seen every miracle under the sun, and I have in my hands her brand new book titled “How to Heal the Whole Man.” It’s a teaching book, it has specific prayers that you will pray that will supernaturally set you free, then it lists every disease under the sun, and tells you exactly causes and how to minister and what’s involved in these diseases. You were telling me Joan that obviously people get healed all the time in your meetings, but they can’t all go to your meetings. Just from reading this brand new book I’m holding in my hand; tell me about someone.

Joan: This is so exciting I sent a book to a lady in West Texas, and she got it about a week and a half ago. She was reading, and she just loved the book, then she got to the part about high blood pressure. She’s like “I have high blood pressure.” So she went through the steps on how to get healed of high blood pressure, and if you’re actually ministering it to somebody else. So what happened is she was actually laying her hands on herself and saw herself get healed. She takes medicine on demand, you know as needed. She has not needed her medicine in a week and a half. She went through all the different things that talks about it, you know like command… it says here “Command the heart to be healed, the artery and vessels to be open, leading…

Sid: I’ll tell you what, let’s not do this in theory there are so many people listening to us right now with high blood pressure. Why don’t you pray for them right now Joan.

Joan: Okay I will do that. One thing a lot of times it can be brought on by generational curses from a family, down the family line. So like Cain and Abel sin opens a door for sickness. Cain and Abel, and Abel died a righteous man, but it was not his sin, it was the sin of his brother. So in order to be healed of high blood pressure especially if it’s a generational curse you need to repent on behalf of yourself, the sins of your father, and your father’s fathers which is mothers and fathers, it’s just the ancestry.

Sid: Okay, let’s do that real quick. Lead a prayer and people will repeat it.

Joan: Okay, Father, and just repeat after me. Father

Sid: Father

Joan: I repent

Sid: I repent

Joan: for my sins

Sid: for my sins

Joan: and the sins of my fathers

Sid: and the sins of my fathers

Joan: father’s fathers

Sid: father’s fathers

Joan: and take the sins from us

Sid: and take the sins from us

Joan: and put it on the cross of Christ

Sid: and put it on the cross of the Messiah

Joan: Of the Messiah, in Jesus name

Sid: in Jesus name

Joan: and on the day of judgment

Sid: and on the day of judgment

Joan: hold no accusations against us

Sid: hold no accusations against us

Joan: in Jesus name.

Sid: in Jesus name.

Joan: Then based on my words

Sid: Then based on my words

Joan: I am now free of the generational curse

Sid: I am now free of the generational curse

Joan: of high blood pressure.

Sid: of high blood pressure.

Joan: And now I’m going to pray. Father right now in the name of Jesus we speak new hearts into those that are listening, I command that blood pressure to return to normal and stay normal in Jesus name. Amen. It’s very simple.

Sid: You’re whole book is very simple it’s not a complex thing.

Joan: We thought about naming “Healing from ABC” you know A-Z. Just simple ABC healing.

Sid: Okay why are people sick?

Joan: The easiest way to explain that is why are people sick? It is because of sin.

Sid: People don’t want to hear that you know that.

Joan: I know that; I know that, but you know nobody likes to hear they’re wrong, or doing something wrong. It’s not always their sin it could be the sin of their father, or their father’s fathers. I’m not gonna say a 100%, but that’s pretty much the main reason. One of the main ones is the sin of disobedience. Has God told you to do something that you’re not doing?

Sid: Or like in chapter 2 you talk about the call on someone’s life and you give an example of a man that was called to be a missionary to Africa. Tell me about that.

Joan: It’s an incredible story, he felt called to be a missionary overseas. What happened was he got married then they weren’t going to have any children, and it ended up his wife got pregnant and there was complications to the baby. So they just didn’t go overseas. He went into business, I believe he became an attorney, and God was blessing the attorney. He was funding missionaries around the world. He was praying and he said “God you have given me an incredible life.” He said “You think it was incredible just think of what it would have been if you had really followed what I had destined for you to do, and that is to actually be on the mission field yourself.” He missed the calling of God because of circumstances, and whatever he allowed to come up. Many times we allow ourselves to not be used of God because “I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m too fat, I’m too this, I’m too uneducated, I’m too educated, I’ve got children, I have a husband, I have a wife, I have this… you know I have all that kind of stuff.”

Sid: They’re not allowing for the God factor.

Joan: That’s right, it’s just an excuse. The word says in Mark 16 “Those who believe are going to lay hands on the sick, they are going to cast out devils, and they’re going lay hands on the sick and see them recover.” Well people are not doing that. Yet it is not a suggestion, it is not a commandment, but it’s somewhere between the two. It’s an expectation that God has on us to actually go and lay hands on the sick. Many times they are going “Well I don’t know how to do that I’m afraid” fear of rejection, fear of this, fear of if they don’t get healed, what if they do get healed? I have an incredible ministry at the grocery store, and Wal-Mart, and you know the malls and the airports. People get healed all over the place it doesn’t have to be in a miracle service.

Sid: Now if there’s someone walking they obviously look like they have a pain in their back, they’re holding their back. You see that as “Well I can pray for that person” and they’ll get healed, but if you see someone in a wheelchair do you actually walk up to them?

Joan: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. The reason being is because I want to every time, but sometimes you need to just be sensitive to the spirit but not use that as an excuse. If the… many many times the opportunity presents itself and I do pray for them and I have seen incredible miracles. You know back healings… a scripture that I read for the ministry and it’s Ephesians 1:17-19 it says “The God of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him. That the eyes of your understanding be enlightened, so that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe. Who believe according the working of His mighty power.”  I read that scripture pretty much in every service and it’s actually in the book. Because my prayer is that the eyes of God’s children that their eyes be opened to all that God’s has for them, and all that God is. The scripture in Mark “That those who believe are gonna lay hands on the sick and see them recover” it doesn’t say they might, it says “they shall recover.” When I was reading that scripture in January of this year the revelation hit me that those who believe that God can actually use them are going to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. It’s available for everybody, but if the person doesn’t believe that God can actually use them their hand is not going to be extended to heal the person.

Sid: Joan, in your heart of hearts, you and Michael Hinson wrote this brand new book I’m holding in my hands “How to Heal the Whole Man” handbook, effective prayers, body, soul and spirit. Why did you write it, what do you expect from people that read this? Not people that run to the other side of the U.S. to go to a healing service that you’re ministering at, because the truth is most people can’t do that, but someone that just gets ahold of this book, how valid is it for them to get their healing?

Joan: I haven’t heard of anybody… the book is brand new okay. I haven’t heard of anybody that hasn’t prayed for themselves that they haven’t gotten healed through the book. I’ve had multiple stories of people being healed, I’ve had multiple stories of “I can take this to work whereas people will make fun of me if I have my Bible.” So “What are you doing on lunch? What are you reading? Well I’m reading this book” and then they open it up and they go “Do you have a…” Then they say well the person that’s at lunch “Do you have a back problem?” “Well yeah” “Let me tell you what I’ve learned in this book.” Then they’ll turn to back problems in the book and read what needs to be done. They’ll grow their legs out, their backs are getting healed, people are having revival in the lunch rooms, they’re having at their desks, they’re having revival in their families and their neighborhoods, and on themselves. Cause it’s not limited that when the word says “Those who believe are gonna lay hands on the sick” if you’re sick you can lay hands on yourself. If your family is sick you can lay hands on your family, if your neighbor is sick you can lay hands on your neighbor.

Sid: You know I can see someone reading this at work and explaining what is, and the person says “Oh well I have,” and I’m just reading things that are here lumps, lazy eye, problems with the jaw, kidney stones, I mean HIV, AIDS, you have Hepatitis –C, heart failure, hay fever, gum disease…

Joan: There’s 2 pages of…

Sid: Oh my goodness we’re out of time.

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