Sid:   I want everyone that’s listening to us right now to understand eternity, that’s God’s realm. And you know Yeshua taught us to pray “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  But if you don’t understand Heaven how can you enforce, and that’s what we’re supposed to do, enforce God’s Word on this earth.  Well, I’m speaking to a woman I met recently Dawn Sweigart from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; she moves in such an exciting prophetic gift that God used for people to get saved.  And Dawn because I’m so intrigued by you and the gift that God has given you; I want to ask you a few questions about this. I understand that sometimes you’ll see a word over someone, tell me about that.

Dawn:  It’s kind of like an internal vision I like to call it that I just have a picture in my head and it’s like a sign post, or a hotel neon sign pointing down, or pointing over. Out of that sign they’ll be both a word as a declaration from the heart of God, but He’ll also often use it as an acronym it happened with you.

Sid: I know… I’ll tell you what Mishpochah on Monday’s show in case you missed it the reason I met Dawn is she started prophesying over me and telling me things that there’s no way she could have known unless she knew it from God because she didn’t even know never heard of me before. So specific; so specific but you weren’t even supposed to prophesy over me so why did you?

Dawn:  Because I felt a demand on the anointing; it was like a hand on one of those static electricity glass balls when a finger touches it the current is drawn to the direction of that humanity. I felt that my walk into the room literally a pull on the anointing in your direction.

Sid: Now out of curiosity you used an acronym to start with me and then you went into very specific things. Had you ever used that acronym in that way before with other people?

Dawn:  No, not at all.  

Sid: Because I have to tell you this was before you started saying real specific things to me but when you did that I said “That is absolutely beautiful what she’s doing she must have I thought that you had this rehearsed it was too good.”

Dawn: (Laughing) No, I am like Lou Engle I sure you are familiar with Lou’s ministry with House of Prayer.

Sid: Yes.

Dawn: When he was at life center at our church there I saw a sign over him and it was a neon glowing hotel sign and it said “Gideon” but then the words spelled out God’s invading dominion extending over nations.”  And then just God’s invasion and what that meant; his dominion.

Sid: You did that so fast you couldn’t have been thinking it up.

Dawn:  No, I’m reading it It’s there… I see it like you read a page in a book

Sid: Alright but I thought it was so beautiful what you prophesied over me and I pray that for everyone that’s listening what you prophesied over me.  But would you tell them that?

Dawn:  I will. I saw the word “Father and father was going in a vertical direction “F” on the top, “R” at the bottom. The first one… the first word that was spelled out was faith. And faith being the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen that there would be an increase of that substance in your life. The ability to frame the world by the world of God and…

Sid: And by the way isn’t that what I’m talking about when I’ve been offering all this week this book “Eternity Invading Time” isn’t that exactly what you were prophesying  that realm?

Dawn:  (Laughing) It was, it was and I think it’s exciting that the Lord even causes that word to intersect with the current place in your journey; because it is this substance there is an actual substance of matter that is released when we apprehend faith.

Sid:  I’m beginning to feel, and I know that I’m probably speaking to the choir with you Dawn, but I’m beginning to feel that there is… that eternity the realm of God is so close to us that it’s a microsecond away, it’s not a million miles away and that there’s coming a point where those listening to us you and myself that we can take our hand and just almost put our hand into that invisible realm and bring and pull something from the invisible realm into the visible realm.

Dawn:  Amen.  I believe it.  Well you know I think it’s so interesting that you said they can take their hand because the Lord began to preach right away after I was baptized “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”  I mean literally within tangible touch and He said “The Kingdom of Heaven was at hand and that meant fail to see it.”  And literally that word fail comes with trying with your own efforts to achieve something; and I think that’s where we’ve been with the gifts, I think it’s where we’ve been with prophecy, with deliverance with evangelism.  That we have failed to see the Kingdom because the failure comes from our own efforts rather than really trusting by faith that it is truly the Spirit of Christ in us that is the hope of glory.  If we would just kind of get in the backseat sometime and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us to heal through us to cast out demons through us that His Kingdom would be expanded in exponential rate.

Sid: You know Dawn I was talking to the author of the book I’m offering all this week Renny McLean.  I said “Renny I’m touching the realm you’re talking about but walking in that realm, and if you could give me advice to get from where I am to that next point what would it be?  And it was so simple he said two words to me Dawn, he said “Worship God.”  What does that mean to you?

Dawn:  It means a total sacrifice of your life, it means that I am not living for myself any longer you know.  It puts the fear of the Lord in me to read the prophets when He says I’m so sick of your new moons and your Sabbaths and I desire obedience and not sacrifice.  And we become so excellent at the giving of sacrifices and great songs and great music and great performances and we’ve become very poor in the ability to obey.  And my worship of God is even like in the grocery store that day my worship was going to the express line when I wanted to hurry up through aisle 3 it’s my worship to risk it and give a prophetic word. That I might speak an exact revelation of someone’s heart and possibly miss it because I’m a clay vessel and we prophecy I part, we know in part. I’d rather get egg on my face 90 times that 10 times people might say “God is truly here He loves me.”’  Just to go further to give it all to Him and to focus on Him at all times.

Sid: Dawn I have to tell you a trade secret when I was a new believer I prayed for anything that moved and guess what no one was getting healed. I remember my pastor walking up to me one day and saying “Sid I’m uncomfortable of you praying people.”  Why? No one was getting healed, but something in me said “Don’t stop keep pushing.” I’ve been a risk taker before I was a believer in the Messiah, and I’ve been a risk taker you almost have to take the risk to walk into the known.

Dawn:  Agreed absolutely. I think that if we don’t start taking risks that all of our churches are going to die.  Our assemblies…

Sid: But listen most churches in America, and there are a lot of exceptions, but churches in America are so dead people go for their friendships.  But should they be going for an encounter a visitation from God.

Dawn:  Without a doubt, we I believe need to breath back into being as a magnified standard; 1st Corinthians 12 – 14.  All the gifts, all the love, all the power all the revelation and that it cannot be about you know just hanging out and making sure that everybody’s happy as paying customers.  It’s time that we start being sensitive the way that Peter was, the way that Jesus was, the way the Paul was.

Sid: You mean getting out by noon?

Dawn:  (Laughing) No seeker sensitive and say “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Dawn:  Turn away from your wicked ways.

Sid: Write a book on that it won’t sell at all, but that’s okay but go ahead. (Laughing)

Dawn:  (Laughing) You know seeker sensitive and allowing the signs and wonders, seeker sensitive and allowing the signs and wonders; seeker sensitive like on the day of Pentecost.  Everybody was there for a festival and they went out and preached the Christ to Jew and Gentile alike.  They preached the Christ and demonstrated the power with signs and wonders because they were willing to risk it.  They had practiced taking hold of the substance of faith so many times they had actually been able to hold some grains of those mustard seeds in their hands and were able to say get up and walk and believe it and 1000’s came.

Sid:  How far are we from that happening again Dawn prophetically what are you seeing?

Dawn: I think there is a remnant that is a breath away I really do. I believe there’s a remnant who are allowing themselves to be consecrated every other day of their lives giving themselves to the Word of God renewing their minds by the washing of the Word.  Seeing salvation as a verb instead of an adjective, actually doing something with the faith they’ve been given.  And I believe that remnant is arriving, and I believe that amongst the remnant that will be gossiped about and hated and accused by the complacent church just like the disciples of Jesus were accused by the Pharisees.  That there is a new wineskin that has been…

Sid: How in the world will we contain the glory with the brittle old wine skin that’s about ready to be poured out?

Dawn:  It’s not going to happen the new wineskin that I believe there are new wineskins represented from nursery school to nursing home.  It’s not about age it’s about passion and about those wineskins that have been subtle in the hands of God.

Sid: There are a lot of people listening to us that have been hurt, abused, disappointed with people calling themselves Christians. I tell you Mishpochah repent, repent because you have one life. Unless you surrender to God you will miss the greatest moment in history, your greatest moment in history.  And I’ll tell you one way that you’re going to get that back is to take a glimpse of eternity and how God is really operating.

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