Sid: I’m talking to a woman that’s red hot for the Messiah, her name is Tracy Leigh. I’m speaking to her at her home in St. Petersburg, Florida. This woman should have never survived she was literally rejected at conception. She became addicted to every sexual perversion, primarily lesbianism, she was involved in witchcraft and she was an alcoholic at age 9. She was involved in pornography, she should not have lived but one day at her worst moment she reached out and she said “Oh my God” when she looked in the mirror. And the moment she screamed that a knock at the door and a Christian was there and invited her to a movie. And surprise of surprises and she went and when she went, she couldn’t wait to… she had accepted the Lord at a young age but because her mother died and she blamed herself. It really wasn’t her fault it was another lie of the devil. She was estranged from God and got into all of these perversions. And so she accepted the Lord and there was a war that was going on, the devil was trying to tell her that what happened wasn’t true. But reading Psalms had a lot to do with it out loud, explain that to me Tracy.

Tracy:   I had the gentleman that I had living with me at the time that this happened was a very violent man. He had said a prayer but there’s a difference between accepting Christ in your heart and the heart action and saying a prayer in 1972. So he was very jealous of the sincere salvation that had happened in my life. It was real, I mean I was going after, I was reading the word and saying and it came out when He said “Come out.” And all of these things were happening to me and I’m going “I want to be free, I want to be free.” And I had gotten baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I was fasting and praying and seeking God’s face and God was doing miracles in my life, and he didn’t like it. So one night he came home and after having a few too many with the guys at the bar and we got into a fight. And he literally broke my face.

Sid: Hmm.

Tracy: I was laying on the couch and he said “You want Jesus so bad” and he had me by the throat “And I’m going to take you to Jesus so get ready.” And so I believe the demons were… but God wasn’t going to let it happen though, praise God. So he got up and said “Wait” he went to get a cigarette. And I had a scream come from the bottom of my toes that went through my body that woke up the neighbor at 4:00 in the morning next door who I had been in relationship with. I mean a party, sex buddy for a couple of years. But it woke him up and he came running over and that’s how I got out of the house. Anyway this man went to jail and I was laying in bed and my face was broken, the whole cheekbone was just broken and was all puffed. I just laying in bed and just reading my Bible and saying “Oh God, what’s going on I need You.” And at that very moment these words I will never forget, I heard this with my ears “Tracy, read Me the Psalms.” I love the Psalms, so I started reading God the Psalms.

Sid: You read it out loud?

Tracy: I read it out loud and so I sat in the middle of the bed.

Sid: So you believe you were reading to God.

Tracy: I was reading it to God.

Sid: And He liked it. (Laughing)

Tracy: He loved it, He told me that, He said “Read Me the Psalms, I love the Psalms.” So I did and within a week I was healed, there is no sign…

Sid: You had a few things wrong with you, you had sexual perversions, you had addictions, drugs, alcohol. You had contracted Hepatitis B & C. And your lungs were pretty much wasted because of all the smoking.

Tracy: Yep.

Sid: You told me what you saw in the mirror when you looked at your face, forgetting the fact that your boyfriend beat you up and before that. So what happened to all of these conditions?

Tracy: They stepped away.

Sid: Wait, wait there isn’t a cure for this Hepatitis is there?

Tracy:   Ah, yes there is. (Laughing)

Sid: What is it? (Laughing) Jesus.

Tracy: Messiah, Yeshua Jesus; He’s the cure. He’s the cure for every sickness and every disease.

Sid: Okay you married Allen in the late 1990’s.

Tracy: Yes.

Sid: And what’s been going on in reference to these heavy and I do mean heavy demonic sexual perversions, the lesbianism etcetera. What’s happened with all of that?

Tracy:   That all washed away long before I met Allen. When I was…

Sid: How does something was away that was a lifestyle?

Tracy:   The blood of Jesus, washed in the blood of Jesus (Laughing)

Sid: Okay, I want you to talk to someone right now that’s listening to us that has a problem with pornography, a problem with lesbianism, a problem with homosexuality, a problem with drugs. Talk to them right now.

Tracy: Right now where you are at is not where you need to be. Where you need to be is where God wants you to be and this is how you get there. You cannot change yourself, you can’t go through therapy to change, you can’t get treatments to change. What you need to do and do as I did you get on your knees and you get on your face and you get in the word of God and you say “I can’t do this.” But by His Spirit all things are possible and Jesus will speak truth to the lies that you bought saying “I’m always going to be like this, but this is the way I am.” And He will come and He will speak truth to that lie and the light will dispense the darkness. You’ll be able to see that it wasn’t you, that it wasn’t you, that it was a plant and a plan of the enemy. The only thing that you’re responsible for is believing that lie. So when you repent and say “God I’m truly sorry” out of your heart He hears you. And He will come, and He will come like a flood and you will be able to mark the day that you said “For I am set free.” For “Who the Son sets free is free indeed.”

Sid: Okay, Tracy I have to ask you some tough questions.

Tracy:   Okay.

Sid: Number one, you were not physically attracted to men, you were physically attracted to woman. You were a Lesbian. Are you physically, this is a hard question, are you physically attracted to your husband?

Tracy: (Laughing) Yeah. See because I’m not a Lesbian, I’m not a Lesbian. I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I am made 100% whole forgiven of all of my sins.

Sid: What’s going on with the Hepatitis B and C?

Tracy:   Well I have none of that my blood is clean. My liver is like I never had a drink, lungs are like I never smoked a cigarette let alone a bunch of freebase cocaine.

Sid: What’s your relationship with God?

Tracy: He is my everything, I seek to love Him with all of my heart and to love my neighbors as myself.

Sid: You’re a worshiper of God aren’t you.

Tracy: I’m a worshiper; yeah.

Sid: My goodness you almost sound Jewish to me and you quoted the Shema.

Tracy: I’ve been forgiven much, and we do have, we have Jewish blood in our family.

Sid: God gives you supernatural worship songs.

Tracy:   Yes He does.

Sid: Can I put you on the spot?

Tracy: Sue.

Sid: Would you worship God right now?

Tracy: Oh, (Laughing)

Sid: I said I was going to do it.

Tracy: (Worship song from Tracy) Here I come take the light, I offer it to you a living sacrifice. By Your grace, and by Your blood. I come into the Holy of Holies. All I want to do is to dwell in Your presence and drink from the well that will never run dry. All I want to see is the light of Your glory. Just one look, just one look and my soul is satisfied.

You have to go there, that one look. That one look into the eyes of God changes everything. One cry to your Father and He hears you, He is so… He’s the breath in front of your mouth if you would just breathe Him in and say “God I love You and I need You, please help me get there.” And He’ll show you many marvelous things.

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