SID: So Eddie James has this supernatural youth choir in a public high school. Miracles are breaking out. They don’t know what to do with him. Tell me one healing miracle that you remember.

EDDIE: Sid, this is so incredible. My club sponsored Miss Breaker, who’s such an amazing woman of God. She’s with the Lord now. And my best friend, Yvette, we were praying with our gospel choir in her classroom. And there was a young man in our midst who the doctors say he had cancer. He had just found this news out and he was so broken and distraught about. We prayed in belief for God to break that cancer, and deliver him and heal him. He goes back, gets the doctor’s report. One report says he has cancer, the other report says there’s no trace of it. God just did it from high school.

SID: Can you imagine what’s going to happen in our high schools when that type of move of God’s spirit breaks out. Now okay. He’s still in high school, Black History Month and the local synagogue says, we would like a black choir. So tell me what happened.

EDDIE: This is a funny story.

SID: And they did not know what they were going to get. Trust me.

EDDIE: This is a very funny story because, Sid, I was taught all my life to have an honor and respect for the Jewish people. They were the people of God. And so in my heart and my mind I thought they were already on the same page with us as Jesus, the Messiah.

SID: How many Jews did you know?

EDDIE: None at this time. Not one.

SID: And so you thought all Jews were believers in Jesus.

EDDIE: Automatically.

SID: Of course.

EDDIE: So in my mind, I’ve got Miss Breaker and friend Yvette, we got the whole choir fasting, we got them praying. These are God’s people. We can’t go in there and play games. We better be holy. We better have our stuff together. If you bless the people of God, God will bless those who bless Israel. God will not bless you if you don’t bless Israel. So we better go in there with the Holy Ghost, having it together. So we pray and we fast, and we pray and we fast. When we get to the synagogue, Sid, I let it all out. I preached the cross, I preached the blood, I preached Holy Ghost and fire. We’re speaking in tongues. And we’re old school Pentecostal. We’re [unintelligible], we’re shouting and we’re just getting on it in this Jewish synagogue. And I’m thinking this is what they want. I’m thinking this is what they know, this is who they are. And I called an altar call. I said, you need to get saved, you need to get filled with the Holy Spirit.

SID: In a synagogue!

EDDIE: And you know, every single one of them, every single one of them came to the altar. Every single one of them. Yes.

SID: All right. I’m going to tell you something. I pray that Eddie James never gets sophisticated, keeps going into synagogues, and I want you all to go into synagogues like Eddie did. But you know what? As a young man, Eddie had such a heart for God. It’s like the psalm. It’s the deer panting at the water brook. I’m going to tell you, once you taste the love—

EDDIE: Thank you Jesus.

SID: Once you taste the goodness, once you taste the peace of the Living God, there is not a close second. Tell me the circumstances of that song when you were playing it.

EDDIE: I was doing a song, Jesus, Sid, I had an encounter with God that wrecked my life. I was playing this, and as I’m singing it and I’m playing, the Holy Spirit comes upon me in such a profound way. I couldn’t continue the song. I just, I slid out of the chair I was sitting in at my piano and I was just out under the power of the Holy Spirit bawling my eyes out. I can still remember the moment of that encounter. I don’t have words to explain how amazing that moment was in the presence of God. And it was like the song really helped to articulate the groan of my heart, that I want Him more than anything in the world.

SID: Would you go to the piano right now because I want him to sing, “As the Deer Panted.” “Panted,” that’s a very good descriptive word. I’m telling you, that your spirit, the real you is so thirsty for the Living God. “As a Deer Panted.”


Eddie [singing]: As the deer panted, so as my soul longeth after thee. You alone are my heart’s desire and I long to worship you. For you alone are my strength and my shield. To you alone may my spirit yield. You alone are my heart’s desire and long to worship you. For I worship Jesus. You’re my friend and my brother. Even though you are King of Kings, I love you…

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