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Sid: Well, my guest Larry Randolph is provoking me and you to jealousy and he had a visitation and as a result of the visitation he wrote his most recent book “Original Breath.” And Larry as a result of this visitation you are moving in keener prophecy and in higher level miracles but that’s not the purpose. The purpose is your beginning to learn to love the way that Jesus loved because you can love not out of a personal love deficit that you have yourself but you are fully filled with the love of God so you have enough to give other people. But I would be remissed if I didn’t ask you, tell me a couple major prophecies that you have given in your life that have come to pass. And by the way it’s like almost daily he opens his mouth and these prophecies come out; so tell me a couple of major prophecies.

Larry: Yes, and by the way the prophetic come to me because I ever look for them but because I’m His friend and He loves me and I love Him and He just shares things with me when I’m least expecting. So I’m never looking but here’s some of the major things like 1994 the great floods that came in America called “The floods of the century.” The Lord had talked to me and I began to prophecy that the year before that came and actually told me that the newspaper would say “The floods of the century” and it was called “The floods of the century.” And that was 1994; 2006 the Lord told me that the fall of 2007 would be the fall of the economy, the crush that we went through and I began to talk about that. Even more recently I believe it was 2010 I felt the Lord had told me that there’s going to be an explosion in the gulf of Mexico. And that the…I saw fire and I heard this loud boom and fire in the Gulf of ….

Sid: That was the big oil spill you saw.

Larry: Oil spill and I knew that it was going to effect the ecology and I knew that; and I knew it so strongly that I this one connection I have I called and said “There’s a I just want to alert you that there’s…you know they’ve asked me to alert them if I see things so that I have a history of that, things in the past I can’t talk about. But I called them and said “I saw a great explosion in the Gulf and it’s going to…and they asked me “Is this going to be terrorist related?” And I said “No, it is not terrorist but it will affect the ecology; it will effect the ecosystem and the whole Gulf will be effected by this; this very drastic and very traumatic. And so they questioned me more about it and they said “When?” And I said “Very soon.” And so that was actually 6 weeks…5 or 6 weeks before the Gulf happened.” Now you know that of course gives you credibility and so I’m still you know still have that door open and that opportunity.

Sid: Tell me a few things that you see happening in the future.

Larry: You know last September 2013 I was preaching and in the middle of my preaching it felt like I was above the globe looking. I saw different countries and different regions; I saw a few things that I would call it a vision; a momentary vision. When Paul said “Between heaven and earth I don’t know if I was in the spirit or in the body I don’t know.” This was what I saw first one thing I saw in September I saw great winds stirring in the middle of the Pacific. And right in the middle of the Pacific I prophesied; these are all on audio all of these I’m going to say. That there would be a great wind and a great typhoon in the middle of the Pacific and it would be part of God’s awakening you know to us to get our attention. Of course that happened I think it was the next day or the next 2 days the next week; whenever that great storm happened at the end of the year but it was after that. Some other things I saw I’ve seen around the globe I saw in the North Korea and South Korea I saw two things, I saw a wind of God in South Korea and a fire of God in North Korea. I saw that the wind of God was the breath of God and the fire of God seemed to be the judgment of God. And the Lord said this to me in Korea and I don’t know if it’s south or north I’m assuming it’s north there’s going to be a change in the government. And the Lord says that this is all I can hear and God says “I will prevail; God will prevail.” So I know that I saw that there was and I believe that’s this year and I believe that that close. Let me just say “I believe that that’s close; with God it’s hard to put a time and an exact date but I felt that it’s very very close to me all of these things.

Sid: What did you see about Russia?

Larry: I just saw in Russia this was again in September; I just saw the Soviet Union I saw this angel come down from heaven and he had a sword above his head. And he took the sword and he thrust it into the very heart of the Soviet Union. And this is what he said; he said “I said that there’s going to be great conflict in Russia but the plans of men will come to nothing.” And God said “I will war against the plans of man.” And that of course was not even reverent then, now it’s starting to unfold and I’m seeing that and I clearly heard God say “The angel will put a heart through the plans of man there.” So what they think they’re going to do is not particularly what God is going to do. The reason being is for a number of reasons is because I saw right next to Russia the Europe and this is what God’s said to Europe, “I’m about to kindle.” I saw a flame of the gospel kindle in Europe and it was God remembering the blood of the Reformers and the historical church and all the churches and the conventional churches in Europe I saw God stirring up a reformers anointing and relighting the gospel in Europe. And that the Lord…I felt that the angel say to me that the blood of the Reformers were crying out from the ground. And I saw, then I saw Mexico and this was interesting. I saw one of the most violent shakings in Mexico; it was a violent shaking. All I know that it would be a great sign. And then I saw South Africa and I saw an ethnic conflict in South Africa and it was terrible. And I saw a conflict in the atmosphere like the climate shift but I also saw a climate; I don’t know why the two; climate and cultural. And I felt that it would be contentions that would be cultural and dyer and that there would be climate shifts that would be dyer as well. I also saw Scandinavia and the Lord said “There is going to be the good and the bad coming to Scandinavia and to keep an eye on Norway.” I don’t know what that was but there was something significant is going to happen there. I also saw wonders in the sky Sid, meaning and I felt what…before the spring is over this year in 2014 I saw strange signs in the sky and wonders in the sky. You know the Bible talks about that “There will be signs in the heavens.” And one of the things I saw; I don’t know if it’s tied into the wonders is the magnetic fields of the earth out of phase; something is happening magnetically and I don’t understand…

Sid: Well, if that happens it’s going to affect our computers, our GPS everything.

Larry: Yes, yes…

Sid: I mean that’s going to be horrific.

Larry: That could be, yes I don’t know the implications that’s above my pay grade so I don’t know.

Sid: Did you see anything about Israel?

Larry: Yes, absolutely that’s the one that shook me to the core because of my love for Israel and it’s people. Was, I saw the land of Israel Sid and I saw coming out of the dirt like a form that would come out of the ground and when it rose up out of the dirt it and it was just life bigger than life size King David and he was dressed for war. And he had his sword above his head. And when the Lord said to me this in a prophetic form that He’s calling the spirit of warrior-ship and the heart of David out of the heart of Israel. And just as King David took down Goliath that Israel is going to take upon the spirit of David and in one day is going to take Goliath down. And David said to Goliath “This day…” Well, first of all he said “How dare your strip the armies of the Living God; how dare you mock the armies of the Living God; this day shall God deliver you to my hands.” And he took one rock; I don’t know why the rock was important. He took one stone and he cast it at Goliath. And the Lord said to me “Goliath is brought down so shall Israel bring down it’s enemies.”

Sid: Okay, tell me quickly because our times slipping away.

Larry: In the USA He said to me that He is going to humble national leaders in this nation; the humility was going to be very shameful and uncovered. Now I already heard a word from Bob Jones before he passed away that God was going to uncover Uncle Sam and that’s…

Sid: Hm.

Larry: And I call if Bob’s way of saying uncover things that were hidden but I saw even greater than uncovering; I saw the Senators, the leaders all the way from the President all the way down to the bottom being humbled because God loves this nation. And He’s given us a short time of repentance and He’s given us a place to posture ourselves because the best of the best and the worst of the worst are coming at us. And the only hope out of any of this is humility. The scripture says “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and then He will exalt you.” So if we don’t humble ourself or our leaders don’t then either we’re going down or God will humble them because of the righteous in this nation that are crying out for the righteousness of God. I personally think that it’s the hand of God that’s humbling the leaders of our nation. Not because He dislikes them, He loves them; there two are a part of His plan whether or not walking in it or not they are part of His heart. And the scary thing about God is not His blessing; the scary thing about God is (Laughing) is His waring against you, wow. I mean sometimes His blessing is incredible and awesome but when God wars against you He does it like He did Saul.

Sid: Larry I just wish we had move time but we don’t….

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