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Sid: My guest by way of telephone has been all this week Dr. Bree Keyton; I’m talking to her about her book “The Passion, What Does it Mean?” And that’s the problem, most people know about “The Passion” from the movie Mel Gibson but they don’t know what it means. And when you know what it means you can appropriate everything that God has for you. And what she’s done is she’s taken the passion, which means the violent emotional, physical, spiritual suffering that Yeshua Jesus went through for us. When you understand what it means you can appropriate your healing, you can appropriate your forgiveness of sin. Bree, are people getting saved from reading your book, what the Passion means?

Bree:   I’m getting what was called a people who are literally receiving Messiah into their hearts as they read the book because they realize the depths of the love of our Savior for us and His suffering.

Sid: Well I believe that there is a depth that is obtained by reading your book because you literally do it through Jewish eyes understanding the passion. That people can receive their healing and as you’ve explained the CD that God gave you and all of this was birthed out of a vision in which she literally saw The Passion.” Which made what Mel Gibson showed minor although he’s being accused of it’s being too violent but it’s minor compared to what Bree saw….. One of your chapters intrigues me because it’s on the subject of Isaiah 53 “Deeper Understanding of His Passion.” What did Isaiah 53 show you about The Passion? Because I have to tell you Mishpochah there is revelation knowledge in this book by Dr. Bree Keyton.

Bree: I think people will be so moved and so touched when the read the exposition of Isaiah 53 in this book. The depth as I looked up these words and studied out their meaning “He was despised; He was rejected of man; He was a man of sorrows acquainted with grief and we hid as it were our faces from Him; He was despised and we esteemed Him not.” And it goes on “He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows; as stricken, smitten, afflicted.” And these words each one carries tremendous meaning of the suffering of our Messiah as I look these words up and study them out I was moved to tears, over and over when I saw all that He took for us. And remember Isaiah wrote this hundreds of years before Yeshua the Messiah was born. The depth, the bruising, the travail, the depression, the rejection, all of the things He suffered were for love of you and me. And this happened all down through time as He suffered on that cross it set us free from that moment to this moment and beyond it was just a cleansing of His blood continuous cleansing that’s going on even today.

Sid: I love it the way you looked up the meaning of all of these words in Isaiah 53 because as far as I’m concerned that is the most graphic presentation of who the Messiah is and what He did and the entire Bible, New Testament included. But if you don’t understand the meaning of these words which you did a brilliant job of Bree in the book you can’t understand the deeper meaning of the 53rd chapter of Isaiah.

Bree: Just imagine that our transgressions, that’s our sin, is what nailed Him to that cross you and I we were responsible but that word transgressions in Isaiah 53 means a revolt national, moral, religious, rebellion against the Living God. And that just shows you the determination of God the love of God to send His only Begotten Son to suffer to this extreme and to this level because of His passion for us.

Sid: Bree there is a flow of God’s Spirit going on right now and I believe that… as a matter of fact pains, that’s one of the things that you point out in the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah that He took our sicknesses and our pains. And I know that there are people that if you will by faith move your head you’ll… if you had a neck ache and you move your head you’ll see that that stiff neck it’s gone in Jesus Name. And your back, if you will bend over you’ll see that pain is gone and there’s someone with a hip problem; if you’ll just walk you’ll walk right out of that problem. There is just a flow of God’s Spirit right now; it’s so strong in necks and ears. An ear has just opened up; oh this is so wonderful, and a back has just opened up. Bree, do you feel that flow of God’s Spirit that’s going right now?

Bree: Yes.  

Sid: I believe that if we play your song “Stripes” right now people are going to walk right into their healing. Let’s play that.

Bree Keyton “Stripes”

Sid: Bree you told me you just received a word of knowledge; what did God show you?

Bree: In Isaiah 53 it says that “Jesus healed us mentally, physically, materially, and spiritually.” He healed us on every level and when you see this study that I’ve done on Isaiah 53 you’ll see that it wasn’t just a little healing now and then, this was a complete deliverance and healing. And in Isaiah 53:11 it says “The righteous Servant shall justify many for He shall bear their iniquities. He bore our iniquities,” and this word means perversity, moral evil and fault. And the Lord just showed me that there was someone out there that has been in perversion and moral evil and you are now suffering from AIDS. And God said if you’ll repent of this wickedness in your life He’s going to heal you of AIDS. And I want you to let this ministry know when that has occurred in your body and give God all the glory because He is the one that through His suffering has delivered you.

Sid: Bree in your heart of hearts, why did you write this book “The Passion, What Does it Mean?”

Bree:   I could not write this book Sid, it was on me so strong from the Lord ever since I had that vision in May of ’93 that the Spirit of the Lord was upon me really to write this book and to write these songs that many, many captives; held captive through ignorance; held captive through moral error, through sin, through sickness, through despair. Jesus really came according to Luke 4:18 “To set the captives free.” He came to deliver those that were blind, deaf, dumb, who were crushed and downtrodden by life. And this is what I believe Isaiah 53 says to us down thought the ages this Suffering Messiah came because He loves us. And I believe that there’s somebody out there right now Sid. And you spoke about deaf being healed through your ministry, and I’ve spoken about the blind being healed through my ministry, and of course we’ve see cross over in every level. But I believe that there are a number of people right now God is going to reach in and set them free mentally, physically, materially, and spiritually. Hearts, God is going to heal hearts and I see some blocked arteries. God is going to reach in and truly heal your heart even now. And that’s wounded hearts, a physical hearts, God is going to heal peoples who are confused in their minds. And I believe that God is delivering His people even now.

Sid: Okay Mishpochah consider yourself challenged…

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