Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be able to enter the glory of God and I believe that as James Durham begins to teach and pray I especially love his teaching on the glory of God. God gave him a revelation of the 7 levels in which God revealed Himself throughout history to us. And then the 7 levels how we can go from glory to glory; from greater intimacy to greater intimacy with God. After all that’s what you want; that’s what your spirit is so hungering for; you feel like there’s something missing it’s because God is drawing you by His spirit closer and closer. And I believe that as James speaks the glory of God is going to pour through the CD, or through the radio that you’re listening to right now, or the internet. What is God showing you James?

James: Right now I’m just seeing in the spirit a powerful flow of the Holy Spirit and…

Sid: Excuse me I have to be obedient I heard several times; people with pains in their neck if you will move your head you’ll see that the pain is gone and it’s traveling now down to your back, your hips, any areas of pain. You are healed in Jesus Name but faith without a corresponding… carpel tunnel has just been healed; wrists problems have just been healed. What is God showing you James?

James: I’m seeing knees being healed; I just saw the Spirit move through this radio broadcast right into the homes of the listeners; God is touching their bodies. There’s a great healing anointing right now and especially to replace a cartilage in knees. To restore… I’m seeing also the hands, not the carpel tunnel but damage to hands to set you free to write and to do the things that God has called you to do.

Sid: Talk to me about intimacy with God through… no you say whatever God tells you to say.

James: I just was seeing that flow right now and what I felt the presence of the Spirit of holiness that God sends to draw us to Him. I just feel that there’s a great drawing of us and everyone listening right now drawing us closer to Him. I just feel the power of the Spirit pulling us toward Father God and pulling us further away from the flesh and the concerns of the things of the flesh and just drawing us toward heaven. I feel that Spirit of holiness right now is opening up doors for people; doors to heaven; windows of heaven are opening up right now; portals are opening right now and the Spirit is drawing. I feel a pull right now on me pulling me heavenward. I’m just releasing that to you right now to feel the pull of God draw close you Him He will draw close to you. Father God is so good we’re supposed to draw near to Him first but He always steps out first. Right now the Holy Spirit is stepping out first touching your spirit and pulling you heavenward right now. So just release yourself to flow with that and move with the Spirit and experience what God wants for you now.

Sid: And in addition to hands; well part of hands or fingers, people that have arthritis in their fingers or pain in their fingers you are totally pain free right now in Jesus Name. James will you just teach a little bit of what God has shown you about the glory, whatever aspect. I know that we’re making available your 3 CD’s and your 2 books “Beyond the Ancient Door” your own experience and what God taught you about how to go to the 3rd heaven and then the 7 levels of glory. But take an aspect of the 7 levels of glory; either from our side ascending or God’s side manifesting the glory and teach on it for a moment.

James: Well Sid I’d really like to teach on the glory coming down on the mountain; I think this was a history changing moment; it was a humanity change moment and I got so excited about this as I studied it; as I got revelation from God. And I tried to impart that to people and realized I can’t impart it to people it’s something that you have to experience for yourself. And I just invite people to get back into the word of God; get back into the stories of Moses going up on Mt. Horeb. Moses going up on Mt. Sinai and feel yourself going up not just sending somebody up but you are going up into the glory of God; into that fire of God. And I just am amazed at the courage of Moses to climb that mountain and go into the cloud; go into what they saw as a consuming fire to get into the presence of God. That’s my heart’s desire, I want to be in God’s presence and I hear Him calling to you and to me “Come on up the mountain” get a revelation of who He is; who you are in Him; and get a revelation of what God plans to do for your future. God has a great plan for you and He wants to reveal it to you; He doesn’t want it to be hidden, he doesn’t want it to be a mystery but He’s calling you up into that precious experience. And I want you to experience the fire of glory on the mountain; to receive that fire in your own heart, to get fired up for Him, to get excited about what He’s doing not what He’s going to do in the future and His plan for you. I believe the glory moves us to move with God to accomplish Kingdom purposes.

Sid: And first I thought God was opening deaf ears but second I believe what God is doing is opening up spiritual ears as James is speaking. Would you pray that our spiritual ears and our spiritual eyes and our spiritual senses would be opened right now James?

James: Amen, I felt the same thing about the ears so I just want to release that right now in the Name of Yeshua. That Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice. We are His sheep, we have a right to hear His voice; it’s supported in the Bible and by the witness of the Holy Spirit. So right now in the Name of Yeshua spiritual ears open wide, just let your spiritual ears pop right now, pop and be open to hear the voice of the Lord. Let your spiritual eyes be opened wide to see the things in the spiritual realm that you need to see right now. Let your spiritual eyes be open wide so that you can literally see into heaven and see the Father, see the Son, see the angels worshiping Father God. So right now let your spiritual eyes… I see almost like scales like Paul experienced, scales falling off of spiritual eyes right now. Right now the scales are falling off; just let your eyes to open and be free to see in the spirit realm in the Name of Yeshua haMashiach amen and amen.

Sid: Now I’m hearing about the opening of your spiritual ability to smell things, now I don’t do this James I assume you do. So will you pray this prayer that… and what would it mean; what would I smell, what would the people listening smell?

James: Oh, smell and taste are the most powerful of our five senses but we sometimes talk about them the least but they go directly to the brain center without conscience processing. So the Lord is using those right now and so often I just smell the sweet presence of Jesus. And He smells a lot like that frankincense and myrrh that He received even as a child. And the anointing that He received as He was buried in the tomb sweet, sweet Spirit, we smell the fragrance of Jesus. We can smell the fragrance of angels; they smell so sweet and so good. Some smell like chocolate cake just out of the oven, some smell like cinnamon, some like cookies, there’s a sweetness about them. But there’s also an ability to smell demonic spirits, that’s not so pleasant but it’s an important thing. As we pray for a gift of the discernment of spirits we ask right now Lord that You would open up our sense of smell and taste. We want to taste the word of God and let it soak into us; we want to smell the fragrances of heaven. Lord we want to be warned of enemy activity so right now we ask for an impartation to open up those senses in the Name of Yeshua.

Sid: Now James has told me we are in the season of an increased outpouring of the glory of God… One last thought James.

James: The Lord is just saying “Open up right now open up your heart, let your mind be renewed and so be transformed and be prepared for a supernatural experience right now in the Spirit.” Amen.

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