Sid: My guest by way of telephone Dr. John Miller he’s a physician, a chiropractor, a specialist in nutrition and alternative medicine. And what he was saying yesterday probably shocked so many of our listeners we’ll pick up right there where you left off John on yesterday’s broadcast. I asked you a question “Why in the world are you a doctor into alternative medicine and in nutrition and in vitamins? And your answer was? Why don’t you answer that again?

John: The answer is because God had another plan, He has the spiritual plan that supersedes the physical plan.

Sid: If there was no spiritual plan you’d have the best plan in the world, but because there’s a spiritual plan as you pointed out it actually diminishes God’s spiritual plan when you have your faith in the physical plan. Did I say that right?

John: Absolutely.

Sid: Now let’s start with 1st Timothy chapter 4.

John: Okay we’re going to back up what we have said over the previous programs let’s start with verse 1 “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly.” Let’s stop right there Paul is saying that the Holy Spirit is getting ready to say something and He’s going to say it very powerfully very concise. He speaketh expressly, “In the latter times (And we all agree that we’re in the latter times) things shall depart from the faith.” Now what is the faith? Faith is belief in what God says so some are going to depart from what God says about the way things operate “Giving heed to seducing spirits.” Now that tells us what’s behind everything that comes against faith in what God says it’s seducing spirits, it’s the devil that doesn’t want you to believe in what God says. “Giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devil.” Let’s get to verse 3 “Forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meat which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.” Now we talked previously about God having clean and unclean animals. He told in the Old Testament don’t eat the unclean animals. But this verse says that “God has created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.” Now if you do not believe and know the truth then all animals are not good to eat but if you believe and know the truth. And the truth is that at Calvary 2000 years ago Jesus took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses and by His stripes we were healed.” Then you can receive the creatures with thanksgiving (Let’s go to the next verse) “for every creature of God is good and nothing to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving for its sanctified by the word of God and prayer.” I talked previously about pork meat being unclean according to the Bible and scientifically we know that it’s the most toxic meat there is but these verses of scripture that I just read says that that pork mean it good and not to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving and sanctified by the word. And remember this is only good for those who believe and know the truth. So God uses unclean animals as types; remember when Peter was on the rooftop and God was getting ready to send Peter to Cornelius’s house who was a Gentile an Italian, and God lowered a blanket with unclean animals on it and told Peter “Take and eat.” And Peter said “No Lord I’ve never eaten anything unclean.” And God told him “Don’t call unclean that which I’ve cleaned.” And then He sent him to Cornelius’ house the Gentile; the Gentiles were considered unclean. And God saved Cornelius’ house and poured out the Holy Spirit on them and when Peter came back to tell the other disciples that it was true and God poured out His Spirit on them for we heard them speak with tongues as we had done. What God is saying is “Gentiles are unclean and the living word applied to their life, who is Jesus, Jesus was the word that became flesh. The living word applied to my life makes us go from unclean to clean. Now when I sit down with a pork chop in front of me as a scientist I know that that’s not good for me to eat. But as a believer in what God says I receive it with thanksgiving and sanctified by the word and God does a miracle. You see…

Sid: But why ask God to do a miracle why don’t you just eliminate the pork chop?

John: Because I want to express faith in what Jesus said “Jesus said “Take not a thought what ye shall eat Jesus said eat whatever they put in front of you.” And you brought out earlier if I eliminated the pork chop with chicken or beef it’s so full of chemicals anyway I have to apply the same rules. In other words, God does not want us to be preoccupied with our diet. You see the whole Christian television world has got everybody preoccupied with what they’re going to eat. In the Old Testament God told the Jews “Don’t integrate with any other people.” Don’t take up their customs I don’t want you contaminated with them and eat like this stay away from all the other people.” The New Testament it says “Go ye into all the world and preach.” So we have to go where the eating customs are different. I was at a function one time and a great man of God who had a PhD in nutrition was sitting next to me and a man came and said “Sir we have an opening in Cuba would you go organize the missionaries in Cuba and he said “No, they kill you with pig meat.” See God’s gospel would be stifled if we paid attention to diet, that’s why the New Testament says “Take not a thought what you shall eat go and eat because you’re already healed.”

Sid: Now the reason that I’m having John Miller share this with you is not to knock alternative medicine, or not to knock vitamins it’s because if you can get single minded on the benefits God has in the atonement of not only forgiveness of all of your sins, but healing of all of your diseases and not be double minded. John give me an example of someone that had a creative miracle from taking communion and understood the benefits the man that you were telling about that had a bladder problem.

John: This was in Largo, Florida I taught on communion in a church there and I’d received a telephone call from a lady that attended the church about 6 weeks later. She said that her and her husband were out of town that Sunday, but when they got back in town and went to church everybody was talking about the communion message that I had delivered. So they ordered the tapes and she said her husband was a very quiet and private man. He had cancer of the bladder and he had a tube going down his leg with a bag tied to his leg. She said that when he would come home from work he would say “Where is that tape of Dr. Miller?” And she would get it for him and he would take it back in his bedroom. The second week he asked her to get the unleavened bread and the wine so she knew that he was really advancing with this teaching. She said “Dr. Miller my husband’s totally healed of the cancer in the bladder and the urethra he doesn’t wear the bag and he’s teaching your communion message in Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowships all over the country.” Now this is the type of pupil that I like. It seems as though that ministry has turned into showmanship. And it’s jacked the people up emotionally, but I would rather have the quiet guy that listens to the message gets it in his spirit and acts on it and gets the healing. I’d rather him go to the church service and jump and shout and proclaim how God healed him than have him get the healing in the service because of the anointing that’s present, then leave and lose it as the statistics show happens.

Sid: Do you believe that one of the reasons people lose their healings is because they do not understand the benefits of the atonement, that point of contact being communion?

John: Absolutely. You see the church world is set on selling miracles you got to have a miracle for this for that at a certain time. This is your day expect a miracle it’s a one shot deal see. And what the Bible wants us to come into is not a visitation from God but a residence of God. Every breath that I breathe in I know it’s polluted and will cause harm in my body every drink of every liquid you can analyze it and it has substances that are not good for my body, as is every bit of food. So I have to have I have to live in a continuous miracle to walk in divine health.

Sid: Do you take communion once a month with your local church?

John: I’ve taken communion at least once a day for the past 10 years.

Sid: There are a lot of people that feel they can’t do it in their home there has to be a pastor doing it or a priest.

John: Well a lot of churches teach that and they’ve robbed the church from communion, but communion started in homes. Jesus started the communion at the last Passover. The New Testament Church broke bread daily from house to house. In the doctrine from transubstantiation came along in about 831 AD the first priest wrote the paper on it.

Sid: Awe we don’t have time will pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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