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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Dale Fife, I’m talking to him about his book “The Secret Place.” Because it had a major impact on my life and when God deals with me He deals with you because we’re in it together Mispochah. Back in January 1, 1999 Dale prayed a prayer that wasn’t premeditated it just came right out of his heart. And he said “God I want to walk with you like Enoch did.” And as he says in his book it changed his life forever. But what is… it’s wonderful Dale that your life has been changed forever, but what about our listeners? What about people that read your book, everyone that’s listening to me wants their life changed, wants to walk like Enoch walked. I mean Enoch had such intimacy with God that one day rather than dying in the natural fashion he didn’t even die the way most human’s have to die it’s just that he’s no more because he got caught up he got raptured. Can Joe Q. Christian, can I have that type of walk?

Dale: My answer Sid is absolutely, in fact God is more hungry and desirous for intimacy with you and with me and with all of His creation than we are with Him. The cry of His heart I continually hear when I think about the Garden of Eden when God came to walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day and they were hiding from Him and He cried out “Adam, Adam where are you?” That’s the cry I hear in heart of the Messiah today, that’s the cry that I hear in God’s heart “Where are you, I’m longing for intimacy with you; I sent My Son to die for you so that we could walk again in intimacy” In fact the very image of the veil of the Temple being rent into we indicating now that intimacy with God was available to all people, to all that would come is an indication that the whole purpose of sending the Messiah goes beyond just the forgiveness of our sins it is the call of God back to intimacy. It is the restoration of intimacy that God wants with every human being that had been made.

Sid: In your book you say that it’s promotion time, promotions are going to come very quickly in the Body. And there are as a release of governing anointing just waiting right now. Is that the type of thing that God’s going to be doing for those that He becomes friends with?

Dale: I believe so, I believe that you cannot lead without revelation and the actual quality of our spiritual life is directly determined by the time we spend in His presence. We are… I mean God never leaves us or forsakes us He’s always with us but there is that manifestation of His presence. Even the Old Testament priests in the Tabernacle longed for that moment. We go into the Holy of Holies, we stand in His presence, we communicate with Him the glory of God surrounds us and we stand between heaven and earth so to speak in that place of intimacy, where the supernatural world becomes more real than the natural.

Sid: Well you say in your book the term supernatural it-self has taken on a whole new meaning to you.

Dale: Yes, yes.

Sid: Tell me, I’ll tell you because I’ve read so many neat things in your book. Tell me about you call it intercessor on assignment. And there was one time where you were taken to the middle of Russia; tell me about that.

Dale: I remember the experience very well Sid we were at a meeting at our church and it was a Friday night what we call just an intercessory prayer time. And we had gathered and we were praying and we were preparing our hearts and we believe that there needs to be before we just pray we need God to come and cleanse us and cleanse our thoughts and our spirit from our days activities. And then a point, arrive for duty; intercession has taken on such a whole new meaning for me because most people have a concept of prayer that is, that is a religious concept “Well prayer means that we come before God and we make our requests known to God and…

Sid: And we also use King James English.

Dale: Yes.

Sid: The Thee’s and Thou’s.

Dale: Instead of understanding that first of all prayer is communication, it’s intimacy with God. And the Lord gave me this in a powerful vision of incense and this Priest. I was at a Greek Orthodox Church one day for a funeral and the Priest came out and he had this censor and he walked around the casket waving this sensor back and forth. And as he did so the incense began to fill the room. And it left such a powerful image on my perception because smell is the most powerful provoker of memory that we have. And so a day or so later I was sitting on a friends porch in Florida and with my journal open and I’m sitting there and I’m saying “God what do You have to say to me?” And I could smell this wonderful fragrance of orange blossoms and suddenly I had this picture that the Lord brought into my mind and He said “I want to speak to you again about the incense and the censor that you saw the other day.” And He began to say to me that prayer is incense and it is something that we have not fully understood as a church or as a body of believers. And this is what He said “The Old Testament priests needed 3 things he needed the censor, he needed the incense and he needed the fire and he needed all 3 of those ingredients to accomplish his duty.” And this is what the Lord spoke to me Sid He said “Son I want you to understand something I want to make you the sensor, I’m going to purify you and make you like a golden sensor; and then I’m going to take the fire of My Holy Spirit and ignite what I put in your heart.” And I said “Lord, what about the incense?” And He said “Here’s the problem most people make their own incense and it comes up before me in a way that is not really what I’m looking for.” He said “The incense that I want to burn in your heart is the burden that’s on My heart; and I will take what’s on My heart and I will cast that incense into your heart and ignite it by My Holy Spirit and that’s true intercession.”   I was at the church in this prayer meeting and I walked up on to the platform and as I’m sitting there in the Lord’s presence suddenly I had a vision of these 2 angels who were hovering over me. And the one of them said to me “Son, do you want to go with us?” And I said “Of course!” And so in the Spirit I was lifted up out of the building and I could in my spirit-man I could see the building below me and then suddenly I was I saw myself in Russia descending into a Russian home with the living room was well lit it was a warm glow and there was a little boy in a crib on the side of the room that was sick unto death. I could see myself in the Spirit going to this little boy laying my hands upon him and praying “Lord Jesus heal this boy.” And instantly I was gone. And the next scene I was in a European city…

Sid: Excuse me though while you were praying for this little boy did you just see it or did you actually feel the anointing of God going from you into him; was it a feeling our just seeing?

Dale: I could see, I could absolute describe the detail of every part of the room to you. But when I laid my hands on this little boy I could feel the power of God surge through me. It was just like a powerful release of God’s healing. I honestly say that I was conscience of the fact that I’m in the church building but I believe in the Spirit I was on assignment for prayer. And I was praying in the Spirit, I was praying what was on the heart of God; you know the plea of that Russian family “Lord heal our son!” And so God enlisted me as an intercessor to pray for that need.

Sid: Oh I believe that that young child was healed.

Dale: Absolutely.

Sid: And when you get to heaven or maybe before; maybe you’ll come out to Ukraine with me or to Russia and we’ll find that young kid.

Dale: Amen.

Sid: Well anyway did the next thing intriguing me even more about Europe.

Dale: Yes, I was suddenly I found myself in a European city the cobblestone streets. It was night and there was a light rain that had just fallen, the houses were dark and I found myself walking down the street and I passed an ally. As I looked down the ally I saw this beautiful woman who had been dressed… she was like in like her bridal dress and she had been brutally raped and she was lying in the ally in all of this filth. Her dress was stained with blood and I rushed to her and I picked her up in my arms and I said “Oh God, don’t let this experience poison her life heal her and restore her!” and suddenly I was gone. It wasn’t until several months later that the Lord spoke to me that “That’s the church, the bride was the church and that she has been abused and harmed and poisoned and that we need to pray that God will bring cleansing and healing and restoration.”

Sid: And as you and I have been discussing what we call church today will not be remotely close to what God has in store.

Dale: Hm hmm.

Sid: And it will no longer be church as usual.

Dale: That’s right, that’s right. And then suddenly I was moved Sid to I found myself over the Atlantic Ocean in the midst of a tremendous storm of hurricane strength and waves were tossing this sailboat back and back and forth, and back and forth. And I could see this huge wave coming towards it and I rushed to the side of the boat and I put my hands on it and I could see a glow in the front and in the back of the boat I knew that there were angelic beings assisting this situation and the wave passed and the people on board were spared.

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time…. Mishpochah how would you like to be God’s intercessor on assignment…


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