Sid: Do you know something if you don’t understand your foundations, or your foundations are weak, then how can you possibly build a house? And what I’m talking about is the foundations of Christianity. If you don’t understand basic Judaism the festivals, how in the world can you understand a great deal of the gospels, or for that matter the entire New Testament. Because you see Jesus referred to these festivals and didn’t have to explain them because He knew that all of the people He was talking to were Jewish and they understood it. But today we look at the New Testament through really Greco-Roman eyes not through Jewish eyes and we miss our heritage, we miss our roots. Do you remember a few years back the book and the movie Roots came out and for the first time it was like a revolution among African American’s there was a pride in their heritage. But when it comes to the deeper roots of our faith our Jewish roots so few Christians understand. That’s why since Friday night begins Rosh Hashanah I have my friend Michael Lane on the telephone, he’s a Jewish believer in the Messiah outstanding Bible teacher. Especially on the Biblical festivals but for those that aren’t familiar with Michael if you heard my show 25 years ago and I don’t think that there’s too many of you that say “I heard it Sid.” But if you heard my show 25 years ago then you heard my interview with Michael because Michael comes from a Jewish background but what makes him unusual is the same thing that makes me unusual we both come from Jewish backgrounds that’s not what makes us unusual. What makes us unusual is every member of our immediate family our immediate Jewish family believe in the Messiah. But that’s not supposed to be unusual because if you understand your Jewish roots in the book of Exodus in the Passover it says “God requires a lamb for an entire house and when you apply the blood on the doorpost the entire house is saved from the first born being slain. And that’s a prophetic picture a type of what God wants for all of us, a lamb for us. And that means if there’s one member of your family that is not red hot sold out for the Messiah then you remind God of His promise it’s a lamb, The Lamb for a house. Michael, tell me briefly a bit about how you and your entire Mishpochah, family, came to the Lord.

Michael: I was serving a guru from India for about 5 or 6 years during the ‘60s and my sister had a revelation of the Lord a little before I did along that time about a year before I did. The Lord just spoke one word to her and He said “Listen.” And she started praying for me. And I had encounters all through the hippy movement and the 60’s out in the desert receiving Him hitching across the country and sitting on Hawaiian beach. I was in India for 6 weeks, the only thing that I came out of India with was a quite a case of dysentery. The Lord it was on my Birthday 1976 January 14th at the beginning of the year and it was a snow storm and nobody was going anywhere, but I finally made it over to my sister’s house and she had some applesauce cake. And she said “Let’s pray.” The Lord had told her not to fight with me about whose God was better my guru or her Jesus. He told her “Just to be quiet.” And she said “Well, let’s pray before we eat.” I think I held the plate up to my third eye or something Mashuga.

Sid: (Laughing)

Michael: And she just said “Lord thank You that when two or more are gathered in Your Name Your in our midst.” And she looked up high from my eyes and there was a third entity, I didn’t see a bearded robed man but there was somebody, something a being 7’ tall in the room the Lord’s Angel or something just came and just pierced my inners, my kishkah, my inner man and I just knew that He was Jesus and I just knew that everything I was involved with was wrong. I was 8 months later off to Bible school for a couple of years and it’s the beginning.

Sid: So how did your folks take to the fact that you and your sister their children are now Messianic Jews, Jewish believers in Jesus?

Michael: My dad has experienced with finding out he is with the Lord now the last 6 years. When he down south when he was 17 with his 1927 whatever car, he had an experience under a tree supposedly it seems like with the Lord. So when my sister first approached him he said “I know what you’re going to say, you’ve accepted Jesus into your heart.” And he started going to Bible studies kind of in between all of this time; my mom held out she wanted to make sure that it was really true and she held out I don’t know how long it was 6 months a year. But one day my mom came into the house and my dad looked at her and he said “You’ve come to the Lord haven’t you.” And she said “Yes I did.” And so the whole family was saved and my sisters came in fact to of her kids are with us here where we are right now.

Sid: Now I think that our Mishpochah might want to know where I’m speaking to you at it’s at the Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. That’s Pastor Henry Wrights Ministry and we’ve interviewed Henry Wright because he’s had just outstanding results in people getting healed. And we’re going to be interviewing him again, but just very briefly your wife went there and what did she get healed of?

Michael: She had an incredible peace come across actually a feeling of peace coming through her mind, her brain, her head that she never experienced in her whole life. She came back totally different just because down here they’re teaching you to repent of things that you’ve been entertaining that you thought was you all of this time. Whether it be fear, anxiety, or envy, or jealousy, or depression, or self pity, or any of these things they’re spirits and we’re just learning to repent of entertaining those things and just rebuke them away and start walking in the fullness of the Lord. Because we’re not called to fear we’re called to love.

Sid: Well the peace that she experienced that’s wonderful but she actually got a physical healing when she really got free.

Michael: She did and many people here that people being healed of incurable disease…

Sid: Yeah but what happened to her?

Michael: She, well for her she was on medication for depression and other things, ADD, and she came home and totally went off them. And she’s walking with the Lord.

Sid: Now, how old is your son?

Michael: Eleven.

Sid: And what did he say to you when he saw the change that occurred in his mom?

Michael: Yeah, there’s a bunch of us in our little body of believers that we’ve all been down here at different times and there’s just been incredible healing. Some of them we have one sister she’s 24 she couldn’t even go out and eat different foods or wear certain clothes or breath anything and she just was in her house all of the time in this environmental disease environmental illness. And she was totally healed down here and he was seeing the fruit and he said “You know mom and dad I want to go, I want to go and see what the Lord could do in me.”

Sid: But I’ll tell you what when we interview Henry Wright I want to find out what the Lord did with your son. But let’s go to the theme this week. The theme this week are the Biblical Festivals in Leviticus the 23rd chapter. You’ve probably heard me teach this Mishpochah in the 2nd verse this is what the Lord said to Moses. “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the Feasts of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My Feasts.” And the word convocation could easily be translated rehearsals, and that actually makes more sense. Because these rehearsals are God’s rehearsals they are the most graphic presentation of the Messiah. And imagine traditional Jewish people are observing these festivals and the perfect pictures of the Messiah. But the thing that gets me so excited is they are rehearsals not of just His first coming, but of His return. And you know Michael there’s no way that someone can understand end-time events without understanding the Biblical festivals. Tell me a bit of what you’ve learned on these festivals.

Michael: Well I think the feasts are you know there’s thousands of festivals and feasts and birthdays throughout the world but only these 7 are God given. And it’s interesting that Leviticus 23 where you first started out “These are My times, My Feasts it starts out with the Sabbath rest. Something we really need to come into if we have Prince of Peace living in us we need to come into that. But that our lives as a believer there’s a progression of our redemption. In other words, if we become a 30 full believer or a 60 full believer or 100 full believer or if we’re little children in the Lord, young men or fathers we can see that there’s a progression that takes us from Passover as we study these whole feasts and we see that Passover, and Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of First Fruits obviously the Lord fulfilled with His first coming. Then 50 days later there was Pentecost, Shavuot the giving of the law at Mt. Sinai. There was span of time we want to go from Passover and come to the Feast of Pentecost that there’s a progression here and then there’s dryness again and the Lord His first rain will come in the Passover time when His latter rain that’s going to come during Tabernacles time that there’s a progression. That we can see how the Lord came the first time in the first three Feasts and then the Spirit was poured out during Pentecost I think it’s Luke 22, or Acts 2 it says “When the day of Pentecost fully came.” Now the Jews were celebrating Pentecost for 1400 years and when Jesus was around all of the sudden they were being filled with the Spirit with tongues of fire just like 1400 years and the same day before there was lightning bolts and thunder and a voice spoke out of heaven it was being fulfilled same thing the day that Pentecost fully came. But now we’re talking about the last feasts that ultimately in preparation for the Lord’s coming we can almost…you can see the 3 major Feasts in Deuteronomy 16 the Lord said “Three times a year all the males over 20 shall appear before the Lord in a place where He shall choose.” Passover, Unleavened Bread, Feasts of Weeks….

Sid: You know Michael the thing that interests me and I like to ask people this well, we know before the Messiah came we were instructed to observe these festivals forever. We know the first believers in the Messiah observed these festivals because they saw Jesus throughout all of them. And we know that in the Millennium we’ll be observing these Festivals, so why did we go on instant pause? I mean that’s a fair question. But Mishpochah most of our Mishpochah are not that familiar with the feasts so I’ve selected one of the best books where it presents the feasts in a very simplistic fashion but you’ll understand the prophetic nature of them and at least have a working knowledge. It’s called “The Feasts of Israel Seasons of Messiah” by Bruce Scott almost 200 pages.

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