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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. What would you do if you heard from God, you’re a doctor, a dermatologist, highly successful. You’ve been doing it for a number of years. You have a good practice. You love what you’re doing. Your husband in the meantime is a career man, but he can’t get a job in his career, so he’s working for minimum wage. You have children. What would you do if God spoke to you and said, quit your job, walk away from your practice and be a stay-at-home mom. Wait a second now. My husband is not making enough money. I can’t do this. Would you say yes to God? It’s easy to have what someone else would say. But would say yes to God? This woman said yes, and God took her to a new school, a school in which he taught her how to pray, and get supernatural answers, and she wants to now impart this to you.

Sid Roth here with Dr. Jane Glenchur. Jane, you’re provoking me to jealousy again. I’m going to tell you why. As I understand it, Michael is supposed to be the angel for the Jewish people, according to Daniel. And unfortunately, he moves on your prayers. Tell me about that friend that called you and the angel Michael.

JANE: Yes. A friend of mine called me one afternoon. She had a desperate situation. She needed an answer within 15 minutes, but she wouldn’t tell me any of the specifics. So we prayed. I did not know how to pray for her. So I said, Lord, how do I pray for her? And I heard an inner quiet voice say, “Ask me to send Michael,” meaning the archangel. Well I dismissed it at first because I thought that wasn’t appropriate to pray that way. But I heard that voice again, the Lord said, “Ask me to send Michael.” I knew this friend well enough to say, “I’m about to pray something I have never prayed before. It’s unusual, but I really feel like God is telling me to say this.” So I said, “Lord, would you send Michael and his angels to her house to resolve this situation for her.” Then I saw a picture in my mind of Michael and a host of angels behind him marching down her street to her house. So we thanked the Lord, we ended the prayer. But 20 minutes later, she calls me back absolutely amazed because God had resolved her situation within that 15 minutes.

SID: Do you know that what you’re telling me now and the other things I know about you would have never happened, never Jane, unless you said yes to God. You see, God asked her something very, very tough, tough, because she’s a dermatologist. She’s very successful. I don’t know about you personally, but I know in my little town that I spent a number of years in, that was the top profession financially. In addition to being successful as a dermatologist, her husband is out of his career. He’s only taking a minimum wage job. He can’t find a job and God says to her, “I want you to quit being a dermatologist.” In addition to that, she has a lawsuit having to do with her dermatology going on. What did you do with all this chaos and God says, quit your job?

JANE: Yes. When God put that burden on my heart, it made absolutely no sense. Because I had said to my husband before I got married, I will never stay home to raise a family. And we had two children. My mother lived with us and cared for them in our home. We were also planning to build our dream house. As you said, my husband was not employed in his profession. So if I quit, I would have lost, we would have lost 90 percent of our income and all of our health benefits. And on top of that with a malpractice suit, I thought this is crazy. It’s the worst possible time for God to ask me to quit.

SID: So what did you do?

JANE: Well I wrestled with God for three months, got a lot of prayer and wise counsel, and I finally quit. And so God used that malpractice suit to compel me to spend more time with Him and to spend more time reading the scriptures. And the scriptures are full of wisdom, but they don’t tell you specifically which health insurance to buy, which college your child should attend or where to find shoes for your child’s narrow feet. And I wanted to make the best decisions. I started to realize that my wisdom is so limited as a human being and God’s wisdom is unlimited. So I thought, I need His wisdom, not my wisdom. And He began to show me how to access His wisdom.

SID: Well actually, she had a medical degree, but she was about ready to get a brand new degree, an AOP. And of course, Jane, you know what an AOP is. No you don’t know. I know you don’t because I just made it up. An AOP is apprentice of prayer. She became an apprentice of prayer. What does that mean?

JANE: Well after I quit my job, the next 16 years as a stay-at-home mom was what I call my prayer apprenticeship with God. So God was drawing me closer to Him and I used what I learned during that time to learn how to access His unlimited wisdom, and it totally changed the way I prayed.

SID: Well I’ll tell you one thing I know that changed the way she prayed. She had to get a stain remover. Tell me about that.

JANE: Yes. I found an orange stain on my green carpet and I was upset about it, didn’t know how to take it out. It had been there for days. So I went to the store and I said, “Lord, would you show me which stain remover would be the best”, because they all sounded great. And then on the bottom shelf of the store, so I knelt down and I put my hand on the first can. I said, “God, is this the best stain remover?” And nothing happens. I didn’t know what I expected, but nothing happened. I did the same thing the second one and the third one. When I got to the fourth can, I hear an outer audible voice say to me, “That is the best stain remover.” And I felt like I was on God’s candid camera because I was shocked and I thought, is that an angel? It couldn’t be God because it was a female voice. Then I heard it again, “That is the best stain remover.” So I turned in the direction of the voice and I saw these two elderly white-haired women walking down the aisle. They never spoke to me directly, but when they walked behind me, the same person said again, “That is the best stain remover.” So I bought it and the stain came out easily, and that totally revolutionized my prayer life. That was really the start of my apprenticeship.

SID: And it taught you really power prayer. What is power prayer?

JANE: Well let me tell you first what it’s not. It’s not a formula. It’s not saying special words to get God’s favor, because I don’t want to treat God like a genie in a bottle. It’s based on a deep intimate relationship with God. Before I learned these principles, I would just rattle off my laundry list of requests, ask God for wisdom and then get up and solve all of my problems using my human logic and reasoning. God was never directly in the middle of my decision-making. If we don’t learn how He speaks, we might miss that He’s speaking to us. So He can talk to us through scripture, which is the most common way. But He can also talk to us by giving us an image in our mind or an impression, or a dream.

SID: I tell you what. Hold that thought. Here’s what concerns me. Two-thirds of college-age Christians leave the faith. Why? Because they’re dealing with head knowledge rather than experiential knowledge. When we come back I want you to teach, Jane, on how the children can do exactly what you’re teaching the adults. Be right back.

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