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Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to her office in Tel Aviv, Israel is Shira Sorko-Ram. Shira and her husband Ari are real pioneers in Jewish evangelism in Israel. They have an organization called Maoz, Shira has been there since 1967. And on yesterday’s broadcast we were… Shira you said basically you wished the president of the United States understood Islam, understood really what’s going on in Israel and you were talking about a man that I respect he was a great peacemaker so to speak from the former Soviet Union Sharansky. And he recently made the statement about having peace in the Middle East. Would you repeat that?

Shira: Right he voted against the roadmap in the Cabinet of Sharon our PM Sharon. And he said “The reason he voted against it that when Bush last summer said he wanted democratic state for the Palestinians and he wanted a total stoppage of terrorism. Well Sharansky said “I was very happy about that.” But now the roadmap does not say that and the roadmap is simply putting pressure on Israel to pull her settlements out and before anything else happens. Yes, Abu Mazen of the Palestinians said “He’s against terrorism.” But you see that doesn’t mean a hill of beans in Israel, it doesn’t mean anything. He also said “Abu Mazen also said that he is not going to make civil war in his country.” What does that mean? Read it this way “He will not come against the terrorists different groups.”

Sid: But wait a second Abu Mazen is the new Prime Minister of the Palestian people. Why doesn’t that mean a hill of beans?

Shira: Well because if you do not disarm the terrorist then you will have a terrorist state. Now why doesn’t President Bush say to Ben Laden “Look why don’t you just say that you want peace and we’ll just go back to business as usual” Why is he insistent in finding this man and putting an end to the whole apparatus, why? Because he knows that one of the guys says “Well I’ll have peace or ceasefire we’ll have a ceasefire for 6 months.” What would that mean to the United States? Exactly nothing, maybe worse than nothing, it might just give him a chance to you know get their act together and come with more vengeance later on. And that’s what Sharon and Israel is afraid of… okay if there’s a ceasefire and there isn’t a ceasefire right now because Hamas said they’re not going to have one. But if there were to be a ceasefire with these different groups all it would mean is that they would go and have time to rebuild all of their apparatus to get more ambition, more stuff to come against Israel.

Sid: Shira give me your spin on the fact that the United States and other countries are arming the Palestinians showing them how to build up their military so the Palestinians can go after these terrorists. What is the average Israel think about all of this money going into towards equipping the Palestinians to have a big army?

Shira: Well I could tell you that very easily. In 1993 there was what was called the Oslo Agreement which is exactly what we’re hearing right now the same kind of thing “Let’s have peace if Sharon will move his settlements and quite ‘Terrorizing’ the Palestinians and the Palestinians might agree to let Israel to exist.” Well so you know what Israel did back in 1993?

Sid: What’s that?

Shira: Israel armed the Palestinian forces that were supposed to be Police Forces they turned into terrorist groups.

Sid: Hm. So is that going to happen again?

Shira: Well it’s exactly what happening right now that’s exactly what’s happening.

Sid: So why doesn’t the United States just go out there and rather than equipping the Palestinians to perhaps become the next terrorists of Israel. Why don’t they just go in and knock out Hamas and knock out all of these other places and work arm and arm with Israel. I mean is that too logical?

Shira: Well that’s an easy answer too. There’s 200 million Muslim Arabs; there are rich Muslim countries not that their citizen get the riches but the oil. And because of those two things they have powerful friends throughout the world including all of Europe and it would isolate the United States until she would be absolutely standing alone just as Israel is standing alone today.

Sid: If you had 2 minutes just to speak in the ear of President Bush what would you say?

Shira: I would say “President Bush the very first words that the evil one said to a human being was “Has God really said it, has God said it?” He said that to Adam and Eve. Today people have a hard time believing what the Bible says. The Bible says that God gave to Abraham the land of Israel. And by the way He gave it to Abraham in the very place, in the exact place where the Palestinians are now saying it’s their land. In the Judean and Samarian Hills that is the area that the Palestinians want. I would say “President Bush we’ve got to believe the Bible this is the land that God has given to Israel; He’s given much land to the Arabs He loves the Arab people He wants the Arab people also the know Him. He’s given them I think it’s 482 times more land than He’s given to Israel.

Sid: I’ve recently seen a map of that area it’s absolutely ridiculous when you see how tiny Israel is and then if you take Judea and Samaria out which they want as a Palestian state there’s hardly anything for Israel. And you look how large the Arab land is it’s unbelievable.

Shira: And there’s no Palestinian people accept what had been created in the last 20, 30 years by Islamic extremists and rich oil countries.

Sid: And you mean these people haven’t been there 1000’s of years?

Shira: No they have not they have not. There’s many historic books that will give you tremendous research to show you. Mark Twain was here in the 1800’s and he said “The land was absolutely deserted” except in Jerusalem there were a few Jewish people, a few Arabs but this was not a Palestinian land there were no Palestinians to speak of. A few Bedouins running around the area; it’s a lie that’s been created by the Islamic extremist spirit which wants to take over this land and the whole world.

Sid: Continue speaking from your heart to President Bush.

Shira: “President Bush you are a Christian man you believe the word of God. On this one is the test of your life because the whole world will stand against you. But you stood against most of the world in going into Iraq and now it is time. Are you going to stand for Israel or Israel going to besieged and pay for every day of her life in the blood of the Israeli people?

Sid: Question Shira. Why does a man like Sharon, the head of Israel, who has fought his whole life for Israel not to be divided change his mind?

Shira: Because of pressure from the United States.

Sid: What kind of pressure are we giving them, is it economic?

Shira: UN has threatened sanctions against Israel. Israel is dependent upon Europe and the United States for weapons, for many things that are in the life of a person in the 21st century. And so if they put up sanctions around Israel she doesn’t have oil wells like Iraq does. She has a tiny weenie little tiny nation and a sanction would cause havoc here. So she’s threatened into it that’s the reason.

Sid: So Shira why do you and your family live in Israel you could come to the United States and have the good life why are you there?

Shira: Well tonight my husband and I are going to go to a restaurant and eat. And we live right down town about 3 blocks where several bombings have taken place. So we pray up before we go out and then we kind of choose a restaurant where we think there would not be just a center of a lot of activity. We’re here in the midst of all of this terror because we know that Israel has a destiny with God and the world. God has said many times that Israel would be life from the dead to the whole world when she comes back to God.

Sid: And you know what I see the first fruits of that happening right now Mishpochah I see it happening there’s a rumbling even in the United States among Jewish people.

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